Top 10 Best Bike Locks Review In 2021 – Buyers’ Guide

Some people’s habits might be riding a bike. Riding a bike can be a good activity to do for health improvement. Some people also ride a bike to somewhere far to release their stress and some people might ride a bike to their farm or somewhere that has no security parking lot. Hence, that leads to the need to take care of your bike from being stolen when you park it anywhere where there is no secure parking. That is why today we will introduce to you the must-have items for every bike rider such as the best bike locks and bike covers. Let’s have a look at these fantastic entries.

List Of Top 10 Best Bike Locks in 2021

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10. Durable Bike Lock by Via Velo

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If you are looking for a durable and secure bike lock, this type of Via Velo bike lock is a good one for your consideration. This bike lock is made very strong that can resist drilling because it is designed from very hard alloy steel. This bike lock is also inspired by modern technology in which it can be used with many forms of locking. The locker can be folded into 8 joints, which is convenient for the locking space.

You can use it to lock just one bike or many bikes together. It is very suitable for carrying along with you. By bringing this locker with you during your ride, it can help secure your bike from theft very well.

9. Heavy Duty Bike Lock by Sigtuna

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This is another brand of bike lock, Sigtuna. This lock can offer you its heavy-duty performance because it is made from strong steel and chain cable. The thickness and powerful lock will keep your bike safe so that you have no worry when riding it anywhere. This bike U-Lock will make thieves think twice before stealing. It is also equipped with accessories that you can also attach to your helmet and lock them together with your bike as well.

The locker’s size is about 9 inches and 5 inches. It is very good to bring this locker along for your protection because it has the double locking mechanism that makes it super strong.

8. U-Lock Bike Lock by Kryptonite

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Kryptonite is the name of a reputable brand that can provide you high-quality bike locks. For those looking for bike locks, you can check this brand. This type is also a U-Lock type that could deliver such a high standard and heavy-duty locking job. The size of this locking tool is about 13mm. It is strong and carefully made from hardened steel. It helps defend your bike or motorcycle from a leverage attack.

This locker has the rate of 6 out of 10 for security scale and it is also connected to an online program which allows you to get a key safe by just registering online.

7. Bike Lock Shackle by Via Velo

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In order to protect our vehicles from those handfuls of thieves, we will take you to look at the Via Velo Bike Lock, which is a choice that you should consider. For this type of locker, it is a U Lock style that is designed with a 1.8m cable. It is locked with a 14mm shackle. This locker can be used under any circumstance and weather. It would show its safety performance from its capability to get locked and cannot be easily unlocked.

It is very simple to install to the bike and get it locked. This is suitable for any bike tube of 20- 42 mm. Its weight is only 1.5 kilograms which is good to bring along with you anywhere.

6. Foldable Bike Lock by Zukka

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Let’s take a look at another brand of bike lock, which is the Zukka brand. This one is a foldable locking type which is super cool and convenient for every bike rider. This material of this locker is Alloy Steel. It is made with a 6 steel link and has the ultra-locking power against stealing. Every part of this locking is made carefully and even covered with rubber paint to avoid scratches on your bike frame.

The locking cylinder also resists drilling. Moreover, it is very simple to carry along because it can be folded, it is quite small, so it saves your space. Zukka’s lock size is about 8 inches and 2.5 inches. Not only do you get the locker, but you will also get its full accessories for the installation job and storing.

5. Lightweight & Foldable Bike Lock by Seatylock


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We know that sometimes people might have trouble when they are going to have exercise in the early morning with their bike but they don’t have anything to take care of their bike. So, Seatylock will help you to take care of your bike perfectly. It is very compatible to use as it is foldable and it is made up of six joints that allow you to fold it to a smaller size.

This heavy-duty lock is like a chain steel bar which its size is about 85 centimeters. Its weight is about 2.2 pounds. This chain lock can secure your bike very well as it has the anti-drilling ability. Upon the purchase of this lock, you will also get other extra accessories which you can use to install or for storage purpose.

4. U-Shape Bike Lock by Lumintrail

 Lumintrail 18mm

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Let’s move on to another brand of bike locks. This is a Lumintrail brand. It is a U Lock type, which is very cool for locking your bike when you are parking them at anywhere without having the security to look over. It is created to be a heavy-duty type of bike lock that can ensure your bike from stealing and from being attacked by thieves.

This is designed in the 18mm of high-quality steel shackle that resists cutting attempt or jacking. It is also equipped with the keyless ability by setting the 5 digits password number. In addition to this, there is also a security cable that is provided for extra protection and it is made from a thick braided size 7 ft and 12mm. Thus, it helps add an extra security level of locking as well.

3. Hardened Steel Bike Lock by Kryptonite

Kryptonite New York

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This is another model from the Kryptonite brand that is also a bike lock tool that you can consider buying for your bike as well. It also provides a high-quality locking system that can prevent your bike and other vehicles from getting stolen. This bike lock is in the U Lock style that is made with a 16mm hardened steel shackle, which ensures the best quality from attack.

Its locking dimension is about 10 inches in length and 4 inches in width. The weight of this bike lock is about 2.2 kilograms. The rating of this lock is about 9 out of 10 in security rate.

2. Sturdy Bike Lock by Dinoka

DINOKA Bike U Lock

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Dinoka is a shackle type of bike lock that can help you lock your bike from theft when you are away from it for doing some exercise in the morning. This sturdy bike lock is designed from a 16mm security cable along with the strong steel shackle that has the ability to stand strong against theft attacks.

The cable and the shackle lock together can withstand just about any type of stealing. It helps secure your bike by a lot of means. Normally, you can lock it at your front or back wheel and attach it to the bike frame.

1. Combination Bike Lock by Willceal

Willceal Bike Lock

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Last but not least, we have another model of bike lock from Willceal, which is a cable chain lock that is covered with a silica layer that can protect your bike frame from scratch. As inspired by modern technology, this bike lock uses passcode to unlock and lock. It has the 5 digits locking options.

This locking tool is very convenient to carry along as it is not really big since you can fold small. What is special is that it has a 12-month warranty on its quality as well.

Buying Guide for Bike Locks

There are some criteria that you should look into when buying a bike lock so that you will get the right bike lock for your purpose. Below is a short bike lock buying guide.

Material chosen:

First thing first, you have to look at the material of the bike lock. It is a locking tool, so you have to be sure that the material is strong enough that can face any circumstance or weather without it getting damaged easily. Mostly, as we can see, bike locks are made from strong or hardened steel, with a shackle and cable as attached.


The size of bike lock is an also important aspect to consider. You have to choose the right one with an appropriate size. For example, let’s say no more than 10 inches big. If the bike lock is at a smaller size, you can easily carry it along or place them just about anywhere.

Locking System:

For this point, it is always good to check how the locking system of your bike lock works. Mostly, bike locks come in three forms, such as Chain lock, D-Lock and Cable lock, which serve different purposes and different types of vehicles. Moreover, some bike locks can be locked with password and some can be done with physical keys.


The weight of the bike lock should also be considered as well because it can affect how you carry and place the unit. If you choose any type that is made very heavy, that will be annoying for carrying and also difficult for you to make use of them. For example, let’s say 1 to 2 kilograms should be the best option for a good, convenient bike lock.

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