Top 10 Best Kick Scooters For Adults – Review & Buyers’ Guide

Although there are countless sophisticated inventions and innovations in terms of vehicle types in the present day, scooters are still popular among adult’s generation. Among them, is the kick scooters. There are so many reasons why kick scooters are still everyone’s favorites. Those points include the fact that kick scooters are really environment and pocket’s friendly as you don’t need any energy to operate it. Moreover, it’s very small and portable. That’s why we recommend getting the best kick scooter for adults.

You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the traffic jam like most of the vehicles would encounter on the street every day. For anyone who is still looking to get a kick scooter, we have your back. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best kick scooters for adult out there. Keep reading to find out what are all the brands you should opt for.

List Of Top 10 Best Kick Scooter For Adult Reviews

10. Adult Kick Scooter by Fast 88

Adult Scooter

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First one in the list, here at the top 10th, we have this premium looked kick scooter from Fast 88. With the frame constructed with lightweight aluminum, this scooter is not only sturdy and durable, yet it is super portable and flexible, too. It can load up to 220 pounds, so anyone from teens to adults is free to use it. Fast 88 kick scooter is designed with an oversized wheel in order to make sure that it goes smoothly over any terrain.

Moreover, it’s also foldable; by simply following a 3-second easy folding step. Hence, it’s easy to store or bring along when not in use. Fast 88 also comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy with the problem, Fast 88 team are waiting to support you in any circumstance.

9. Heavy Duty Kick Scooter by XOOTR


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Moving on to the top 9th, we have another human-powered kick scooter from XOOTR. One of the most special things about this scooter compares to others in the market is that it can amazingly load up to 800 lbs, which is perfect for any size of adults. Moreover, it is even designed with a wider and longer platform that can accommodate an adult’s feet. Although it can stand such heavyweight, its polyurethane wheels still perform perfectly well on any type of terrain.

This scooter is also designed with a compact folded configuration that allows you to stowed as you are walking to the bus, train or even classroom. Last but not least, this soon-to-be 2 decades-old brand also offers a limited lifetime warranty on its scooter, so you can definitely shop with confidence.

8. Lightweight Kick Scooter by HUDORA

HUDORA 205 Adult

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Another high quality kick scooter in the list belongs to HUDORA. What makes this top 8 scooter uniquely interesting is that it’s made of super lightweight aluminum that weighs only 4kg, yet it’s unbeatable when it comes to being strong, durable and rust-resistant. Not only that, but HUDORA is also easy to be folded, so you can always bring it anywhere you go. This kick scooter comes with big PU wheels that are designed to protect your movement against any bumps or vibrations as you ride on the unsmooth terrain.

In terms of weight capacity, HUDORA can support up to 100kg, so anyone from teen to adults can ride it. Finally, HUDORA also provides a 1-year warranty when you purchase its scooter, so if you have any problem within the period, you can always get the best support from the team.

7. Foldable & Portable Kick Scooter by streakboard

streakboard Kick

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On the top 7th, we have another portable and high quality kick scooter for adult, which is form streakboard. With the frame made from aluminum and low noise big wheel, streakboard kick scooters are ready to rock the street with you. Measured at only 5.5kg in terms of weight, this scooter can load up to 220 pounds, which is perfect for most of the adults. Streakboard always focuses on building comfort and fun for its users.

As for this scooter, it’s also designed with an aluminum footplate that ensures a non-slip surface, so you can have your feet stay firmly as you are speeding. Similar to other brands, this scooter is super easy to fold, too. Hence, you won’t find it hard to bring along as you go to school, office, or even hang out with your friends. What’s also special about this is that it has the handlebar that’s adjustable, too. Hence, you can tailor it too fits with your height; for your absolute comfort.

6. Durable Adult Kick Scooter by Razor A5

 Razor A5 LUX

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Another special kick scooter for adults on the top 6th belongs to Razor; modeled A5. Though it is designed for adults, any kids whose age above 8 year-olds is also safe to ride it. This scooter can stand the capacity load of up to 220 lbs. Razor is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum on the T-tube and deck, so it’s super durable to use. Moreover, it is featured with big urethane wheels, which are known to stabilize the movement against any type of surface.

On top of this, the scooter is also featured with a rear fender brake and an adjustable handlebar, where you can custom it to fit your figure ergonomically. Razor scooter is foldable and portable, too. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if it’s troublesome to own one.

5. Premium Quality Kick Scooter by Fuzion

FUZION Cityglide

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At the top 5th in the list, there’s a premium quality kick scooter for adults, which is from Fuzion. What makes Fuzion special compares to other scooters in the market is that it comes with a hand brand and large rear brake that you can use for safe stopping. It’s a lot greater than the scooter has the brake compares to when it’s not because at least you don’t have to use your feet to try to stop the movement.

