Top 10 Best Towel Sets To Have In 2021 + Buying Guide

A towel is a very necessary item for our everyday life. We always need it for the shower, after hand washing and more. However, it is very difficult to know which one suits you the best or which one is worth getting. Choosing an item sometimes can be easy but sometimes it can be very challenging even if it is a big thing or small thing just like a towel that we use every day. That’s why we have come up with this list of the 10 best towel sets in 2021 just for you. Read on to learn more.

List Of Top 10 Best Towel Sets in 2021 + Buying Guide

10. Cotton Towel Set by Cotton Craft

Cotton Craft

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Here we have a towel brand name Cotton Craft. Cotton Craft is a towel brand that is made with a set of your everyday towel necessaries. There are three sizes available in its set. There are two shower towels, two hand towels and two other small towels. They are made from 100% cotton material that very soft in touch.

From Cotton Craft, there are about ten colors available for choosing and all very brilliant colors. Those towels bath have been rated great for everyday use. They can last very long. These towels are made very carefully with high quality, so you can feel its softness, comfort and great absorbency. Before start using it, we highly recommend you to wash it first.

9. Durable Towel Set by Wicker Park

Wicker Park

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Even a towel can make you feel like your life is luxurious. Wicker Park will also do so. It is a towel brand where it consists of 6 towels in one package. The towel is fully made from cotton and it is made in USA. There are two towels in each size in the set. Each of them is very necessary for your everyday use, such as taking a shower, hand washing and any washing activities.

You will feel very comfortable with this set of Wicker Park Towel. The quality is very durable even after you put in the washing machine. Moreover, the towel also features a solid pattern with some beautiful texture on its surface. From customer’s experience, many are 100% satisfied with the quality of this towel and its performance.

8. 100% Cotton Towel Set by Utopia Towels

 Utopia Towels

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Utopia Towels is a towel brand that comes with many pieces. While other styles only consist of 6 pieces in one, this Utopia Towels has 8 pieces in just one package. There are three different sizes in this package. It is made in a dark grey color. Have you ever imagined wrapping yourself in a very soft towel, how would you feel? We bet that everyone will feel very comfortable and very warm.

This towel is a hundred percent made from cotton material. The stitch is very durable and is very safe for washing as it has washing instructions. More than just washing instructions, this towel set also has drying instructions as well. With this, you will get how to take care of your towel after taking a bath and after wash.

7. Soft Cotton Towel Set by Amrapur Overseas

Amrapur Overseas

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There are many high qualities of towels that you can find in shopping malls and somewhere else. Amrapur Overseas is one of those options. Amrapur Overseas made with 6 pieces of towels for its customers. The six pieces are different in size and can be used for different purposes. They can be used to serve the whole body of yours and your everyday activities that require a towel. There are also 6 colors within this brand that you choose. They have bath towels, hand towels and washing towels. The material is cotton and the towels are very soft.

The towel skin is very ideal at absorbing water. You can also wash it in the washing machine without worrying about any damage of its skin. What is also best for users is that the towels are made very light in weight which is easy to use.

6. Lightweight Towel Set by AmazonBasics


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If you want to have the best towel ever for your shower, you may choose this Amazon Basics because it can deliver with such a high-quality experience. These towels are made fully from cotton, which is super soft and convenient to use.

Amazon Basics towel is a set of 8 pieces towel and each of them has different sizes and can serve different functions. You will find this towel brand is also very light in weight, which makes you feel easy to use the towels and they are very absorbent to moisture.

More than just a platinum color, this towel brand also comes in many other colors customers. The unique material used also makes this towel as a quick drying one, too.

5. Easy Foldable Towel Set by American Bath Towels

 Premium Hotel

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We would like to introduce another premium brand of towel sets. This is the brand from American Bath Towels, which consists of 8 pieces in one set. Within the set, they provide you with different sizes of towels that you can use for any purpose it may serve.

From this brand, they create this towel with three different colors, such as dark grey, dark brown and white color. This towel is very suitable for any place, either your home, gym place, hotel or pool. You can bring it anywhere with you.

