Top 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides For Backyard In 2021

If you want your kids to have fun outdoors, but you don’t feel like going out, why not consider getting something fun for you kids like a water slide for your backyard or pool? If this item is also on your mind right now, let us help make your shopping hassle-free. In this article, we will narrow down the top choices in today’s market. Here’s a look at the top 10 best inflatable water slides you can deck at your home with ease.


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10. Inflatable Backyard Water Slides by MAGIC UNION

Magic Time Mega

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This first inflatable slide that you should consider is perfect for using outdoor. With Magic Union, you can increase the slide speed by extending the splash pool. In terms of quality, this product is built to last. The material used for constructing this product is woven PVC, more than this, the seams are double stitched too.

This user-friendly product will only need 2 minutes to be inflated. The maximum weight that this inflatable slide can support is up to 240 pounds. It is highly recommended for children 5 years old and older.

9. Water Slide With Basketball Hoop by BANZAI

 BANZAI Big Blast

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The next to-buy water slide that can help you create a recreational pool for your kid is this BANZAI Big Blast Water Park. This slide is perfect for sliding and slashing in the medium and large pools. More than this, your kids can enjoy the basketball hoop challenge offered as well.

You can challenge and have fun with your friends when you install this big blast water park for your pool. The total size of this product when it is inflated is 175 x 114 x 95 inches. If you are new to this product, rest assured knowing that the slide is extremely safe to use.

The materials used for making it are very durable; therefore, you can have fun with peace of mind. Get yours, unbox it, and wait for 2 minutes before it gets fully inflated.

8. Durable Water Slide by Doctor Dolphin

Doctor Dolphin Inflatable

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The Doctor Dolphin water slide is another pick you should not miss. First of all, this bouncy slide is thoroughly constructed from the high-quality 429D nylon. For making it more durable, we have spotted that PVC tarpaulin is used too. You can have the fun with the slide comfortably as the edge is double sewn to withstand maximum weight.

For your information, the unit is perfect for supporting up to 300 lbs. This one is very easy to install; an air blower is given in the package, this way you can inflate and use it in just 3 minutes. And, it will stay inflated the whole time it is being used. The total size of the unit is 156 x 117.6 x 90 inches, yet you can deflate it back for easy storage.

7. Versatile Water Slide by Intex

 Intex Surf

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Let’s hear more from another top-rated water slide which is one of Intex products. First of all, this inflatable play center is smartly designed for kids. For attracting kids even more, it comes as the shark design. This way the little friends can slide with more excitement. Both the size and capacity of this slide is highly recommended for the kids from 6 years old and older only.

This well designed product carries the total size of 181 x 66 x 62 inches. When you order it, you will also get 2 surf riders for free too. Each one is attached with the handle; therefore, the kids can slide around safely. Lastly, the maximum weight that it can support is 178 lbs.

6. Large Water Slide Station by Costzon

Costzon Inflatable

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If you want to offer your kids more fun at the pool party, we are here to give you the inflatable bounce house from Costzon. The first incredible feature that makes it standouts from other competitive products is the quality of it. This slide is thoroughly produced from high-quality materials such as 840D and 420D Oxford. As a great result, you will also get the premium-quality product too.

With the total size up to 189 x 165.5 x 92 inches, it provides many play areas for the kids. The kids can enjoy the slide, splash pool, basketball rim and a lounger. It is suitable for kids from 3 to 10 years old. Plus, rest assured that the kids can enjoy jumping and playing as this inflatable bouncer will stay firm and stable all the time. The maximum weight that it can hold is 350lbs.

5. Supportive Water Slide by BOUNTECH

BOUNTECH Inflatable

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For those who are searching for a great inflatable bounce house for kids, this one is another highly recommended option. There are 2 slides designed in this product, so you the kids can have fun with the water. The maximum weight that this water slide can support is up to 116 lbs.

This one is suitable for kids from 3 to 10 years old. With only this product, your kids will sure to enjoy the slide, basketball rim, slash pool and more. The materials used for constructing this product is known to be the high-quality one since it is made from Oxford material.

