Top 10 Best Water Tables For Kids In 2021 Review

Currently, it is really difficult to find appropriate indoor activities for kids to play enjoyably. Kids might get bored easily to play with only just the toys. For another way to help them play longer and happier, consider getting the best water table. A water table will be a new model of choice for parents to deal with their kids.

Anyway, you might struggle choosing suitable water tables for kids since there are many choices in the market. You may fear of making the wrong decision. To aid your selection, here are the top 10 water tables for kids that you should look at.

List Of Top 10 Best Water Tables For Kids Reviews

10. Simplay 3 Indoor Outdoor Stand

Simplay3 Indoor Outdoora

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The first product in this list is the top-rated Simplay 3 Indoor Outdoor stand. This table is suitable for kids to play with sand, water play, arts, crafts, building blocks and picnics. Plus, 4 cup holders are included for snack time. The kid water table can be transformed into 4 different play patterns such as play, slide together, cover and store. 2 bins of this table is really useful for you to store any toys for your lovely kid for it is deep enough to put all toys in a very organized way.

Furthermore, you will love this table for its plastic is made in USA and knows as durable double wall plastic. Last but not least, because of this high quality, this table was selected as the winner of the parents’ choice Award, the 2017 National parenting award, and the parent and teaching choice award.

9. Kid Activity Table

Kids Activity Table

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Here, the next well-reviewed item in this 10 best water table in the list is Kid Activity table. This table comes as a set: 2 chairs and 25 Jumbo bricks. It is a 4in1 table that has many functions for your kid in your family; it does not only entertain your kid to use it as a water table, building brick table, storage table, but it can be used for various activities such as eating, reading books, coloring, doing arts and craft, playing board game and other fun activities.

The surface of the table is a LEGO; once you remove tabletop, you can store something inside or make a nice water play for your kid. The plastic of the table is made of lightweight, sturdy, durable plastic and the set of the table is easy to install or remove.

8. Sun Shower Water Table

Step2 Sun Shower Water

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If you have many kids in your house, a water table is the best entertaining item for your household. This size of this table is big enough to allow little kids to enjoy their shower happily together. Your little ones may enjoy freeing the water from the pond into the water tray or from water tray back to the pond, anyway, the kids want. With the rain shower effect, the kids will feel they are having a rain shower on the hot summer day.

Plus, with put-and-place maze pieces, kids can have fun by creating new waterfall again and again as much as they want, or by using the water table springboard to flip figures back into the water table.

7. Step 2 Splish Splash Seas water table

Step2 Splish Splash

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Let’s have a look at another model of the water table. This model is ideal for the little ones or even your preschooler kids. With height adjustment function, you can easily set the table height to best fit for your kids. So, they can play comfortably. Talking about playing, your kids can play by pulling down the given toys or even their own personal toys up and down the slide or diving board, spinning the water wheel back and forth, or using a hinged bucket to play with waterfall. Especially, this Splish Splash Seas water table additionally comes with a 42″ (106.7 cm) umbrella and some extra fun accessories.

6. Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate ship

Little Tikes Anchors

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Next, this best water table is known for its pirate theme. Your kids surely will not hesitate to play in a pirate world. Spin, Spin, and Spin, this model comes up with various spinning modes that your kids can enjoy differently and excitingly. If your kids get tired of spinning, kids can move from spinning to enjoy pouring water into the crow’s nest or produce water with the pump.

More than that, with the water cannon, your kids can shoot with water like a water shooting gun. When tired of pouring, kids can play pulling. The little ones can pull the cranking the handle to raise or lower the anchor.

5. Step 2 Splash Bay Sand and Water Table

Step2 Splash N Scoop

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Here, we have Splash Bay Sand and water table with the sand and water, which will make your kids feel like they are playing on the beach during summer days. Also, the separation of water and sand allow your kids to build sand figure like they do with the beach sand. With this water tower, kids can create a waterfall by pouring the water from the top of it. More special than that, it comes with a set of accessories including removable cup, slide, spinner, shark scoop, cup, and shovel/rake and Drains plug.

4. Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table

Little Tikes Fountain

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This little tikes fountain water table brings your kid more than to have fun. At the same time, your kids will be introduced to the idea of STEM education. Play to learn, play to earn knowledge! They can learn through water play, pipes combination and other accessories, including a boat, a water cup and a funnel. With this material, the kids will be able to understand the cause and effect and also the result of the combination of various accessories. Thinking is the best way to learn and seeing the result is the best way to understand.

3. Step 2 Spill& Splash Seaway Water Table

Step2 Spill & Splash

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You arrive at the top 3rd in the list. This product understands kids well. It comes with various figures and different accessories. With these tools, the kids are able to create their own story by sending the sea creature to meet the mermaid or by sending the swimmer off into the water for diving and ride on the slide or to create the sea wave by scooping water into the tier. You may wonder how much water it can hold? It can hold up to 8.40 L in the pool and 12.26L in the water table. Especially, there is an umbrella to protect kids from the hot sun.

2. Little Tikes Spiralin Table

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas

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With this table, the kids will be able to develop their motor skills since it is really important to have a strong body. Especially if your kids love to play with the ball, you should purchase this product now. This product comes with the ball to drop from to the top down into the water and move the wheel to scoop up the ball, then it will fall again. Additionally, kids can use a cup of water to move the water wheel again and again as much as kids want. More importantly, this product comes with 1 water cup and 5 characters.

1. Step 2 Rain Showers Splash

Step2 874600 Rain

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Here, let’s check out another model. This product comes with the waterfall tray and put-and-place maze piece. The kids can pull water from the pool to the water tray and rearrange those pieces to create the waterfall again and again, as much as they want. They also can scoop water from the pond back and forth into the water tray.

Additionally, with rainfall effect, the kids are able to listen to rainfall sounds while playing also. It brings the feeling back to the old feel-good rainy days. It sounds exactly like the real rain fall. To tell you that, this product won the Most Wanted 2017 Summer Toys.


These top 10 water tables for your kids will help you and your kids to create a better memory by playing together, or by splashing water at each other. The laugh, the feeling and the actions will be captured in the kid’s heart once they grow up. More important than memory, the kids deserve to have fun at their young age.

Water table will help them to have more fun and have a close connection with water. Some kids may be scared of water. Train them to play with water so they can befriend with water gradually. You can choose the best one that caters to your requirements.

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