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Top 10 Best Professional Popcorn Machines in 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

If there is one snack that no one is tired of having, that snack must be popcorn. This popular movie snack super easy to make and it’s unbeatable in term of deliciousness. There are many ways to make popcorn which it counts from homemade to the professional popcorn machines. For anyone who are looking to get the professional popcorn machine; for your business or for any purposes, we have prepared a list of top 10 best professional popcorn machines in the article. Make sure you keep reading this article until the end to find all the important information you need to know to buy and what brands there are as the best popcorn machine.

List Of Top 10 Professional Popcorn Machines in 2020

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10. Compact Popcorn Machine by DASH

Dash DAPP150V2RD04

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First one in the list, we have DASH as the top 10th best popcorn machine. There are two main points about DASH; which is quick and easy. In order word, with DASH, you can have a fresh popcorn by simply clicking the Touch start button and the high capacity heating chamber will pop your corn to be a delicious snack. Such an easy process can also be safely done by your kids.

Besides, because DASH uses hot air to pop, it’s very healthy to consume as it’s no oil or any preservation bag required to put in. On top of this, the design of DASH is very compact, so you can easily bring it along anywhere you go. Any purchase of DASH professional popcorn machine will also receive a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a bonus kit that comprises of measuring cup, recipe book and database access to more recipes.

9. Fast Popcorn Machine by Miageek

1200W Popcorn Machine

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Another fast and healthy professional popcorn machine belongs to Miageek. This top 9th popcorn machine is widely used among consumers because it also uses hot air popping technology that can efficiently pop up to 98% of the input. Miageek is effortlessly simply to operate, too. All you need to do is to press on/off switch and the one-touch operation to transform your dried corn to a tasty snack.

Besides, Miageek popcorn machine has a large storing capacity, so you don’t have to repeat the same process many times to have enough popcorn for your family; a time popping would be enough. As long as cleaning is concern, this machine is easy to clean, too.

It is as simple as wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Last but not least, the great point about Miageek is that it’s very quiet when it operates, so you don’t have to worry if you would bother others as you make popcorn.

8. Professional Popcorn Machine With Nonstick Kettle by Cuisinart

Cuisinart CPM

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On the top 8th, we have this high quality professional popcorn machine from Cuisinart. It’s uniquely easy to use because you don’t need to heat-up the machine prior to pouring the corn in. Such feature makes it stands out from most of the machines in the market.

Moreover, Cuisinart has the removable door and non-stick kettle that allows users to clean it very easily; giving hygiene to the snack it produces. Most amazingly, any purchase of Cuisinart will also receive popcorn scoop, measuring cup and measuring spoon, too.

7. Large Professional Popcorn Machine by Paramount

Paramount 16oz Popcorn

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At the top 7th, we have this high quality profession popcorn machine from Paramount. What makes Paramount wins a spot in this list is that it has a big capacity that’s perfect to serve the whole group of family, friendly or even customer in just a few go. To be specific, it can measure up to 16oz of kernels per batch. Besides, Paramount is also super easy to clean as it has the removable kettle that can be taken out any time after use.

Moreover, this machine function very silently, so you can use it anywhere; even in the night time. Last but not least, it also offers a lifetime limited warranty; hence, you can shop confidently with this brand without concern.

6. Stainless Steel Popcorn Machine by Great Northern Popcorn Company

Great Northern Popcorn

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Another highly professional popcorn machine in the top 6th belongs to a brand called Great Northern Popcorn Company. Made with commercial quality, this popcorn machine uses all trustable tools; including metal gearbox, vented fan, stainless steel food zone and thicker glass to protect user against heat. Every batch of this machine allows you to get up to 6 gallons of popcorn; which is incredibly enough to serve the whole room.

Besides, this ETL approved machine also comes with 3 control swtiches which you can choose from warmer, stirrer or pot heater. So if you are looking to start a popcorn business, Great Northern Popcorn Company is definitely what you should aim for.

5. Fast Serving Popcorn Machine by West Bend

West Bend 82515 Hot Oil

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Moving on the top 5th, we have this personal popcorn machine from West Band. This machine can make your popcorn fresh and delicious in just 6 minutes per serving. It doesn’t not require any pre-heat before cooking, so whenever you feel like having a popcorn, you can just get it done in no time. Moreover, it uses crazy stir technology, so it can pop almost every single kernels you put in the kettle.

