Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Shoe Racks In 2021 Review

Are you running out of place to store your shoes? Do you find your room, house, dorm, or wherever you stay is a complete mess and dust from your shoes? You have now come to the smart solutions to get rid of this. Wall mounted shoe rack is aka the clever shoe storage. It’s a great additional organization to your place. It is not only stock up your shoes nicely, but it consumes no space at all. It is neat, tiny, and wall or door mounted that saves up a lot of spaces. A good day starts from walking into your house and stress-free from untidiness. Here comes to our top 10 reviews of the best wall mounted shoe racks that you can choose and add to your shopping cart right away.

List Of Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Shoe Racks In 2021

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1. Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack 24-Pair

Whitmor Over The Door Shoe Rack

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Another outstanding rack and top of the list is also from Whitmor. The shoe rack can put up to 36 pairs of shoes and it is made of long-lasting resin construction. It makes your place look a lot cooler with its white color design. The rack pad is nonslip when you mount it on the door. It also consists of a rack bar that is able to hold up high shoes adjustably. It takes less of your time to install and own this right now.

2. Whitmor 36-Pair OTD Shoe Rack

Whitmor Over The Door Shoe Rack

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The second best shoe organizer of the review is from Whitmor. It saves up the biggest space for your room as it can store the shoes up to 36 pairs, either they are heels, sandals, or sneakers. The assembly is quicker than you think. The construction of rack is well made from resin that can hold on tightly to any heavy shoes. Whitmor guarantees you the highest quality and best customer care if you have any issue regarding the product.

3. Unjumbly Shoe Organizer

Unjumbly Shoe Organizer


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Unjumbly has manufactured this famous shoe rack for your daily need. The company provides you the greatest service by answering every little concern you have and help you out anytime. The package comes with the reversible hooks, which are made from metal that you can apply to all kinds of doors. The special difference of this shoe organizer from the rest is the storage pockets that can hold up variety types of shoes, even the heavy ones at most 24 pairs. The pockets are highly made of premium fabrics that suit best for your shoes. Even your small children can start their good habit by placing their own shoes neatly with this reachable and safe rack.

4. Neu Home 18-Pair Wire Shoe Rack


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The imported rack from Organize It All, one of the best combination wall shoe organizer as it is made of both metal and plastic. The hanging wire is able to stock up the shoes at its maximum of 18 pairs. It does not require much time to install it as there is no equipment required. Coated hooks are a special feature that can keep the scratches away from the door. You can place all kinds of shoes with this high-quality rack. Add this to your cart today while it is available.

5. Simple Houseware Shoes Rack Organizer

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The Simple Houseware wall shoe holder is the stress-free shoe storage that you should always have in your house. This rack is capable of holding strongly to the door as there is a nonslip pad to mount on the door. The construction is sturdy since it is all made from metal that can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. It is so convenient that you are able to adjust the rack from door to door or even mount on the wall. The company has included the wall mounting equipment as your optional choice. The white coating rack makes your place looks fashionable and modern.

6. ClosetMaid Adjustable Wall & Door Shoe Organizer


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This is one of the smartest wall hanging shoe racks on the list from ClosetMaid company. It is so unique that it can be adjusted anywhere in your place from wall to wall or from door to door as you please. This wall shoe storage is also easy to reposition the rack as your shoe height. You can easily set this up at home with the provided hardware for mounting on the wall or door. The rack’s construction is so durable and long-lasting as it is made of epoxy steels.

7. j-me Horizontal Mounted Wall Storage Shelf

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If you run out of space in your home, this wall mounted shoe cabinet from j-me is perfect for your solution. It does not consume any of the places to store your shoes. You can install this rack easily as it comes with clear instructions included the installment tool in the package. This white rack is very stylish and can be used as an additional decoration to your place. It is easy to clean and stay new, as always. This 28-inch rack can store up to 4 pairs. Choose wisely, choose j-me.

8. Huluwa Wall Mounted Shoes Rack

Huluwa Wall Mounted Shoes Rack

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Here is one of the cutest wall mounted shoe shelves on the list. It is made of plastic that you can stick to the doors, walls, or any places in the house with 3 different colors, blue, green, and pink. You can put up the shoes up to 12 pairs. Huluwa produces this with a waterproof system that is not easily broken and durable. The rack is lightweight but sturdy. More importantly, this rack comes with a lifetime warranty and you can replace the product within 1 year of purchasing if you find out there is any problem that occurs with your rack. Huluwa also provides a 100% refund within 90 days if you are dissatisfied with the item. You can now grab this without having to worry about the quality because everything comes with a guarantee.

9. MyGift Wall Mounted 36 Hook Shoe Rack

MyGift Wall Mounted 36 Hook Shoe Rack


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Next is a wall mounted shoe storage from MyGift. It has a very elegant and classic design that makes your wall shoe holder looks even greater than before. It comes with 36 wires that can store your shoes up to 18 pairs with 6 pairs of each row. Also, it will make you feel good when you walk across the neat place of where you put the shoes in the house. You will find it easy to install and assemble the rack mounted to your wall.

10. Whitmor 6 Shelf Shoe Rack

Whitmor 6 Shelf, Over The Door Shoe Rack

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The 6 selves shoe rack from Whitmor can hold up 18 pairs of shoes. It is easy to set up on your own with the included brackets for wall-mounting in case you prefer it to or over the door. It is made from the high quality of metal that handles the construction strongly and makes it stable. You can place all kinds of shoes over this rack whether heels, sandals, or boots. This tiny rack will save up and clear more spaces in your house with a tidy storage of your shoes. Specially, there is guarantee from the manufacturer. You can always contact Whitmor for any problem occurs.


After going through the reviewing of wall mounted shoe racks with us all along, we trust you might have attached to one of these already. Clear up your space and get this stress-free solution today. You will feel a whole lot better seeing the good organization and tidiness of your place with these wall mounted shoe racks.

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