Top 10 Best Under Cabinet Lightings To Have In 2021 Review

An under cabinet lighting is one of those affordable investments into a workspace that can make such a striking difference – functionally and aesthetically. Whether you are shopping for under cabinet lightings for a kitchen, or a basement, we’ve got a wide array of the very best under cabinet lightings just for you. Below you will find a curated list of the top 10 best under cabinet lightings reviews in 2021.

List Of Top 10 Best Under Cabinet Lightings Reviews In 2021

10. Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting w/ Remote Control

Albrillo LED Kitchen Under Cabinet

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By Albrillo, here is a design-led LED under cabinet lighting that comes with a handy remote control. The 360-degree remote lets the user turn the light or off automatically (120, 60, 30, or ten minutes) as well as adjust the brightness level (50-900 lm) with ease within a range of 16 – 30 ft. In terms of energy consumption, this lamp is extra bright yet produces low heat. With low heat production, that also means the light is touchable. The power consumption is 12 w and 900 lm. It is known to cut electricity costs by 85%. The light produced is the bright white kinda light of 5000k – good for the eyes.

This under counter lighting is suited for an array of applications – sink, display, bookcase, hutch, workbench, pantry, under the closet, etc. Installation is a snap – with all accessories provided. You can either use sticky tapes or screws to do the mounting. And, indeed, the item is backed by a 24-month warranty.

9. EShine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting

[New] EShine 4 Panels 12 inch LED

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Nice and bright – these are led strip lights under the cabinet by Eshine. This kit includes 4 panels of 12 inches LED lights. They come in 2 light color options – warm white and cool white. Thanks to the IR sensor activated, the light turns off/on with just a wave, which makes it ideal for using in busy places. To dim, this smart light uses sensors as well by having the user holding their hand under the sensor. As of energy consumption, the light consumes 18 w, saving you quite a lot.

For craftsmanship, in addition to looking elegant, these guys are sturdy and well made from high-quality materials. You can either install them with screws of 3M stickers in a breeze. Its versatile use is just undeniable. A bunch of things are included in the kit. If you opt for a touchless under cabinet lighting, be sure to consider these ones.

8. Youthink LED Under Cabinet Lighting Touch Control

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Touch

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One of the ultimate picks to try is this light from Youthink. This best wireless under cabinet lighting of 60 – 1200 lumen is dimmable within 5% to 100%, suitable for various settings, and when turned on again, it will remember the previous brightness setting. You can just gently touch the lights to turn them on or off while pressing the touch button to alter the brightness. Similarly to the last 2 lights, this one is bright yet cost-saving with low heat. Each of the 3 light panels is 400 lm, and they are known to save about 85% on energy consumption.

The light is recommended for using in the kitchen, closet, wardrobe, bookcase, basement, counter, etc. Installation is not an issue (screw or tape), especially with all the installation tools provided. As of craftsmanship, these lights are tough, well made, lightweight, and the natural white lights are good for the eyes (4000k). Plus, be noted that these items are backed by a 1-year warranty that you can make use of.

7. EShine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting

[New] EShine LED Dimmable

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Eshine is here again to introduce to you another option of the best dimmable LED under cabinet lighting. Yet, this one is longer in size (20 inches) and comes with some other varying features. The light is also a touchless type. It is available in 3 light colors warm white of 3000k, cool white of 6000k and white. To adjust its brightness, you can simply hold your hand beneath the sensor, meaning no remote control is needed.

As an economic item, the light consumes the power of only 12w. That benefits the environment as well. Made of durable material, the light is quite sturdy and tough. Plus, installation is a snap, too.

6. Ustellar Updated LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Ustellar Updated LED Under

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Our next recommendation is a pick from Ustellar. The lighting can be turned on/off with just a wave, ideal for using in a busy space like a kitchen. Each light is of 170 lm. Each light is also super thin, suitable for using in narrow spaces. It is safe and suitable for using in the laundry room, basement, garage, counter, etc., as well.

The total watt use is 12W. And, the light is available in 2 quantity options – 3 pack and 6 pack and 2 light colors – daylight white and warm light.

5. Lux Light Under Cabinet Lighting

24 Inch Under Cabinet Lighting 4000K

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Another favorite from us is the Lux Light Under Cabinet Lighting. This light is probably one of the thinnest and lightest lamps out there; hence, you can mount it just about anywhere. No messy buttons; to turn on/off, you can use the sensor touch.

There are 4 lengths to choose from – 12 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches as well as 2 color temperatures – warm white of 3000k and neutral white of 4000k. Coming in a chrome silver design, this light goes well with just any home décor.

No fire hazards will ever occur as the light will never heat up. And, indeed, installation is not a problem either.

4. LEPOTEC Under Cabinet Lights Closet Lights

Under Cabinet Lights Closet Lights

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LEPOTEC Under Cabinet Lights Closet Lights is a 2 pack that you can choose between 5 light temperatures. They come with 3 light modes – motion sensing, on and off. In terms of energy consumption, the lights are USB rechargeable while having a 1200 mAh capacity. Per one full charge, it can work for around 8 – 10 hours.

They are suitable to use in the closet, kitchen, basement, bedroom, garage and many more locations. To install, you can either use the built-in magnetic feature or 3M tape. And, these lights are backed by a 2-year warranty as well.

3. EShine LED Under Cabinet Lighting

EShine 3 12 inch Panels LED

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Moving further, here we have a set of 3 lights of 12 inches from Eshine. They come in 2 choices – warm white and cool white. To turn the lights on/off, simply wave your hand, making it ideal for using in a busy environment like in the kitchen. Thanks to the low energy usage (12 w), the lights will save you a lot in the long run.

Not just decorative but highly functional, these lights are well made from premium quality, sturdy materials. And, similarly, installation is not a headache, too.

2. Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Albrillo LED Under Cabinet

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The next pick goes to this top-rated under cabinet lighting from Albrillo. This lighting’s power consumption is 12W, 900lm, and it is capable of saving approximately 85% of energy. Whether it’s for the kitchen, cupboard, or closet, this light is sure to illuminate the space. With the memory feature activated, the light remembers your last brightness setting.

And, without a doubt, the lighting is fully dimmable from 0% – 100%. You can install the lamp in no time by either using double sided tape or using the screw method. And, as of, warranty, it is for 2 years in addition to the 3-month money back policy.

1. Brilliant Evolution BRRC135 Wireless LED Puck Light

Brilliant Evolution BRRC135 Wireless

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This light from Brilliant Evolution ranks first in the list for a number of desirable features. Coming in quite a different look, the light is sure to draw your eyes. Their power is of 55 lumens. These lights aren’t just very bright; they are durable as well. You can adjust the brightness level to 50% or 100% with the button equipped. When set on 100% brightness, the light can work interrupted for 100 hours.

As of other smart functions, the light can be set to turn off within 120, 60, 30, or 15 minutes, too. Be noted that these lights are powered by 3 AA batteries, which you can find in the kit.


You have just sifted through the top 10 best under cabinet lightings review in 2021. We hope you’ve enjoyed our review, and found it informative enough to aid your shopping. In terms of quality, durability, and performance, any of the recommended under cabinet lightings will not fail you.

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