The mesh wall is attached, so the kids can play safely. The size of this product after it is fully inflated is 157.5 x 142 x 100.5 inches. Lastly, you will get repair patches in the package too.

4. Durable Inflatable Water Slide by WELLFUNTIME


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Here Is a product from WELLFUNTIME, and it is the perfect inflatable water slide for your pool. It is a durable product that is constructed to have up to 2 slide climbing walls. It is perfect if you have many kids in the house and want them to experience the excitement by the pool. You can also combine many games and activities together.

The maximum weight that this affordable water slide can support is up to 350 lbs; this way, it is even sturdier than many other products too. The total dimension of this incredible product is 165 x 165 x 90.5 inches.

To inflate it, you will only need a few minutes only if you use the electric air blower. After using it, you can fold it back into the small size and store it with ease. On top of providing the superb quality, a reliable warranty is given as well.

3. Slam ‘n Curve Water Slide by Little Tikes

Little Tikes Slam

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With the total measurement of 168 x 108 x 84 inches, this Slam ‘n Curve Slide by Little Tikes offers adequate space for you and the kids to have fun. This one is the slippery and challenging inflatable slide, so the kid will be sure to enjoy it even more. For ensuring the safety of the kids, this slide is designed to have no hidden area. As a great result, the parents can easily keep the kid in check all the time.

The material used for constructing this product is very durable too. You don’t need to worry about the tear and wear even when you are using it for along time. A blower is given in the package as well. Another great point about this one is, it will keep the slide firm and sturdy the whole time. Lastly, the maximum weight that the slide can support is 350 lbs.

2. Heavy Duty Inflatable Water Slide by ACTION AIR

ACTION AIR Inflatable

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ACTION AIR inflatable waterslide is produced from heavy-duty materials, so the concern over leakages will be eliminated. The weight capacity that this product can support is up to 200 lbs, so that makes it the right choice for accommodating up to 4 children. Better than other products, this one has the high slide that gives even more fun to the kids. If you are new to this product, let us ensure you that there is nothing to worry about.

Just give it 3 minutes to fully inflate. For the user’s added convenience, the package of this slide comes with useful repair patches.

1. Water Slide & Bouncer by Little Tikes

Little Tikes Rocky

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At first glance, we believe that both you and your kids will sure to love this pick. First of all, this product is the Little Tikes slide bouncer. There are up to 2 slides attached to this bouncer, making it even more fun when you have many kids. The splash pool is included too. This way, you can place this slide bouncer at the backyard without any pool.

For making things more fun and exciting, this one offers many surprises to the kids. The total size of it is 161 x 169 x 103 inches when it is inflated. What’s more, with the weight limit of up to 350 Lbs, the number of children that it can support is 4 at a time.

Buying Guides


The first thing to think of when buying inflatable water slides is the size of the unit. Since the slide is produced for accommodating kids, you need to make sure that the slide is comfortable enough for the small kids to slide into the water. More than this, the step and curve play a role is assisting the kids to climb up too. The size that we recommend should be about adult height. This way, you can oversee their activities as well as place your kids on top.


Equally important, you need to pay much attention to the quality of the inflatable water slides. The materials used for constructing it will later determine the durability of it. Therefore, only the premium-quality PVC is recommended.

Before making the purchase, do make sure to look for the one that resists tear, wear and puncture. On top of that, it is also a wise choice to buy a product that comes with free punctures.


We know that the main purpose of choosing inflatable water slides is to place next to the pool; however, there are many types of products that can offer you more than that. During a hot summer day, you can inflate this bouncer instantly and allow the kids to have fun with the water. If you don’t own a pool in your house, you can also choose the water slide has its own small pool. With that, you will also have a mini pool to chill in your own backyard.

Capacity and age range

Last but not least, for ensuring the safety of the children, it is important for parents to check this point in advance. Each product has its own weight limit, so it is a must to check it out if you plan to have a few kids jumping on it. Plus, for most inflatable water slides, the suitable ages of the kids should be 3 years old and above.


Having sifted through these top 10 products, we bet that you already have some ideas about what you like to get for your kids. Since the products vary one another as of size and capacity, you can compare wisely before making a purchase. Up next, let us present to you a short buying guide our team has curated for you as well.

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