Best Portable Clothes Dryers Review + Buying Guide In 2021

Clothes are what we need in our daily life and washing clothes is what we are always lazy to do. We all have different excuses to why we don’t do laundry often, yet most of the reason is worrying that it’d not dry on time. That is partial because hanging clothes under the sun is very time-consuming too. But now no more excuse, no more worries; stress-free. Let the portable clothes dryers play their role for you. Today, many choices of portable clothes dryers are provided for you, which may confuse you with so many options are available. Hence, may we help you identify the best products in the market for you to support your decision and choose the right one that suits your needs best.

List Of TOP Best Portable Clothes Dryers Reviews

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10. Energy Saving Clothes Dryer by XtremepowerUS


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Let’s begin with this convenient portable clothes dryer machine from XtremepowerUS. Like its name, this machine is extremely perfect for the user who’s looking for a drying machine that can handle the clothes weight up to 22 lbs. This machine is an energy saver, which only costs around 900 Watt of power, meanwhile matching with the electricity of 110 to 120 voltages.

With a compact size of 7.3 pounds, this product makes it easier for the user to assemble it. The special thing about this one also includes the use of hangers within it that includes both plastic and wooden, said one of the users. Not limited to the drying time like the sun heated did, XtremepowerUS takes 180 minutes to get all your stuff dry. Lastly, this product is recommended highly to be used in an apartment or dorm.

9. Portable Electric Clothes Dryer by COSTWAY

COSTWAY Portable

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Let us introduce to you another super product of portable electric clothes dryers known as COSTWAY. This product’s performance is very energetic, even though it is just a ventless portable machine. It somehow could dry your clothes with its air motor that would not ruin your fabric or clothes but turn out to be clean and gentle. The air could operate up to 60 degrees that is extra to the sun’s heat.

The special thing about this product is the safeguard of having no flame, which prevents any fire from happening. The time to heat starting from 30 up to 180 minutes. The machine also comes along with the cover bag, which protects your clothes from hitting the dust from outside and keep the clothes clean and temperate.

What is even more interesting is a gift of the product itself that includes the hanger and brackets, which make it look like a tiny wardrobe for the user. This can be used everywhere due to its mini size and effortless setup. Isn’t that amazing? Two in one product is here, save space and environmentally-friendly.

8. Heavy Duty Portable Clothes Dryer by SANCUSTO

Sancusto Electric Clothes

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Not to keep you waiting, here is another top-quality portable clothes air dryer introduced by SANCUSTO. If you are looking for a dryer that can drain the water from your clothes up to 15 kg of it, this product is highly recommended for you. With its large capacity, this one allows you to speedily dry up your clothes by using up to 1000 watt of power where time can be set up by using the button or remote ranking from 5 minutes up to 300 minutes.

The hidden features are the four-wheels where you can shift it to anywhere you want more easily and role as the wardrobe. What is so special about this product is that it keeps your clothes unfolded, unlike the tumble dryer did and yes, with a two years warranty.

7. Ventless Portable Clothes Dryer by ESTINK

Portable Clothes

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ESTINK the blue ventless portable drying machine is now showing its special features and why it is suitable to be on the top ten list. This product is designed for drying clothes, shoes, feathers and many other products of your daily life. This product had the drying machine covered with the bag, which prevents your stuff from touching external specks of dust or other things, which makes it safe and clean.

The temperature of the product could heat up to 60 degrees, meanwhile having no flame and can be set from 30 minutes till 180 minutes processing. This tiny machine with its multi-functions can be used anywhere and suit with even the small environment. If you are a minimalist type of person, this suits you best.

6. Large Capacity Quick Drying Clothes Dryer by KASYDOFF

 KASYDoFF Clothes Dryer

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Moving up next is Kasydoff, the three-tier folding portable drying machine. This is an amazing product in which was design to take the lead as the large capacity machine which can dry up to 15 kg of things. This product was designed with the three tiers that can be easily tucked and can be folded without needed to knockdown while not using it.

Your clothes will remain plain and smooth without any wrinkle because you can hang your clothes like it was hung in the wardrobe. The additional hanger is to serve for towels and socks. The special thing is that we can control the temperature from 50 to 70 degrees and automatically shutdown when done.

Further, Kassydoff will silently dry your clothes without causing any disturbance. There is also the wireless function attach on this which includes the touch screen control and the remote which make it easier for pregnant women and the elderly to use.