It is also very light in weight and also very foldable. It is washable in washing machine. No worry about tearing or any damage. It has the ability to quick dry after you come out of shower.

4. Smooth & Soft Towel Set by White Classic

 Luxury White Bath

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White Classic is a pack of 8 pieces of towels; each of them can do different things for you. White Classic is a hundred percent made from cotton. They are of very high quality for your everyday use. In eight of them, two are for bath towels, two for hand use and 4 for face use, which are very small towels. The skin of the towel is very fine and smooth that won’t harm your skin and hurt your skin. They have a very high level of absorbency.

Moreover, they are also lightweight to use and easy for washing. They make these towels very convenient because they are all quick drying after use, especially after you take a shower. Also, they receive a high customer satisfaction rate too. They have got a warranty for the product for if you are not satisfied; in 30 days, you can ask for a refund.

3. Organic Cotton Towel Set by Pinzon

Pinzon Organic Cotton

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One of the primary accessories that you we need for our everyday life is a towel. This is a towel brand Pinzon that provides us with such good quality wrapping towels for our body after shower. This brand is made in a pack of 6 pieces of towels that we basically need every day. In a pack, there are various sizes of towels that we usually use for different purposes. It consists of the biggest one for the body, the medium size is for the hands and the smallest one is for the face. The biggest one is about 30 inches in width and 56 inches in length.

There are about 12 colors available. The organic cotton material used to make this towel brand feel very soft and super comfortable for your skin. There have been many positive reviews over this one and the brand itself also backs the towels with a one-year warranty too.

2. Absorbent Towel Set by Luxury Towel Company

800 GSM 6 Piece

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A towel is important for our everyday activities because we need it for the shower, for body wrapping and for wiping anything wet. So, that is why Luxury Towel Company has made this set towel up with high-quality skin. They made this towel from real cotton materials, which makes it very absorbent toward the water.

Within a set of Luxury towels, there are 6 pieces of towel and each of them comes in different sizes. The biggest size is used for bathing and its size is about 27 inches in width and 54 inches in length. There is only one color available for this towel brand, which is grey color.

Just like some other brand, this towel also can make you feel lux and the softness of its skin that they can make you addicted to the towel.

1. Organic Cotton Towel Set by Cotton Cozy

100% Cotton 6-Piece

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Here comes the last brand of today’s list of the best towel sets in 2021. Cotton Cozy has made itself to be the best, recommended towel brand among users. First thing first, the Cotton Cozy is made originally from organic cotton. It is recommended that you should purchase it as a set because, in one of the towels, you will get 6 pieces of towel. Within the six, there are three different sizes and each size has two towel pieces. All the three sizes will be very necessary for you as you will need for your whole body washing.

They are very suitable to bring along on holiday as they have a lightweight and are foldable that could also save your space. They are super safe to use as they also come with washing guidelines as well as drying instructions that all of these will allow you to take care of them very well for long-term use.

Buying Guides for The Best Towel sets

Choosing the right towel sets sometimes can be easy but sometimes can be very challenging. Even if it is a big thing or small thing just like a towel that we use every day. That is why we would like to list down some guiding points when shopping for the best towel sets.


Firstly, it is good to look at how and what the towel is made of. If it is made from unreal material or something chemical, that might harm your skin. It will be a trouble for your health as well in case of long term use. So, the material is the first thing that you should look at in the best towel sets. Mostly, towels with organic cotton material are the best ones.


This point is also good to look at because if your towel is too heavy when you use it with water. It will be soaked and added with more weight that can make you feel uncomfortable using it. Since towels are made to use with water, you should choose any type that has a lightweight, and a quick-drying one is the best as well.


The picks mentioned above are the high quality towel sets. They come in different sizes, which you can use for many purposes/ body parts. So, it is a very good saving for us. You can just buy one set, and you will get every size you need.


Absorbency is a very great point for every towel user. If a towel is very absorbent, it means it is great to use for body wiping after a shower. It will make your body dry quickly by its high level of absorbency.

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