Top 9 Best Bread Slicers Review & Buying Guide In 2021

Are you having a hard time in your kitchen baking pastries? Well, I’m sure most of you do, if your house loves to bake or you are owning a bakery. When it comes to cutting loaves of bread by using a knife, the most annoying part is that each slice of the bread isn’t evenly cut. It is time-consuming and also the bread is not in shape. That’s why we are here to give a review on bread slicers. It is a kitchen gadget that is designed to cut the baked bread nice and even while saving your time. This review of the best bread slicers will be different from one another by the product’s own special features.

List Of The Top 9 Best Bread Slicers In 2021

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9. Bread Slicer With Crumb Drainer by Kitchen Naturals

Premium Bamboo

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First of all, let me just talk about the crumbs. We all are annoyed by the fact of spending a lot of time baking, and still have to clean it up after slicing. Don’t worry, it won’t bother you anymore, Kitchen Naturals provides crumbs drainer to catch all of the crumbs store it one place. Also, just like its name, Kitchen Naturals’ main made material is natural bamboo that doesn’t harm you when you are consuming.

The bamboo is well-polished and also it stands for superb durability. On top of that, this bread slicer allows you to customize your desired thickness of the slice and this bread slicer is so foldable, so it eases you even more by saving your space storage. Moreover, it comes with a knife and a case to let you store it back when you are done using it. There is a guarantee available for this product and it is perfect for everyday usage.

8. Natural Bamboo Bread Slicer by Magigo

MAGIGO Nature Bamboo

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Magigo doesn’t have any much difference from Kitchen Naturals, they look almost the same and with the same features. Magigo is made out of durable bamboo, that is designed for lifetime usage and it comes in fader color than Kitchen Naturals. It provides the bread crumbs catcher that can act as a serving tray to relief your way of cleaning up. It comes in 3 different thickness adjustments that allow you to customize your own slices. Moreover, it comes in with a bread kit that provides 20 bread bags, mini ties and one bread slicer.

7. Foldable Bread Slicer by Bamboo Panda

 Bamboo Bread Slicer

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Bamboo Panda, by just hearing its name, we absolutely know that this equipment is made out of bamboo that is well-polished, durable and classic at the same time. Just like the previous 2, it is foldable, easy to put in together in a piece and it is easy to store. Additionally, the bread slicer offers the user to decide on the thickness of each slice in 3 different thicknesses.

It ensures that you receive a nice and clean cut by its stable bamboo pieces along the side. Moreover, they are providing you a lifetime warranty and refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product and it comes with 2 bonus gifts, a cutting board and recipes for homemade pastry recipes.

6. Bread Slicer With Adjustable Thickness by Procella Tech

 Bamboo Bread Slicer

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There are seemingly many choices available for you if you are seeking for a bread slicer that is made out of bamboo. Procella Tech comes in 2 colors for you to choose, a fader color and a dark one. This bread slicer is also foldable up to 270 degrees and there is also a crumb catcher that can be served as a tray to relieve your way in cleaning the minor mess in your kitchen.

There 3 ways available for you to adjust your desired thickness on each slice. Not to mention that each side of the bamboo piece is tough and durable that could hold your bread in one place, ensuring that you receive a nice and clean cut with no roughs. Moreover, it is easy to store and it comes with a bread kit that includes 100 bread bags, 100 ties and a bread slicer.

5. Compact & Foldable Bread Slicer by Swacole Bamboo

Swacole Bamboo Bread

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Swacole Bamboo provides a sleek and well-polished bamboo made design that satisfies me a lot. It is seemingly smooth and neat. There 3 different adjustments for you to customize your own thickness of the bread slice and also, there is a crumb catcher available for this bread slicer.

Additionally, it is foldable and it is easy to store, which is really space-saving. This bread slicer is suitable for daily usage, especially for a homemade pastry. I just realized that Swacole offers a lower price than the previous ones and quality is almost the same.

4. Sturdy & Durable Bread Slicer by Deppon

Deppon Bamboo

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Deppon is another bread slicer that its main made material, wooden bamboo that is designed to be tough, sturdy and durable at the same time. Unlike most of the bread slicer, Deppon provides adjustments for the user to customize the spacing size to insert in different sizes of pieces of bread as well. Not to mention that Deppon doesn’t provide any knife storage to put on the bread slicer, but I don’t think that is the end of the world since it is already great.

On top of that, there are so many buyers praising about how easy it is to store, clean and use, by its high-quality materials combined together. Just like the others, it comes with 3 adjustable thickness that allows you to cut your own wanted slice. Moreover, there is a 1year warranty provided for this bread slicer and also a refund within the period, if there is any dissatisfaction occurs.