In terms of the popper cabinet, it is easy to take out and clean, too. A purchase of West Bend will also receive serving tray, measuring cup, measuring spoon and popcorn scoop with no extra charge.

4. Durable & Sturdy Popcorn Machine by Superior Popcorn Company

Hot and Fresh Countertop

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At the top 4th, we have this high quality professional popcorn machine from Superior Popcorn Company. Available with 3 control switches and power measured at 860 watts, this machine is the best for popcorn making. In terms of capacity, this popcorn machine can produce up to 3 gallons per batch; which is perfect for a movie.

Besides, this machine is highly durable because it’s made from sturdy stainless steel and power-coated for longer lifespan. You can easily clean with the water after use, too. Besides, it also uses tempered glass that can protect the user’s from feeling the heat as they stand near the machine, so it’s really comfortable to use.

3. Stylish Professional Popcorn Machine Cart by Nostalgia

Nostalgia CCP510BK

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Moving on to the top 3rd, here we have a very stylist professional popcorn machine from Nostalgic. What makes this popcorn machine super interesting is that comes with perfectly useful design. First of all, in terms of capacity, it can produce up to 31 cups of popcorn, so you don’t have to spend much time prepare it.

Moreover, you can cook any type of recipes with this popcorn machine; from typical caramel to seaweed and cheese popcorn. In term of the kettle, it has a perfect built-in kernel stirring operation that can pop all the kernels perfectly so you won’t find the un-popping left when you pour it out.

In addition, it uses tempered glass on the machine, so it’s not only heat-resistant, but it’s also fun as kids can watch while it is popping. More important, this machine comes with multiple compartment for easy storage, so you keep everything for easy reach. Last but not least, since it comes with big pair of wheels, you can comfortable move this machine anytime you want without sweating yourself.

2. Retro Popcorn Machine by Olde Midway

Olde Midway Bar Style

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Moving closer to the top, here at the top 2nd, we have a top quality antique style professional popcorn machine from Olde Midway. Designed to last, this machine is built with stainless steel, high quality tempered glass and quiet operating motor. In a batch, this machine can serve up to 3 gallons of popcorn, so it’s enough for the whole team.

Moreover, Olde Midway machine has the warming deck and heat light that can keep your popcorn fresh and warm even if you left them in the machine for quite a while. Operating this is effortless, too. All you need to do is to use a simple 3-switch design that you can choose between spot light warm, stirrer and pot heater.

1. Commercial Grade Popcorn Machine by Paragon

Paragon Contempo Pop

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Finally, coming to the best professional popcorn machines in 2020, here we have a commercial-grade product from Paragon. This machine is widely known for its ultra-powerful 1420-watt power capacity that can produce up to 147 ounces per hour; which is perfect for any popcorn store. Such powerful performance, in contrast, work very quietly, so you don’t have to worry if it’s going to cause any unpleasant noise.

On top of this, the stainless steel and tempered glass panel used for this machine construction is super easy to clean too. So, you can always have hygienic popcorn all the time from this machine. Last but not least, this ETL certified professional popcorn machine also offers up to a 1-year warranty, so if you find any problem happen on this machine, you can simply contact back to the team for a warm and friendly support.

Buying Guide

When choosing the right professional popcorn machines, there are a few tips you should take. First of all, it’s important that you can the capacity it the popcorn machines can produce per batch. It would depend on how much do you need it to produce. Let’s say if you are going to use it for a business, it is vital that the popcorn machines could produce a lot of popcorn.

However, if you only want to buy it to use for any occasion, then any reasonable amount of popcorn produce per batch would totally do. Aside from this, you should also check if the popcorn machines come with all the handy kits. Although some brands might offer all the accessories; including measuring cup, measuring spoon, scooper and more, as a part of the package, some brand might require you to buy separately. It is not compulsory that you would need them. If you haven’t gotten any of those, it is better than you also buy them in one go.


To conclude, if you are looking to get professional popcorn machines, this article is your 2-minute reading guide that you should check out.

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