Top 10 Best Ottoman Poufs In 2021 — Review & Guides

Ottoman Poufs are the one thing that your house needs to have. You may use it for your feet to rest on while reading your novel book after a long day. You can use it for an extra seat during a party or movie and many more to be ready for surprising guests. Its versatility is why it is wanted by everyone. It also makes your living space looks artsier and nostalgia. However, choosing the best ottoman poufs for your house can be a hard task to achieve due to there are different types, styles and texture. No worry anymore because we have conducted a list of top 10 best ottoman poufs for you and your family to choose from.

List Of Top 10 Best Ottoman Poufs

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10. Ottoman Pouf by Signature Design by Ashley

Ashley Furniture

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This is a very unique looking ottoman pouf because it is a squared shape with diamonds patterns fringe all over it. Also, it would fit your house really well if your house has a cool style or modern style because this particular pouf would elevate any cool style place to a next level.

It is an Adelphine wool pouf which made to be very comfortable to sit. It has a natural and gray color and its dimension is 16” W x 16” D x 16” H which is compact enough to put in kids’ room or any small spaces.



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This is a charcoal grey hand-knitted textured cotton pouf with braid cord stitched that can be served as seating, lounger/footrest, or a living room decoration. It is suitable in a large living area.

Plus, it even makes an attractive conversation piece in a nook or a corner. The dimensions of this pouf are diameter-20 x height-14 inches which is small to put anywhere you want without getting in your way. It is lightweight and fit anywhere.

8. Leather Ottoman Pouf by ArtOuarzazate

Set of 2 Amazing Moroccan

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This is a set of 2 Moroccan leather poufs with light tan color. It is genuinely handmade with highest quality from Morocco and the leather panels are supported with a special inner layer that gives it more support and helps it maintains its round shape once filled. You can put this Moroccan pouf anywhere you want to add an artistic and exotic touch to your home.

It gives your room a touch of style with Marrakech Moroccan pouf ottoman. If you don’t like tan color, you can also choose other color as well because you can customize with different colors you prefer.

7. Versatile Ottoman Pouf by Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products

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This is a 11 inches round pouf ottoman which is very versatile and can be paired with a chair in your living room and more. It is also very easy to clean and you can easily throw the linen cover in the washing machine. Moreover, it is conveniently crafted with durable and sturdy legs to ensure a balanced footrest.

It is also very compact and lightweight allowing you to effortlessly store in compact spaces when not in use.

6. Mini Ottoman Pouf by Cotton Craft

Cotton Craft

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This is a 20 inches x 14 inches hand kitted ottoman pouf from COTTON CRAFT. It is crafted with high standard quality at the lowest cost and promise to provide you the best seating experience.

However, this is not fire-proof so care should be exercised near open flames or with burning cigarettes. Most importantly, it comes it a wide range of styles and colors for you to choose and fit in any color scheme you already have.

5. Vintage Ottoman Pouf by Signature Design by Ashley

Ashley Furniture

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This is a very unique pouf because of its design and traditional ottoman which provide sensationally stylish, cozy and versatile feeling. Moreover, it is stuffed with EPS bead filling and wrapped in a cozy, textured cotton with neatly humped blended cover with a convenient zipper closure for takeoff to clean. The best care that you can offer to this ottoman is spot cleaning only.

On top of that, it has an earth tone palette which gives any room warm hues of brown and beige mixed with tones of blues and it would blend perfectly with any décor you already have. The dimension is 16” W x 16” D x 16” H which is great to fit in small rooms.

4. Knitted Ottoman Pouf by BIRDROCK HOME

BirdRock Home Round Pouf

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This is a knitted bean bag floor chair with cotton braided cord from BIRDROCK Home which is designed with lightweight cotton and bean bag filling to make the pouf easy to move around yet sturdy and comfortable enough for sitting. Moreover, the dimensions is 20” diameter x 15” H which is perfect for small areas. It acts as a comfortable footstool that can be added to you couch or chair to make them even more comfortable without getting in the way.

Last but not least, this is hand knitted by skilled knitter which gives you the best quality ottoman pouf. With its compact size, it is perfect for your kids because they can lounge around while watching TV and playing games when friends come over.

3. Leather Ottoman Pouf by Rotot

Rotot Unstuffed Pouf

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This is a tough and durable ottoman pouf from Rotot which is made with high quality PU leather. Retot pouf is designed to hold up to 220 lbs. Moreover, it delivers outstanding comfort and withstand everyday uses. With the #10 zipper teeth, it is very easy to open and close and it is also durable. Most importantly, the Rotot ottoman dimension is approximately 24.2” diameter and 13.76” high which is compact enough to put anywhere. With the weight of 1.23 lbs, it is extremely lightweight and portable so you can maneuver this pretty easily.

Last but not least, Retot pouf uses synthetic leather which is eco-friendly and recyclable. This is the perfect way to go green. Plus, it is multi-purpose because it can be an extra seating, coffee table, foot stool for your couch or home decoration because it is also a great way to add style and personality to your space.

2. Hand-Stitched Ottoman Pouf by Kenzella Wares

Kenzella Wares Premium

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This is a premium tobacco pouf from Kenzella Wares. This amazing pouf is made with hand-stitched work of arts which makes it very durable and it would last you very long time. Moreover, it is not stuffed so you can use polyester or cotton fiber filling or any used clothe to stuff this yourself. The measurements are approximately 20” diameter and 8” high when filled which is small and compact to fit in any room you want yet comfortable enough for you to sit.

1. Leather Ottoman Pouf by RISEON

RISEON Boho Handmade

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This is a handmade faux leather Moroccan pouf from RISEON. It is made with PU Leather which would smells a little bit but you just need to air it out for a while and the smell will be gone. Plus, it is delivered unstuffed so you would need to use polyester or cotton fiber to fill in. Moreover, it is very versatile. Not only it would act like a decoration piece in the corner of your room to add distinctive pattern but it can act as a seating stool or footstool for comfortable seating.

On top of that, the measurements are 23” diameter x 11” high wheel filled which is compact and easy for you to put it anywhere without have to worry about it being in your way.

1 thought on “Top 10 Best Ottoman Poufs In 2021 — Review & Guides”

  1. Buying Guide For Ottoman Poufs

    If your house does not have an ottoman pouf, you are missing something incredible. Due to its versatility, it can be used as a footstool for your couch to make it more comfortable or it can also act as extra seats for when guests are coming over. On top of that, it acts as a decoration piece to spice up your living space as well.

    Style: Ottoman poufs come in a lot of style which as cotton or leather. If you can a lot of dark wooden furniture in the place that you want to put the pouf, then the leather ottoman is the one for you because it has the same color scheme and it also adds a soft touch to the bulky wooden furniture. However, if you want to put in your children’s room, the cotton pouf is the one for you because it is much softer and looks brighter which suits the environment perfectly.

    Cleaning: It is always better to spot clean your ottoman poufs because you can expand the life of your pouf and keep it looking as new. For cotton pouf, you can hand wash it with normal soap and water or throw it in the washing machine. As for the leather ottoman poufs, it is recommended to use mild leather cleaner just only when it is needed.

    Shape: There are cube and round poufs. Depending on your preference, you can choose either ones.


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