Top 10 Best Tomahawks For Outdoor Use In 2021 Review

If you enjoy spending your great time outdoor going camping or hiking, you should bring along a hatchet, an axe or possibly tomahawks. There are many kinds of tomahawks available in the market and each of them has its own benefits. Some help with cutting or chopping; or are used as a competition tool; some are perfect for art collection and some could be used as a self-defense tool when you are at risk. Coming with many types and benefits, this will make you confused when shopping for tomahawks if you are lack of information. By getting through this article, you will be able to find out the best tomahawks models we are sure you will be satisfied with.

List Of Top 10 Best Tomahawks Reviews In 2021

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10. Mapsyst Bearded Spike Tomahawk Axe Hatchet

Bearded Spike Tomahawk Axe

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If you are on your camping trip in the forest and thinking of preparing the camping fire, you must bring along this bearded spike tomahawk axe from Mapsyst. This tomahawk is the extremely well handmade item making each of these unique in the way it looks. Crafted with high-quality steel, this tomahawk axe features the very sharp blade with the well-designed spike perfect for chopping tasks.

It is 1.8 pounds making it so light to handle. You can actually use this one as the normal hatchet as well. With elegant and unique design, feel proud to include this one in your tomahawk collection.

9. Condor Tool & Knife Indian Hammer Poll Tomahawk

Condor Tool & Knife

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Let’s take a closer look at this high-quality Indian tomahawk model produced by Condor Tool & Knife. Each of the Condor tomahawks is carefully handcrafted by the professional craftsman to make sure it comes out in the perfect shape with high performance offered. It comes with the head made from high carbon steel together with the Condor classic finish, which offers this well-made tomahawk the classic look.

Featuring the high-quality handcrafted leather sheath, this one is equipped with the burnt American Hickory to handle that is strong and will improve your grip during cutting or chopping process without slipping. High quality, high performance, there is no doubt calling this the best tomahawk.

8. Throwing Hatchet for Boy Scouts from Thrower Supply

Throwing Hatchet for Boy

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Throwing tomahawks or throwing hatchets have been around for like centuries already, yet still preferable. If you are looking for a throwing hatchet, consider the on from Thrower Supply. Its compact size and lightweight (1.35 pounds) construction making it ideal for most throwing event competitors as well as for younger throwers or boy scouts.

This is the hand-forged tomahawk well forged with the high-quality carbon steel to hold the oil tempered edge perfectly and to make it much easier for sharpening. Feel free to give all your trust on this rust-resistant lightweight throwing hatchet.

7. Cosplayhome Tomahawk Connor’s Heavy Axe

Battle Axe of Assassin's Creed 3

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After reviewing the three best tomahawks ideal for actual uses, we will show you another best tomahawk made for display purposes only. This tomahawk is exactly Connor’s axe hatchet from Assassin’s Creed 3 video game, so if you are to add the accessories to your hero’s cosplay outfit, add this axe.

The blade is crafted by stainless steel but not that sharp to cause any damage. Equipped with the plastic handle, this tomahawk is only 17.5 inches long with 1.72 pounds which is way light enough to hold. Highly recommended for cosplay collectors.

6. USMC Elite Tactical Bruiser Survival Tomahawk Axe

Officially Licensed USMC Elite Tactical

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Here is the Native American tomahawk from United State Marine Corps, which is well made using high-quality steel that allows it to withstand well with any heavy-duty tasks. This one can also function as an axe or the breaching tools you can carry along for camping trips, self-defense in the forest or keep as the protection in the vehicle.

The blade is pretty sharp, together with the handle that prevents any slippery when using it. This tactical hatchet is built with eye-catching and sturdy construction with a suitable weight offering great balance when splitting wood. For survival purposes, consider this one.

5. SOG Survival Hawk SK1001-CP Black Tomahawk Axe

SOG Survival Hawk SK1001

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We are going to look at the best tomahawk axe from the SOG Survival Hawk. This model we are going to review is built toward the applications connected to survival, both wilderness survival and urban survival. The overall length is 12.1 inches with 3 inched steel blade, which weighs 19.5 ounces will be delivered to you in the blister pack for safety purposes while shipping.

You will see the nylon sheath, the glass reinforced nylon handle with some grommet holes making it easier to lash. The cutting edge is pretty sharp designed with beautiful texture together with the spike and the anti-slippery handle to ease the performance yet provide the modern look.

4. Viking Throwing Tomahawk Axe from Thrower Supply

Throwing Axe - Win Your Next Viking

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Win your throwing axe competitions by using the Viking tomahawk axe from Thrower Supply. Each of which is well hand forged by the best Blacksmith using high quality materials to ensure its best performance. Besides, this 1.6 pounds axe features American Hickory hardwood handle in addition to 3.75 inches blade for unbeatable control, rust-resistant and stay perfect for a long period of time. Equipped yourself with this perfect Viking throwing tomahawk, enjoy throwing to the maximum.

3. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

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Buy 1 get 3 with the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk, which means you have got three incredible breaching tools all built onto a platform. This combat tomahawk comes with the strong blade for chopping, the hammer for getting through hardcore stuff, and the pry bar with a slight angle on. You will see the handlebars which can get into the tight space before leveraging the pride.

The hold in the head is specially designed for your pump to get you rid of injured without grabbing the blade that could possibly get you to hit and keep you secure during pushing motion. Not fit in your pocket but packed like a pro with the sheath attached for easy taking along.

2. SOG Throwing Tomahawks

SOG Throwing Hawks

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This SOG Throwing Tomahawks model comes in a set of three ideal for throwing or functioning as the normal axe. These 3 pieces are all covered in the same nylon sheath, making it easier to take it along. The blade is pretty sharp best for chopping with the head side best for hitting the surface as the normal hammer.

It comes with the paracord wrapped handle that will improve your grip and make sure it can be still used even under the rain. Each of the pieces is completely light and durable enough to use for a long period of time.

1. SOG Voodoo Mini Tomahawk

SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini

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High quality construction offers this SOG Voodoo Tomahawk high performance in cutting, chopping and throwing. The blade is so sharp, the head is so fierce, and the handle is so easy to grip are considered as the reason people prefer it the most. There is a metal pommel cap on the bottom, which could possibly balance the tomahawk effectively.

Covered by the durable nylon sheath, you will always be safe and you can also attach the sheath to your belt for easy reaching out as well.


To conclude, we have already introduced you to the best top brands of the best tomahawks. The tomahawks above are effective tools for survival situations, tactical situations, and emergency situations. You can even create competitions involving these tools. Finding the right one on the market is a bit tricky, but we are sure that this review will totally help you out.

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