Top 10 Best Tool Belts That You Should Have In 2021 Review

Utility tool belts are used for the convenience of carrying your equipment in a readily-accessible manner, all while leaving your hands free to perform your job. If your job requires the use of your hand and diverse types of tools, choosing the right tool belts is of utmost importance. Today, let us present to you the top 10 best tool belts in 2021.

List Of Top 10 Best Tool Belts In 2021

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10. AWP HP General Construction Leather Belt

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The AWP HP General Construction leather belt pouch is made from tough leather aimed to contain construction tools such as nails or hammers. It has extra-large pockets to hold more tools or bigger tools, whichever suits your job. Also, it has a double-tongue roller buckle and D-rings to add suspenders to make sure it stays around your waist. It fits up to a 52 inches or 132 centimeters waist.

9. Dead On Tools Pro Framers Suspension Rig

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The Dead On Tools Pro Framers Suspension Rig is a gel-padded tool pouch that sits comfortably around your waist even if you need to wear it all day long.

It is also adjustable to better fit your waist. It has seven outer pockets and thirty-three inner pockets to can hold and separate different kinds of items.

The ballistic rip-stop fabric, in addition to extra stitching at stress points, ensures added durability, which is perfect for holding heavy objects like a hammer, tape measure, nails, and even a cellphone.

8. Gatorback Professional Carpenter’s Tool Belt

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The Gatorback Professional Carpenter’s Tool Belt comes to fit a variety of waist sizes. It is made from DuraTek 1250 fabric combined with bar-tack stitching, metal rivets, and a high-density web-core. Even if you are working and sweating all day, the belt has Sweat Less technology and breathable fabric to ventilate itself.

The company also guarantees a return for a new one if the size you picked doesn’t fit. The toolbelt is separated into to sides: the right side has seven pockets and a hammer loop, and the left side has only four pockets, including an interior speed square pocket and two slots.

7. Custom Leathercraft Pro Framers Combo System Tool Belt

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The Custom Leathercraft Pro Framers Combo System tool belt comes from a high-quality accessory company that focuses on quality rather than show-off.

This electrician tool belt comes in two different sizes to fit a small waist, from 29 to 46 inches, and a bigger waist, from 47 to 55 inches. The material is tough leather sown with every stress point riveted. It is easy to carry thanks to its handle design which provides a simple and secure way for easy carrying and storage.

It has fifteen pockets overall in which five are mainly reversed to hold nails and pockets, and the others for nail sets, pencils, or knives. Also, it has an additional leather combination square and pry bar holders.

6. Custom Leathercraft Pro Framer’s Tool Belt

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This is another top-notch Custom Leathercraft product. This Line Pro Framer’s tool belt fits waist sizes of 29 to 46 inches. This is made from durable, double-layered 1680D ballistic nylon and top grain leather. It has multiple pockets in which 17 smaller pockets are designed to hold pliers or smaller tools, while 8 main reversed nail and tool pockets are perfect for larger tools.

It is easy and comfortable to carry thanks to its 5 inches wide padded belt with double tongue steel roller buckle to ensure the contents stay inside.

5. Gatorback Pro Comfort Back

Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo

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This is another variant of the Gatorback carpenter tool belt. This product comes with a one year defect warranty from the company. It comes in six different sizes ranging from small to 3XL. Each size is based off the average fit.

The material is the tough, heavy-duty 1250 DuraTek nylon and is sown, so every stress point is perfectly reinforced. The quality of the nylon is strong enough and aimed to withstand tools from poking holes through it.

The right side of the belt has a hammer loop, the center pouch is an 8-inch single Pouch and the left side has a 7-pocket fastener tool pouch with wide and easy-to-access pockets. All the pouches have an interior plastic lining to give them a box-shape so the pouches won’t sag when unfilled.

4. Bucket Boss Buster Suspension Rig

Bucket Boss 55135 Mullet Buster Suspension Rig

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The Bucket Ross Mullet Buster Suspension Rig is a value-wise leather utility belt. The materials are imported and are made from heavy-duty 1680d 2-ply poly. The steel buckle belt can fit waists of up to 52 inches.

It has a Load Bear stretch suspension for comfort while carrying. Each pocket is large and adjustable. There are also two hammer loops and a small parts pouch.

3. Dewalt Professional Carpenter Apron Tool Belt

Dewalt Professional Carpenter Apron Tool Belt


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The Dewalt Professional Carpenter Apron Tool Belt has an astounding total of 31 pockets in which 11 are main pockets and 24 are smaller pockets perfect for nails, sets, or pencils. This apron has large pockets to hold extra items while resting comfortably around you. It has a 6-inch heavy-duty padded belt with Dri-Lex liner and double-tongue roller buckle for comfort and stability.

The size makes it easy to adjust, one-hand carry, and on-hook storage. The tools inside are also protected by a zipper and carabiner for keys or lanyard.

2. Dewalt 20 Pocket Pro Framer’s Combo Apron Tool Belt

DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer

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This product is another Dewalt product but only comes with 19 or 20 small pockets. It has the same Dri-Lex 5-inches padded belt for comfort. It has a zippered cellphone holder, but it is also good for holding small items like keys or lanyard. There are 9 main pockets and 20 small pockets. All these pockets are zippered to secure the items inside. It fits waists of sizes from 29 to 46 inches.

1. Custom Leathercraft Heavy Duty Framer’s Tool Belt

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 20 Pocket

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This final product is a Custom Leathercraft product that comes with 20 in which 6 are large and others are smaller sleeves. There are also two hammer holders and a measuring-tape clip. The materials used for this work belt are durable and made to stand heavy-duty storage. It is easy to carry and is designed for simple adjustments. The suspenders are completely adjustable and can hold and distribute weight evenly without strain on your lower back and hip.

It has a 3-inch padded belt with a single roller buckle. The Sta-Open main pockets are tapered for fast access. The design of these pockets also helps secure its content from spilling out. It fits waist sizes of 29 to 46 inches.


After reviewing all of these best tool belts above, we are sure that at least one of these picks has already caught your eyes. These top 10 best tool belts all come with many pockets to let you organize things much easier and especially feel relaxed when doing tasks without worrying where to put your belongings safe when your mind is on your task. Thus, own one and feel at ease knowing all your things are secure on your waist.

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