Top 10 Best Ways To Hide Your Anger That You Should Try

Emotion is one of the vital parts of life. We encounter many situations each day, and some of them may piss us off. Indeed, anger has an effect on our relationship with others and our well-being. It is the best way to calm yourself well, even on a bad day. Here, we have come up with the top 10 best ways to hide your anger. Hopefully, you will know an effective way to fight your temper with positivity in mind.

List Of Top 10 Best Ways To Hide Your Anger

1. Shift your attention

Shift your attention

One of the first strategies you should adapt to when dealing with anger is trying to shift your attention to something else. When you found the root that causes anger, it would be best if you drive yourself away from it. It is not only the disappointment that brings anger to the surface, but there are many evil roots such as envy, frustration, annoyance and more. If you can shift your thought immediately after sensing those triggers, you can deal with your anger positively.

2. Think of the way out

Think of the way out

Don’t speak and act out of anger. In the moment of anger, you are likely to say words that make you regret later. The positive reaction that you can do is to try to find a way out as quickly as possible. Figure out the root cause and think of the way you can solve the problem in a calming manner. It is better if you calm yourself down first before seeking solutions.

3. Manage your own response

Manage your own response

What do you usually do and say when you are upset? Remember that your physical and verbal reactions affect your closest people. For ensuring that no one gets hurt and suffers from your anger, you need to learn to cope up with the way you respond to the anger first. When you are angry, your heart will beat faster; there, you need to take a deep breath to gather your thoughts in advance. The best way to hide your anger is to change your facial expression if you can’t change your mood.

4. Get some exercise

Get some exercise

Try some self-calming exercises such as yoga when you are in the verge of anger. Next, you can also calm it down with physical activities too. You can do any type of exercise you want as all exercises can reduce your tension well. If a slow-paced exercise isn’t your style, we recommend the table tennis, badminton or basketball. It is good to throw the anger on the ball instead of on humans.

5. Release the tension with humor

Release the tension with humor

Do the opposite of what the anger wants you to act. If you feel like cry, you’d better deal with it with a laugh. If you feel like shouting, then just sing any song you like. This way, you can shift your attention and turn it to something fun. As one medium to hide your anger is to act the opposite, many people choose humor to block themselves from negative thoughts. If you choose this measure, you can read jokes or just turn the ridiculous thing that drags you down into a joke.

6. Never turn anger into action

Ways to Hide Your Anger

Whenever you are angry, try to hold yourself first. If you allow your anger to take harmful actions, the risk and damage that it costs is high. It is good to always remind yourself to release anger by writing. Write what makes you angry in the paper and throw it away. By the time you finish writing, you will know that those triggers don’t even deserve a place in your mind. Remember to express your anger through letters, not spoken words, because emotional scars are hard to forget.

7. Delay your reaction first

Ways to Hide Your Anger

If your anger takes your hand to do something, hold yourself first. If you believe that you need to put the blame on someone, keep it to yourself first. If you want to punch someone for doing something wrong, you indeed have to think twice about it. All the actions that you wish to do when your heart and soul are full of anger isn’t the right solution. Whatever you have in mind, give yourself some time. We bet you will regret your action when the situation is resolved; therefore, the wise choice is to reason it first.

8. Listen to music

Ways to Hide Your Anger

Music is the best remedy for dealing with stress and anger. Listening to good music is one of the best and easiest ways to manage your anger too. When you listen to the slow song, it allows you the chance to rethink what has happened and the solution to tackle it. With the sound of the rock and loud music, it offers the chance for your mind to work fast. If you wish to distract yourself from the thoughts, turn up the volume. Next time when you have problems that lead to anger, do try this.

9. Take a break from the trigger

Ways to Hide Your Anger

When you found the evil triggers that lead the way to anger, take a detour and stay away from it. As an illustration, if jealously and disappointment are the keys, make sure to teach yourself to content with what you have and the thing you can do. It doesn’t matter how many times it tricks and gets you into the trap, you need to recognize it and find the way to work around it.

10. Learn to ask for help

Ways to Hide Your Anger

If you find yourself a victim of anger and its drawbacks, learn to seek help from your closet friends. It is okay to talk to others when you feel down. Learning to control the anger is hard for everyone, it will be better if you have someone to consult with. Lastly, in case of you finding out that your feelings get out of control, it is the best choice to see the therapists.


As anger is the root of killing good relationships, you have with everyone around you, learn to cope with them by yourselves, or seek help when you lose control of yourself. With these 10 ways of hiding and battling anger we have presented, you can try and see which one works best on you.


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