Top 10 Best Water Mats in 2019

The beach is always the ultimate relaxing place for just about anyone. Being in the vast sea water brings so much zen to our minds. Yet, for those who do not know how to swim, they don’t really like to befriend with the water. That’s when water mats come in. Water mats let you lounge in the water without the fear of drowning.

Are you here to shop for the best water mat for your needs? Here, you will find at least one of your preferred model because in this article, we are looking into the top 10 best water mats in 2019. Read on to find out about these awesome entries and their desirable features.

List Of Top 10 Best Water Mats in 2019

10. Intex

Intex Giant Inflatable

This is the best giant floating mat which is brought to you by Intex. It is the ideal pool pad to use if you wish to have the great time with your friend. The size of this new, innovative product is 114 x 84 inches and it guarantees to stay awesome on the water surface. You will get a little wet since it keeps some water on the mat surface.

Better than other choices, it is designed to have the N float connectors; this is an awesome feature allowing you connect yours mat to other floats. You will sure have a great fun with a large group of friends. Intex cares about the quality of the product; that’s why only the best materials are chosen. For ease of storage, you can also store it in a small narrow space, too.

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9. O’Brien

O'Brien Water Carpet

The size of O’Brien water mat is 18 x 6 ft, a great size for accommodating your group of friends. With the stability that it offers, you can walk, play and sleep on it without any concern. More than just offering fun on the water, you can store and keep it safe easily as well. Please be noted that it is designed to have a grommet kit so you can roll and secure it well.

Better than competing products; it is designed to have up to 3 layers of foam. The foam is the combination of firm, soft and back to firm again. This carpet will sink a little bit when exposed to the water.

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8. Goplus

Goplus Floating Water

Goplus introduces to you a top-rated floating water pad which is great for your pool playing day. The size of it is 9 x 6 inches; therefore, it is great to be used by 2 to 3 persons. The maximum weight that this pad can hold is 550 lbs. You can enjoy using this product without worrying about its quality as it is well produced from the durable mesh. Each layer of this pad guarantees to withstand tear very well.

With the thoughtful production of it, this foam is free from odor. For those who are worried about the storing process, let us ensure you that this one will only take only a small storage space.

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7. Wow Sport

Wow World of Watersports

We have spotted another well reviewed watersport equipment for your summer party. This WOW Sports floating map carries the total size of 10 x 6 feet. With such a great size, it is nice for supporting up to 6 people. The safeness and sturdiness are ensured; therefore, you can even walk on this nice mat too.

The material chosen is 30 Gauge PVC. It can support both the children and adult’s weights. If you own this product, you will sure have a great pool party time. Last but not least, the package of this product comes with 2 pieces of 6 feet rope, allowing you to tie and secure it when needed.

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6. Rosso Water

Rosso Water Floating

If you are planning to have extra fun at any island, the high-quality floating mat should be the first product in the buying list. This is the Rosso Water floating fortress which is highly recommended for using at many places such as pool, lake and ocean. With the new innovative technology that it adopts, it is super strong and durable.

The maximum weight that it can support is 1,200 pounds which is somehow similar to the weight of 6 to 8 people. The foam is 3/8 inches, so you can enjoy using it for years without having to concern about the quality. The size of this water mat is 18 x 6 ft, next you can also roll and store it easily, too.

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5. Big Joe

Big Joe 2050ABW

Don’t miss the chance to have a little more fun when you are on your vacation at the beach. This is one of the durable products from Big Joe. This versatile product carries the total size of 15 x 6 inches; it is also known to be a giant floating water pad, too.

Both the size and capacity of it is great for supporting up to 4 to 5 adults at the same time. For your information, the maximum capacity of it is 1,500 lbs. It is also the right product for the users of all ages. Since it is constructed to withstand the tough conditions impressively, this mat is very safe to use.

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4. Floatation iQ

Floating Oasis Lake Pad

If you are looking for the a product that provides plenty of features, the lake pad by Floatation iQ is the right option. First of all, this water mat allows you to enjoy the luxury life in the affordable way. It is thoroughly designed to have the full size of 15 x 6 feet while the weight the it can support is 1,500 lbs. With just this item, your family and friends are ready to enjoy the fun while beating the heat of the summer. If we take a closer look at the design of it, it is attached with the D ring, strap, bungee cord and more.

For ensuring that you have the safe and fun time on it, it guarantees to be 100% free from tear and punctures. Lastly, you can even give it a thorough clean when needed as well. With all the features mentioned; there’s just nothing not to love.

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3. Rubber Dockie

Rubber Dockie Duckling

The next best product in our top 10 list is from Rubber Dockie. The size of this water mat is only 9 x 6 feet, making it the perfect size for juniors. It is carefully designed to offer you the best in all types of conditions. The adoption of the tear stop technology will keep you safe on the water surface. Since it is well recognized as a premium product, the materials used for producing it are the high-quality ones too. The soft outer foam is very gentle to your skin. For the user’s convenience in anchoring it, the loop, hook and strap are added. Better than other choices, this one comes with a 1-year warranty.

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2. Fedmax

Floating Water Mat

Next, we have Fedmax. It is the giant pad from the brand which has the size of 19 x 6 inches. The superb size of it is great for accommodating both adults and children. Please be reminded that the 1.3 inches foam has many advantages in supporting the heavy weight. The maximum capacity that is can support is 1625 lbs, meaning that it is suitable for supporting 10 adults and children.

The durable layer resists both tear and wear, so the quality of it will last for years. Though the capacity of it is high, the weight of the water pad itself is very light. All in all, you will sure find it very convenient to store.

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1. Fun Float

Fun Float Floating Water Mat

Topping the list, we have a very sought-after water mat from Fun Float. This floating mat has the size of 18 x 6 feet. The size and capacity of it is a great choice for using at the beach and pool. It aims to offer the best experience to the user, so the banding belt is attached. Hence, you will find it easy to anchor it with your water vehicle.

This high-quality product has a 1.38 inches foam; therefore, it is great for supporting multiple users at the same time. If you are planning your outdoor trip by the pool, lake and beach, this product is the right call.

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You have just looked at the top 10 best water mats in 2019. These picks are well-rounded for their convenient size, outstanding features and superb durability. With any of these mats, you’ll never miss out on the ultimate fun the sea can bring. Time to select one for quality time with friends and family.

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