Top 10 Best Towel Bars in 2019

It is not an easy task to have your bathroom organized since the bathroom itself contains so many items that are very necessary for daily usage. For example: a towel bars; a towel bars is one of the essential items that we use daily, especially after a hot shower or bath, so it is a must to keep it clean and hygienic.

While we’re at this topic, today we are going to introduce to you the best towel bars that are made to hang your towels perfectly or maybe to hang others goods as well. Most importantly, these towel bars sure can keep your bathroom organized and neat. Without further ado, here’s a look at the top 10 best towel bars in 2019:

List Of Top 10 Best Towel Bars in 2019

10. LightInTheBox



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We shall start with the LightIn theBox. Lightin the Box is the bathroom towel rack that is produced to decrease clutter in a toilet. The company has made this product to be very practical and to maintain the beautiful look at the same time.

This item is finished with chrome in order to make it looks shinier and more attractive. Most importantly, it is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

This product comes with a single hook for ropes, 2 bars for towels, a single holder for a toilet paper and additional rack for optional usage. The company has put extra effort into installation in order to make it user-friendly plus, the instruction sheet is also added too.


ELLO&ALLO Oil Rubbed Bronze Towel

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Here comes another multi-purposes towel holder that can be used almost everywhere in the house. As good as it sounds, the Ello and Allo is the towel holder that can be used in the kitchen, at the door, and most notably in the bathroom. You can save so much of your space with the installment of this product since it can classify your items into place and order.

The company has specified that this product works best for small spaces; for example, small bathroom so that you can hang your towels and clothes in a orderly manner. It is finished in bronze in order to prevent from scratches or tarnishing. Note: it can be rotated 360 degrees.

8. KES



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Move on to one of the best bathroom towel bars known as the KES. The KES is the towel bar that is made from the finest grade stainless steel and added up with a chromium and nickel finish in order to prevent from corrosion or rust. The design is made in a ladder looking style and has 3 layers to make it easy for towels hanging. What is more, the rack is also finished with polished steel in order to prevent it from scratching or tarnishing.

This brushed nickel towel bar has a very beautiful design and modern looking; thus it is perfectly suitable to use in the hotel or even at home. What is more, installation is fairly an easy job since this product comes with only a single piece and no installment is needed.

7. Gatco



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Here comes another tool to keep your bathroom organized. The Gatco is another towel rod that has the reputation for producing the most outstanding products since 1977. The Gatco is best known for providing all ranges of bathroom goods, basically all the necessities. One of the advantages of owning this product is the opportunity to own the designer item without having to pay at a designer price. And, noticeably, almost all of the products are polished which can prolong its lifespan.

Moreover, the hand towel bar can be mounted to almost all surfaces ranging from tiles to drywalls, and the company also offers extra service like offering a lifetime warranty to those who are going to purchase their products.

6. KES SUS 304

KES SUS 304 Stainless Steel 4-Piece

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Let us introduce to you another product, which is also the hottest item available on the list. This is another towel rod that is made from all the heavy and superb metal that is guaranteed to have a very long lifespan and best quality too. The company promised to deliver their products rust-free since the material is made from a premium grade, and about 18/10 chromium and nickel are added into a mixture in order to prevent such things like; rust from happening.

Additionally, besides the quality, the company also placed their concern on the outer look. The design is made to match with just about any home’s decoration; in short, modern and beautiful looking.

5. Franklin Brass

Franklin Brass


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The Frnaklin Brass is another well reviewed item that we shall introduce to you. Made of Zinc, this has made this product extra special since it is very long lasting and most significantly durable. You do not have to worry about buying extra screws when making a purchase on this product since the screws are coming in the set for free. This product comes in the size of 23.98 inches x 63inches x 63 inches.

4. Moen DN6822BN

Moen DN6822BN Sage 24-Inch Bathroom

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When introducing the towel holder, we should never forget to mention the Moen DN6822BN since it is also one of the most popular items available on the market. This is one of the best towel holders that have the feature of elegant and simple looking, which will not make you get tired of its trendy look. It comes with double bars in the length of 24 inches and is made of a tough metal, aiming to prolong it lifetime, in short, to make it long lasting. The set up usually takes less than a minute since it requires only a screw or two to install.

Note: the company has brushed it with nickel to prevent from rust or corrosion.

3. Franklin Brass Kinla

Franklin Brass Kinla


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Next is another well-liked bath hardware name, the Franklin Brass Kinla. The zinc material is selected in order to make the towel bar long lasting and durable. The company has also included a set of screws to make to installment less complicated and save costs for their customers. Moreover, the product comes with 3 different holders; the first one is the towel ring, next are 2 towel bars, but each comes in different size.

The company has promised to offer the best quality, which saves you from buying another towel bar again after a couple months of purchasing.




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Welcome to the PNBB brand. This is another bath hardware that comes in 2 levels and 5 different hooks and can hold up to 10 kg of weight which makes the perfect idea to store towels. The bars are made from stainless steel; however, very light in weight.

There are several benefits of this product, first it is very durable, second, it is water and dust resistant, plus it is very easy to clean and install too. This product comes in the size of 23.1×6.7 inches.

1. WholesalePlumbing

4-Piece Bathroom Hardware Accessory

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4-Piece Bathroom Hardware Accessory Set Lastly, we have this Wholesale plumbing bathroom hardware accessory set of 4pcs. The set includes a 24” towel abr. The Pillar is made from zinc alloy in order to prevent from rust, decay, and more. The bar come in the size of ¾ and excreted from aluminum.

What is more, the product shall be added with screws to make it more durable and enhance the look. It is important to note that, the company also includes the mounting hardware in the package.


The provided items are the top 10 best towel bars that are top rated and trendy in the current market of 2019. We hope our description of each product can guide you to make the right and very rational purchase. Any of our recommended picks will meet your needs. Get your preferred model today.

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