3. Electric Bread Slicer by Chefman Die-Cast

Chefman Die-Cast

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This is where the machine is getting more advanced. By saying the word advanced, I’m referring to its performances since it is run by the motor that needs electricity rather than the manual. Chefman doesn’t provide specifically for the bread slicing. It also works for meat, vegetables, mozzarella cheese, fruits and other cuttable ingredients to make your delicious recipes. It comes in a thoughtful design that fits in the cabinet perfectly, due to its size.

Moreover, the serrated knife that comes in the machine is removable, stainless and it allows you to wash it after using it. The whole machine material is made out of stainless steel brushed with a matte black texture and sturdy steel support for extra durability. It allows you to customize your desired thickness by just adjusting a loop that is attached to the numbers. Chefman provides a one-year warranty and also 500 meals recipes for special events along with a cookbook as well.

2. Stainless Steel Manual Bread Slicer by Fshopping

 Fshopping foldable

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Fshopping is another manual bread slicer that comes with different main made materials that are stainless steel, instead of bamboo. The design is compact and it is brushed with the shiny red color that is seemingly sassy and also sleek. Instead of just buying the machine for just bread. Fshopping is also suitable for cutting ham, roasted chicken and cheese too. There is a crumb drainer provided in this equipment and unlike wooden or bamboo materials, this is easier to clean by just using water or soft cloth.

There are many gaps available in this Fshopping that allows you to customize your desired thickness as well. This equipment is foldable by just unlocking the button and fold it to the correct side and lock it back when you’re done folding it into one piece. Fshipping comes with a bread slicer and a manual for extra guidance.

1. Space Saving Bread Slicer by Amyhome

Bread Slicer Toast Slicer

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Last but not least, is the plain and simple bread slicer that comes with a cute design and bright white color. This is perfect for those who are seeking for only the simple bread slicer and small space storage. It is smaller than most of the slicers, but its features are almost the same comparing to the previous ones. It is made out of a tough plastic that is heat resistant and doesn’t harm you with the dangerous chemicals.

Amyhome is providing a space-saving design that allows this equipment to be foldable and there are 4 different adjustments available for you to vary your desired thickness. I can say this is the cheapest bread slicer I’ve ever reviewed so far, so I think that its features are above the price that is on sale.

Bonus – Bamboo Cheese Board Set With Slide-Out Drawer

Bamboo Cheese Board Set With Slide-Out Drawer

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By: Dynamic Gear

With design from 100% bamboo, this cheese board is both durable and versatile, which is ideal for long term use. At the same time, it comes with just the perfect size for multiple items on a single serving. This charcuterie board features the groomed serving rim that makes it easy to hold crackers, bread, and more. On top of that, it is big enough to hold all different types of cheese and grapes as well. Not to mention its classic and neat design, this is an ideal board for pretty much any occasion.

That is not, it also comes with a cutlery set inside the slide-out drawer as well. The cutlery includes premium cutting knives that fit perfectly inside the drawer for convenient and elegant use. It is unique and classic, and it makes an awesome choice to choose from. Plus, with its superior craftsmanship, this cheese board is super durable and tough for long term use. Also, it makes a great gift idea as well in case you want to have it as one. This cheese board comes with everything from quality to class, so let’s see if you like it.

In Summary:
  • 100% bamboo design
  • Classic and elegant design
  • Easy and fast to wipe clean
  • Grooved design for large space
  • Durable and long lasting quality


Having bread slicers at home is quite useful if your house loves homemade pastry. It saves you lots of time, space saving and also you receive a nice and even cut at every slice of your food. Not to mention that, all of the products above are easy to clean, foldable and also easy to use. They aren’t just for bread slicing but they are also perfect for the pork, roasted chicken and cheese too. So, I’m sure that grabbing one of those won’t be disappointment at all.

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  1. Buying Guide Bread Slicers

    Since there are so many requests on including a buying guide to every kind of products we are reviewing. This buying guide offers an extra help for a better decision making on bread slicers.

    Materials: It is crucial to choose your desired materials. Whether it is bamboo, plastic, or steel, the choice is all yours. If you are seeking for a daily usage, bamboo bread slicers are the best.

    Manual or Electric: It actually depends on your choice, but the electronic bread slicers are highly recommended for those who are owning small bakeries or professional users.

    Crumbs Catcher: It is a “must” find for you to seek for bread slicers that come with the crumbs catcher so that your kitchen is not messed up by those annoying crumbs.

    Foldable: It is recommended to find a foldable one for space saving purpose.


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