Top 10 Best U Shaped Body Pillows In 2021 Review

Everybody wants to come home from a long day of work and school to find comfort in your own space. Not to mention, many pregnant women need a comfortable rest in order to maintain their health, so getting a good pillow can be quite tricky. Just like food, there are many kinds of comforting pillows that could literally warm up your soul and the best kinds of resting pillows are the U shaped ones. That is why we are here today to help you search for the best U shaped body pillows for you in order to lift your and your loved one energy up. You will find 10 best U shaped body pillows below, let’s take a look.

List Of Top 10 Best U Shaped Body Pillows Review

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10. Marine Moon Pregnancy Pillow

Marine Moon Pregnancy

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Let’s begin with this first product from the Marine Moon, the pregnancy pillow. This is the best body pillow because it is designed specifically for nursing moms or expecting mothers who love side sleeping and seek for comfort. It is important to mention that many mothers who are pregnant or nurse their babies tend to suffer from chronic back pain and this pillow is the solution to alleviate that.

It comes with polyester fiber cover, which is resistant to mold and dust mites such as bed bugs, which is a bonus who those who suffer from nasal allergy. This product will not only just give you comfort during sleep but it also protects you from harmful microscopic bacteria. It is 69″ x 31″ and comes with a pillowcase and a 30 days warranty.

9. Nidream Bedding Full Body Pillow

NiDream Bedding Full Body

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The best full body pillow is probably this one from NiDream Bedding, which is a DIY pillow. The reason behind this DIY concept is that you can take out the filling of the pillow in order to adjust the firmness and the size of the pillow according to your liking as we all know that people’s bodies are not the same. Plus, it is suitable to pretty much for everyone, not just pregnant people.

It has many therapeutic effects due to its prevention of liver oppression and hypertension syndrome. It is 24 x 19.4 x 4.8 inches wide and the pillow case is made out of cotton which makes it completely washable.

8. Khomo Extra Light Pillow

KHOMO @ Extra Light

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This U shaped Pillow is from Samay and it is known for its extra lighted weight. The pillow gives you extra support from your back, which makes any position comfortable for you. We all have to agree that some maternity pillows can be big and bulky. However, this specific product is not like any of those because it is shaped perfectly and flattering on your body.

The reason why this pillow is all mom approved is because this product not only just alleviate your physical discomfort but it also prevent congestion and rheumatoid. It is 57.1 x 6.7 x 27.6 inches wide and only 6.06 pounds.

7. Moonlight Slumber

Moonlight Slumber

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This U shaped pillow from Moonlight Slumber is known to be the perfect supporting pillow for athletes and pregnant women. The pillow holds its shape after being exposed to pressure, which is what makes this pillow last a long time. It is also extremely resilient, which makes this pillow washable and can be cleaned through so easily.

It helps with those who are recovering from physical therapy because it can reduce the pain tolerance. Moonlight Slumber body pillow is a product of the US and is handcrafted to perfection. It comes in 5 colors, which are white, natural, gray plush, navy plush and lastly, blue plush and with a warranty up to 1 year.

6. Meiz U Shaped Body Pillow

Meiz U Shaped

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Meiz U Shaped body pillow is designed specifically for expecting mothers as it is the key to internal baby growth. It is perfect for supporting mothers when they do daily activities such as reading and watching TV because it has full belly support, which helps to comfort the upper part of the body. It is also an ideal pillow for those who move a lot in their sleep as it keeps your back and spine in a neutral position.

This can also be used as a nursing pillow for newborns for comfy feeding position therefore this pillow serves for a multifunction purpose and lastly it comes in the color gray.

5. ComfySure Pregnancy Full Body Pillow

ComfySure Pregnancy

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Pregnant women tend to suffer from swelling legs because of the heavy body pressure and in order to help reduce the pain, this pillow is what’s going to help you. This pillow from ComfySure helps keep your whole body feeling relaxed and it supports your tummy, arm and neck, which allow you to breathe easier and fall asleep faster, leaving no symptoms of insomnia.

The pillow itself is recommended by many medical professionals to those who experienced with symptoms of sciatica, gastric re-flux and congestions. The cover is made of microfiber which is great for those who suffer from allergies and it is 39’’ x 59’’ in size.

4. QUEEN ROSE Body Pillow


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Many pillows are washable due to a material called microfiber. However, this brand can do more than that as it focuses more on the quality that will last you a long time. The pillow is not just for mothers but also for those who are under a physical recovery and moreover this pillow also will not leave your skin feeling itchy after your sleep as we tend to sweat from naps which is perfect for expecting mothers because they do not want discomfort on their skin when it is already hard on them for having to deal with physical pain from pregnancy. It comes with a 90 days refund and the product is 65 x 31.4 x 7.8 inches wide.

3. Meiz U Shaped Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Meiz 55 U Shaped

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This is the second product from Meiz and it is the zipper removable cover pillow. It comes in 2 colors and it works for getting rid of back pain and support your body at its best. For those who enjoy spending time on soft surfaces, this pillow is perfect for reading and watching TV.

It is multifunctional and you can put it on your beds, sofa or the floor so not only that you can rest on it but mothers can also feed their newborn comfortably too as this pillow can be molded into multiple shapes.

2. Ang Qi U Shaped Pillow

AngQi 55-inch

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Ang Qi presents you with this 5 colors pillow. Namely, gray/blue, U-grey, white, ashy and U-Grey-ct, which is the ultimate maternity pillow with the highest quality ever. This U-Shaped pillow allows you to obtain a comfortable upper body position and complete tummy support for expecting mothers. It keeps your hips and spine neutral, which promotes better circulation and relaxation, which is awesome for getting a goodnight’s sleep. Moreover, it helps promote circulations and relaxation by lifting and cushioning areas you choose to rest on. This also prevents issues like heartburns and relieves sciatica and common pregnancy discomforts. It is 55″ x 31″ with a comfortable jersey cover and zippered, which is washing machine friendly.

1. QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow


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The last product on the list and also the second product from QUEEN ROSE is this 6 colors maternity pillow. QUEEN ROSE pillow comes in the color of navy blue, gray, white, blue gray and multicolor ones such as pink blue. This product definitely meets the demanding physical needs of expecting mothers. It can be shaped into many positions, which is amazing for expecting mothers to receive comfort in any position of daily activities, especially during leisure times in order to not only comfort herself but also the growth of the baby.

This pillow is so soft that even pet dogs love to sleep on it so if you have pets, this is both enjoyable for you and your dogs. It reduces swollen in legs which is the number one problem many expecting mother face during their time of pregnancy. And just like the previous product from QUEEN ROSE, this pillow has a 90 days warranty and it is 55 x 31 x 7.8 inches wide that can be used by tall people as well.


Now we have reached to an end of this list of highly recommended U shaped body pillows from many brands to choose from. It is important to give expecting mothers and nursing mothers that maximum comfort. That means can obtain in order to release their stress and also improve the growth of the babies.

Not only just for mothers but athletes also need a good pillow in order to perform well. It is also great for those who are under the process of recovery from any sort of physical therapy. Ranging from flexibility to colors, sizes and shapes, hopefully, you find our review informative enough to help you pick the best one for your loved ones.

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