Top 10 Best Ways To Travel For Free That You Might To Try

Who doesn’t want to travel? But the problem is, how can we get to travel for free in a safe way? If a shortage of budget hinders you from traveling to many places you like, worry no more since we are here to solve your problem. With the 10 best ways to travel for free that we have researched, we bet that you can enjoy traveling without any concern. Enjoy the reading.

List Of Top 10 Best Ways To Travel For Free

1. Teach English for free

Teach English for free

If you think that your English-speaking ability is great, then sign up for teaching English for free. There are some countries which need the teacher who can speak English to sit in the class and help others to improve their language skill. Through this, the organization that you work for will offer a free meal and accommodation. While teaching others the language, you can familiarize yourself and get to know more about the culture of the host country too.

2. Apply to attend educational conferences

Apply to attend educational conferences

This one is highly recommended for students and undergraduate students who are short on budget but wish to explore the world. You can seek information from the school and see if there is an international conference that you can apply for. There are various types of conferences that offer accommodation as all as the food during the conference days. No matter what field you are in, there are many different themes that you can give a try.

3. Enter competitions

Enter competitions

There are many international competitions that you can enter and compete. Most importantly, on top of having a place to stay, if you win the competition, you will get prizes too. There are some websites that you can browse through for the information. Mostly, they run competitions for the photography, writers, bloggers or even the film-makers. If you believe that you have the ability to compete, then go for it.

4. Sign up for a voluntary job

Sign up for a voluntary job

There are many voluntary jobs that you can sign up for and get some benefits out of it. There are many places across the country and globe that look for helpers for the farm and hostel. You can negotiate by working for free in exchange for getting free accommodation. Those jobs range from organizing events to teaching Yoga. On the other hand, if you like to work with the local, you should consider WWOOF, this organization allows you to work for 6 hours in return for a meal and place to sleep. The good thing about it is you can explore the village after the shift is over.

5. House-sit and pet-sit

Ways to Travel for Free

This approach has become very popular right now, you can get free accommodation everywhere around the globe by accepting the job as the house-sitter or pet-sitter. In short, you have to stay and look after the other’s house for a short period while they are traveling. For some houses with pets, the house owner may require you to feed and walk their pet around as well. On top of that, the house-sitter can sometimes get paid from the house owner.

6. Become a flight attendant

Ways to Travel for Free

This is a job that everyone wishes to get as it is known that flight attendants get to travel all the time. This job has an advantage over other jobs as the salary is high and you will also get the money to cover the meal and expense while traveling. You will get to visit many places during the time. Last but not least, the criteria to become the flight attendant are not so high. If this is your dream job, we find no reason that you don’t want to consider it.

7. Get the reward credit card

Ways to Travel for Free

Do you know that you can ask for a free gift on your birthday, graduation and other holidays from travel websites? It is a wise choice if you ask for a free traveling from them. Usually, it allows you to fly for free as well as providing free accommodation at the same time. Similar to this, you can use a credit card and get the bonus from spending up to the amount that is set too. If you can do this, we bet you can save a lot of money on your next trip.

8. Hitchhike around the globe

Ways to Travel for Free

If you go to some parts of the world, you will find that hitchhiking is very common and safe. Instead of driving your car or renting one, you can ask another driver to travel from one point to another for free. Even hitchhiking seems to be the best way to get around, use your sense of judgment well before accepting the ride from the strangers. However, in some countries, hitchhiking is very safe and popular.

9. Be a crew on the cruise ship

Ways to Travel for Free

If you want to go for the adventure using the waterway, the free and luxurious way to do so is signing up as the cruise ship crew. There are many types of jobs on the ship that you can do in exchange for a free meal, the ride, and room. If you have the skill, you can take this advantage and work on the cruise by entertaining the passengers. This type of job can be a short-term one.

10. Organize the tour trip

Ways to Travel for Free

The tour company usually gives incentives to those who organize trips for a group of people. The benefit that you get is the discount for yourself or if you are lucky, you can get to travel for free. The responsibilities that you have for this task are to gather the people to join the trip, decide where they are going and when they are leaving. This type of organizer is commonly known as a “Tour Leader”.


If traveling is the experience that you want to have, it is the time to look for the right way to get the trip you need. With these techniques above, we believe that you can get the chance to see the outside world for free; simply select the one that is most suitable for you, your needs and your situations best.

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