Besides, Fuzion also comes with a high-speed oversized wheel that is best for traction and smoothness, especially if you usually go across uneven terrain. Similar to most of the adult kick scooters in the list, Fuzion can support up to 220 pounds. As long as folding it is concerned, Fuzion is equipped with an innovative folding system that allows you to easily fold the scooter for better storage or transportation. Last but not least, the handlebar’s height of this scooter is also adjustable, so you can simply set it to fit your desire.

4. Dual Shock Absorbing Kick Scooter by WeSkate

 WeSkate Scooter

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Moving on to the top 4th, here we have another easy folding kick scooter from WeSkate. A great point about WeSkate is that it has a dual shock-absorbing system that works on both front and rear suspensions. Similar to most of the scooters out there, WeSkate can accommodate up to 220 lbs rider with ease. In terms of the handlebar, you can also adjust it with 3 different levels, depending on each user.

To make sure that your ride will remain balance and stable regardless of what terrain you are going on, WeSkate uses 200mm PU material on its wheels, so you will also find comfort when riding on it. Last but not least, this compact size kick scooter also comes with a rear fender brake that allows you to stop the scooter safely. Such functionalities can be found with WeSkate.

3. High Quality Kick Scooter by Razor A6

Razor A6 Kick Scooter

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Next one, here we are at the top 3rd with the famous kick scooter again, which is Razor. What makes Razor A6 in the top 3rd better than the unbeatable A5 at the top 6 is the fact that Razor 6 is accustomed for tall riders because it is featured with the tallest handlebars; measured at 42”. Moreover, Razor A6 also comes with an extra-long deck in order to give more room to the rider’s foot.

On top of these, Razor A6 use super large 10” urethane wheels that are known for its ultra-durability, so you will have the best experience riding with this kick scooter anywhere you are going. Similar to the previous brand, Razor kick scooter is made with a rear-fender brake so you can have an easy and safe stop whenever you want to.

So, if you are tall, your age is more than 8 year-olds and your weight doesn’t exceed 220 lbs, Razor A6 is the best option you should go for.

2. Flexible Street Kick Scooter by Swagtron

Swagtron K8 Titan

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Here we are now at the top 2 that the spot belongs to a product of Swagtron. Swagtron has been the famous kick scooter and is trusted by many riders all over the world. Such quality can be found with its sleek design that allows unbeatable performance; compares to most kick scooters in the market. In particular, Swagtron K8 is super flexible on the street as it has ABEC-9 Wheel Bearings that can conquer any type of ground surface.

Moreover, it’s strong enough to load up to 220 lbs in terms of rider’s weight, so it’s perfect for almost every adult. Swagtron K8 is also easy to use for anyone with a busy lifestyle, as it’s very simple to fold and lock the scooter when you don’t use it. This kick scooter is super lightweight, too. It’s measured at only 10 pounds, which is a lot lighter than most of the scooters in the market. Last but not least, this kick scooter also offers a 1-year limited warranty, so you can shop confidently with Swagtron.

1. Lightweight & Durable Kick Scooter by Hikole

Hikole Scooter

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Finally, moving on to the top one, which is the best of the best brand in terms of kick scooters for adults. It belongs to Hikole. No matter if you are looking for a scooter to commute or to use during your leisure time, Hikole can be all of them. Having high-level aluminum alloy as the frame material, this kick scooter is not only lightweight, but it’s also sturdy and durable.

Since the scooter comes with 2 ultra-large wheels, Hikole can go smoothly on any type of terrain. It goes without causing imbalance or uncontrollable vibration to riders at all. On top of these, Hikole also possesses an anti-rust foot rear brake pedal. It allows you to use to stop the scooter in any emergent situation without causing any trouble.

Another highly flexible thing about Hikole is that you can easily fold it in just 3 seconds. So you can simply fold it to carry into the train or bus as you commute. In terms of load capacity, Hikole can support up to 220 lbs. So, if you are looking for the best kick scooter, you should look for Hikole.


To conclude, if you are looking to buy the kick scooters for adults, we strongly recommended that you read the article to find out more. With all information that you need to know about kick scooters for adults, you will surely find the best ones.

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  1. Buying Guide: Kick Scooters For Adults

    When it comes to buying kick scooters for adults, there are a few tips to know. First of all, it is absolutely important that you check the loading capacity before purchasing. It’s common that most kick scooters for adults can support up to 220lbs. If your weight is greater than this, especially, it’s worth checking more to find any scooter that can load weight than that. For example, in the list above, we have our incredible quality kick scooter at the top 9 that can support up to 800lbs. Therefore, if you are thick, scooters from XOOTR are definitely what should look for.

    Besides, another point to carefully look at is the height of the handlebars of your kick scooters for adults. It is essential in a way that it should ergonomically match your body height. Otherwise, you will find your back or shoulder aching as you try to adjust your body to the handlebars. The good news about this is a lot of kick scooters for adults come with height adjustments which you can set to fit you. However, although it is so, if you are taller or shorter, making sure that the handlebars adjustments would work for you is quite handy in the case.


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