5. Stainless Steel Portable Clothes Dryer by RELIANCER

Reliancer Free

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If you are looking to replace your drying hanger, Reliancer is suggested. This product is made up of stainless steel, which is rust-proof and suitable for both in and outdoor drying. The characteristics of these products are that it can be extended horizontally from 43.3 inches up to 59 inches which is beneficial for the user who often laundry their bedsheet by their own.

You can effortlessly build this product because it can be freely built and fold to suit in any compact space without any assistant from the tools. This pick can handle the clothes up to 165 pounds and the gift is also provided that include the casters and hooks.

4. Compact & Portable Dryer by DELICAIR

DelicAir Portable Dryer

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The applause shall be given to this product, small but functional. This is not just the clothes hangers that you see and it is more beyond that. The transfer of heat from hot to cold vice versa is fast, convenient and effortless on this product. Hanging on your clothes meanwhile drying it at the same time. The heated from this product is very diligent and gentle to your clothes even for your baby’s.

It was designed with the specialty clips; consume less power but works energetically. What’s beyond your expectation is that it does not only dry your clothes but both your socks and even shoes. It does not work only at home but you can bring it along to everywhere, this makes perfect for the traveler as it’s light and portable design which suit in your suitcase perfectly.

3. Multifunction Clothes Dryer by COSTWAY

COSTWAY Electric Compact

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If you are searching for a multifunctional product, here is yours. The Costway portable clothes dyer, which is known as the light tumble dryer, can be used in, varies moods of drying. This includes the hot, warm and cools with the minimum time of 0 minutes up to 200 minutes yet will at last freshening by the cool air. This product is design in a very thoughtful way, which does produce almost no sound that may cause disturbance to your sleep or other activities.

It is made with stainless steel which makes it last longer than we expect. Regardless of the design, it does not forget the efficient performance of this tiny tumble machine. With only 850-watt usage of power and weight of 37.3 lbs, it can handle around 10 lbs of laundry clothes and can even dry your close speedily as a large machine is capable of.

2. Sleek Portable Drying Machine by PANDA

Panda PANSP21W

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With the cute name, Panda also comes with the cute size of portable drying machine, which you may recognize that it is a dryer, not a water tumbler. This design comes with the stainless steel drum inside which is durable.

It is suitable for the 110 voltage outlet that can be found easily everywhere in your home but also make it perfect for traveling since it is light and portable. The most amazing thing about this tiny object is that it won’t drain or sink but float everywhere which known as gravity draining. This product will get your clothes dry but not a hundred percent dried. Yet, it at least saves the line time and work efficiently for hand washed clothes.

1. Classic Portable Clothes Dryer by SENTERN

Compact Laundry Dryer

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We finally come to the best of portable clothes dryers, Sentern as its name sounds classic; the design also looks classic. It is a solid drying machine in which the heat temperature comes in five mdes. The modes ranging from 0 minutes up to 200 minutes and include hot, warm, cool, air dry and anti-wrinkle mood. This products’ power usage up to 120 voltage and 60Hz, which can be heated up to 140 degrees.

In addition to its classic design, the machine causes only minimal disruption and could handle the clothes weight up to 8.8 lbs. Even though it was set to be seen as classic but the quality of this machine isn’t low at all. It was constructed as a standardized drying machine covered by the firm metal outside and within the stainless steel inside the drum. The wall mounting kit is also included in the package.


Now, we have come to the end of the summary on the best portable clothes dryers carefully selected for you. Choosing the best product of portable drying machine may help you save not only time but also resources. If the listed info isn’t enough to guide you through your choices, we will also present to you a buying guide below to further facilitate your decision making.

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  1. Buying Guide For Portable Clothes Dryers

    When buying the best portable clothe dryer that serves your needs, here are what you need to bear in mind:


    Not every machine could function without causing any sound. The sound of the machine does matter to the user whose feeling can be easily distracted. If you’re this type of person who finds machines’ noises unpleasant, choosing the machine that could dry your clothes silently is very recommended for you.

    Capability to dry:

    When we talk about the capability to dry, we focus on how much the dryer can dry up our clothes. The question is that is it 100% completely dry or less. Furthermore, if you have less time in drying clothes you should choose a machine that can speed up the drying time. So you should look at the heat that it can provide.


    The size of the portable clothes dryers does matter especially if you’re living in a dorm or sharing room. You may seek for a size that is suitable for your space. However, not every large machine is more functional than the tiny one. Maybe, they both share the same functions and performance. Hence, choose wisely.


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