Top 10 Effective & Best Ways To Kill Your Stress To Try

With all the works that you have to handle in your daily life, stress is inevitable. We are here to discuss as well as share the solutions that you can practice to eliminate the stress on your own. The top 10 best ways to kill the stress below will make sure to give you insights on how to play around with stress and turn it into positive energy.

List Of Top 10 Best Ways To Kill Your Stress

1. Break down tasks

Break down tasks

The only way that can get you out from stress is to handle tasks well. If the task you’re doing is hard for you to handle, you should find ways to break it down. Therefore, you will find the right way to deal with it. On top of that, it is better to handle one task at a time as well. Once we narrow down our focus, we can set the goal on the quality of it rather than the quantity. From time to time, we bet that you feel the urge to do other things, even in the middle of completing one task. You should restrain yourself first and put the attention focus on the prioritized task.

2. Give yourself a coffee break

Give yourself a coffee break

As your physical body needs the break, so does your mind. Learn to give yourself a break when you feel overwhelmed with something. It doesn’t mean you have to go to the coffee shop, yet just allow yourself to sip the nice tea and coffee on the cozy sofa. Your mind and body need the rest, so make sure to give them their need. On a hard day, a good cup of coffee does help you kill the stress.

3. Manage your money well

Manage your money well

With the money becomes the key concern in our life, you need to learn to manage it in the right way. Stress is ready to follow you if you cannot find a way to manage your finance well. The problem will arise when you fall into debt; there, the stress can sure to consume you. Learn to develop the habit to spend based on the amount you earn monthly. The better you prioritize your finance, the less stress you feel.

4. Interact more with friends

Interact more with friends

This is the time for taking the advantages out of your friend. Friends are those you can go and consult with when you face the problem. Grab this chance and seek consultation from your friends and closet kin. If you don’t feel like showing your problem to your friend, just go out and meet new people. Locking yourself in the room during the bad day isn’t the right solution, you need to step out and get yourself a life.

5. Stick to the healthy lifestyle

Best Ways To Kill Your Stress

Good health is the key to happiness. There is plenty of food that can contribute to physical and emotional health. There is no magic food that can protect you from the stress, yet there is food that lightens your mood. You can give a try on the foods that contain a lot of alkaline instead of acidic ones. We bet you want to try lemons, onion, pineapple, raspberry or the vegetable juice. Pick a few ones that you like and consume is regularly and get ready for the stress-free life.

6. Adopt the simple self-calming techniques

Best Ways To Kill Your Stress

It is impossible to eliminate the stress from your life; however, you can choose to drive yourself away from the triggers. When the stressful situation about to emerge, clam yourself first and get away from it. You can also try doing the meditation when you sense that your stress is on the way too. One key advantage of meditation is to get rid of stress and tension. As it becomes more and more popular, we bet that you would love to try it too.

7. Take a deep breathe

Best Ways To Kill Your Stress

If the stress happens during the daytime, learn to take a deep breath and count to 10. Take a long and deep breath a few times until your lung is full of air. The key advantage of breathing deeply is to calm down quickly. It is also good if you have a panic attack or stress during work, exam or an urgent situation. You should do this regularly to clear your mind before doing other tasks.

8. Get a good massage

Best Ways To Kill Your Stress

Do you want to know the magic to deal with stress? It is as simple as getting yourself a good massage. There are many experts that can kill the stress that you have in the long week with the body massage. A good massage can regulate the blood flow, which is the key to relieve the tension on both body and mind. If you don’t have time for body massage, you can also choose to take a bath with hot water. We believe that it is good to get the body massage once in a while.

9. Explore nature

Best Ways To Kill Your Stress

Feel stress and overwhelm with the work? Put it aside first. Now it is time to pack your bag and explore in nature. The natural way to improve the mood and fight back the anxiety is to stay near nature. You should make a habit of visiting the park on the weekend, fishing in the lake, and biking in the mountain. Instead of having the overnight party at home, why not going for camping?

10. Plan the exciting weekend

Best Ways To Kill Your Stress

With the work up to 5 days a week, you can trick yourself with something fun. Give yourself the exciting weekend that you are looking to. As an illustration, plan the weekend trip with friends, go fishing, climb the mountain and more. Always give yourself a good distraction; therefore, it can trick you into believing that the break is around the corner. It doesn’t only allow you to kill stress, but it also increases the productivities throughout the week too.


These stress-killing techniques are the best ways to eliminate stress from your life. No matter who you are, stress tends to visit from time to time; therefore, it is a wise choice to learn the right way to tackle it.

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