Top 10 Best White Dressers For Room In 2021 Review

A dresser is one of the things you need to organize your items. It can be used in many ways, including for baby’s and adult’s belonging storage, as well as for decoration. They might come with different designs and colors. However, everyone knows that white dresser fits best in most settings. If you think that finding the best white dressers is very challenging, you should not worry at all.

Our team has put in a lot of time and effort to bring the top 10 best white dressers in 2021. Therefore, you can now take all the time you have to pick the white dresser you think suitable to your needs and requirement.

List Of Top 10 Best White Dressers In 2021

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10. DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Dresser

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This one from Davinci is an elegant white low dresser to put in any nursery rooms.

It comes with 3 drawers that feature smooth gliding and metal handles. This product is perfectly handcrafted with pine wood. Therefore, it provides good durability in both short and long duration of usage. It is also built with an anti-tip mechanism to keep the best stability in storing heavy things.

Its 4 standing pegs are nicely made with sturdy and wide base to ensure a good balance. Finished in non-toxic plain white polish together with little style, Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Dresser helps to improve most room decors and backgrounds.

9. South Shore Furniture Litchi Dresser

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This product from South Shore is an extra-large dresser perfect for locating in a living room or a bedroom. It comes with double sides, which totally consist of 6 drawers. Each drawer features a dual nickel finished gliding handles that are highly resistant to fingerprints and discoloring. Thus, no matter how often you touch it, it remains new.

Made of laminated particle boards and highly polished with non-toxic white coating, this product always brings about contemporary looks and safety to your surrounding.

South Shore Litchi 6-Drawer Double Dresser also comes with rounded corner to keep you and your children away from incident injuries and sharped cuts.

8. South Shore Savannah 3-Drawer Dresser

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Up next, this is South Shore Savannah 3-Drawer Dresser with Door. This is one of many white unique dressers that look great in most settings, be it living room, bedroom, nursery room, or store. It is a dresser that comes with 3 drawers and a large door. This way, you have plenty of space for storing your stuff. Featuring wooden knobs on each drawer and door. This helps users to easily and quickly glide.

South Shore Savannah 3-Drawer Dresser with Door presents a classic country style that looks absolutely stunning. Thanks to its non-toxic coating, this dresser remains all right during time of usage. Moreover, the plain white coloring makes it looks fitable to most backgrounds.

7. South Shore Country Poetry Double Dresser

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Another top rating product from South Shore that comes next is a large Country Poetry 6-Drawer Double Dresser. Having this one in the kid’s room is very suitable for those parents who do not have enough time to think of different dresser dimensions. As this one is large, it sufficiently accommodates most of the kid’s essentials. Not only this, but it also comes with a lightweight features as it is made with eco-friendly particleboard.

South Shore Country Poetry 6-Drawer Double Dresser has built-in handle knobs that is nicely handcrafted with solid steels. Together with its smooth gliding mechanism, it helps users to pull the drawers in and out effortlessly.

6. DaVinci 4-Drawer Dresser

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A white lacquer dresser brings about both remarkable decoration and extraordinary using experience to users. These can be found in DaVinci 4-Drawer White Dresser. One of the most important things every parent think when looking for a dresser to place in their kid’s room is a non-toxic feature it provides. This product is nicely finished with white lacquer that is free from harm. Furthermore, it is also a product of New Zealand pine wood, so you can rest assured of its quality and durability.

As the drawers are designed and constructed in Jayden style, it offers a convenient and long-lasting storage experiences to every of its users. Coupled with ergonomic metal knobs, gliding every drawer of this dresser is no longer a big deal to both kids and adults.

5. Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser

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Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser is highly handcrafted with premium and durable materials. Therefore, it remains usable even when your little one grows up. It has 6 large drawers in total, which provides enough space for keeping your baby’s clothes, diapers, towels, and so on. Moreover, this product has every handle constructed from solid metal that ensures smooth and substantial holding within times.

The fluent gliding system of each drawer is highly built with a safe stop mechanism. Therefore, it always makes sure that users can use with higher safety and greater convenience.

4. Storkcraft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

Storkcraft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

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If you are searching for a shallow white dresser, Storkcraft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Dresser is the greatest choice. With 6 large drawers it offers, you can conveniently organize your baby’s essentials owing to their categories. Being constructed with hardwood, this one provides a long-lasting performance like forever. Similar to other previous products, it also has polished metal knobs attached to each drawer for a better opening.

Its metal gliding system roll in and out like a pro, which will never bring you frustration at all. Storkcraft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Dresser also has a plate and smooth surface for you to display any home furniture or photo frame as well.

3. Storkcraft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Dresser

Storkcraft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Dresser

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If you want to add another corner dresser for the bedroom, you can look at another product from Stork Craft. This Storkcraft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Dresser is very famous among users due to many good reasons. The first thing is about its spacious drawers. As each drawer is made very large and deep, it surely offers you just plenty of space to store different kinds of accessories. Coming with 5 drawers, it also provides you enough freedom to categorize your belonging for ease of finding.

Another incredible feature is its smooth euro-glide. As you can see in the picture, each drawer are equipped with a couple of knobs. Those are made of long lasting metal buttons to assist the movement of gliding.

2. South Shore Vito Collection Double Dresser

South Shore Vito Collection 6-Drawer

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A double dresser is also ideal to store in a nursery room or your kid’s bedroom. By having just this South Shore Vito Collection 6-Drawer Double Dresser, it would be enough for storing all kinds of baby’s products. Each drawer arrives with a large dimension, which means that you can have so much space to store things like clothes, towels, blanket, bedsheets, diaper, and other essentials. Divided into 6, users can easily divide different belongings to their own classification.

South Shore Vito Collection 6-Drawer Double Dresser display a very elegant look through its simple construction. Thus, it just blends pretty well to any kinds of room decors or background.

1. Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser

Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser

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Sauder Shoal Creek Soft White Dresser definitely deserves the first ranking as it carries most things the best dresser should have. Its soft white finish gives the most stunning look to every setting around home or store. Meanwhile, its contemporary construction lays in simplicity. The first four drawers come in small sizes. They serve as places to store little accessories of your children. At the same time, the middle and bottom drawers are large built-in space and taller height for larger item storage.

Apart from all of this, it also presents those metal-made handles coming with ergonomic features and modern styles. In addition to this, its free-flowing glide promotes greater opening and closing at its best.


While looking for any white dressers to place in any rooms, you might need to consider a few things for a satisfied purchasing. Getting white dressers might be the smartest choice as white color blends very well to other background colors and decorations. Thus, we absolutely believe that all of the white dressers we have highlighted above makes the best dressers for you in 2021.

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