Top 10 Best Rain Gauges Review & Buying Guide In 2021

A rain Gauge is a type of instrument that people use to collect and measure the rainfall. Rain measurement tools were invented since about 500 B.C. Since then, rain gauges have been used by people from time to time. Some people might use this product to measure the rain and make a bet with one another about the rainfall. Some may use it for other purposes as well. Without further delay, here’s a look at the top 10 best rain gauges of the year.

List Of Top 10 Best Rain Gauges

10. Modern Rain Gauge by AcuRite

 AcuRite 00899 Wireless

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The AcuRite is known as one of the modern rain measurements because it uses wireless to measure the rainfall without needing you to input the main into the tool. For this AcuRite rain gauge, it only requires you to place it near the raining area, and it will automatically measure the rain. It is good to place this gauge near the window as well as in your lawn yard, which is the area close to raining.

This rain gauge is small and very convenient to use as it is easy to set up. The area that it can measure the rainfall is about 30 meters away from the rain area. The measurement will display on its screen with clear numbers for you to read. It can measure in inches and millimeters. Moreover, it contains an alarm for flood conditions. The alarm will go off if the rain could lead to flooding.

9. Professional Rain Gauge by Outwest Trading


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This is also one of the professional rain gauges that you will find for yourself. If you are going to have a bet with your friends or family, this rain gauge can be used for that. This rain gauge requires you to put it under the rain area because it will measure the real physical rainfall. It looks like a plastic cup that is designed very simple to use. You can choose to mount it anywhere, such as on a fence or a tree that you think can gather physical rainfalls.

There is a dual scale for this rain gauge, so you can measure the rain in inches and millimeters. The maximum measurement is up to 6 inches and 150 millimeters. It is very resistant to bad weather and storm because it is invented purposely to be placed in the rain. With this one at home, you can now say that whether it is a big rain or small rain and bet that with anyone.

8. Wireless Rain Gauge by ECOWITT


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Sometimes we think that rain is just a simple thing but for some people, they can make use of rain like making a bet when the rain comes, so that they can earn money. They make use of the rain by just measuring the amount of rainfall with a rain gauge. Just like other products, this ECOWITT can measure and collect rainfall by its wireless function. This is mean that you don’t need to put the rain gauge under the rain but just put it in any area which is near the rainfall.

This rain gauge looks like an alarm clock. It has a display screen which shows the measurement of the rain. You can easily read everything that the rain gauge measures the rainfall with detailed information. It can measure in a dual scale, which is in inches and milliliters. It has every record for you, such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

7. Accurate Rain Gauge by AcuRite

 AcuRite 01089M Rain

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If you are looking for an accurate rainfall measurement, this model from AcuRite is the best for you. This rain gauge comes together with a screen display that allows you to read the measurement plan; another one is wireless, which you can put in the rain and the other one is the rainfall collector.

With these three items, you will get to know how much the rain has hit and you can expect whether it is going to flood storm or more. The wireless item that you put in the rain will transmit everything to the display screen to show the measurement and the rain collector will gather the physical rainfall.

The display screen is very easy to read because it shows everything in details for you. It shows temperature of the weather, rainfall level record throughout the past, and indicate the current rainfall. Since the product is made for rain measurement, it is made very strong and resistant to the storm and weather.

6. Regal Art & Gift

 Regal Art &Gift

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Having introduced some wireless rain gauges, there is still some type of other non-wireless rain gauges that you can find on the market. If you like decorating things for your home or your garden, you can choose this product because it is very cute in design. It looks like a stand with a bird and one plastic rain measurement cup along with that.

You can mount that rain gauge in your yard to start measure and collect the rainfall. This beautiful rain gauge can measure rainfall up to 5 inches and tell you how much the rain has fallen by reading the amount of the rainfall in the rain gauge.

5. Plastic Rain Gauge by La Crosse Technology

 La Crosse 705

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Another rain gauge brand is from La Crosse Technology, which also has a different look from the other types. It is made from plastic material, but it is very durable and resistant to bad weather such as storms and rain because it is invented to put in the rain already.

By having this rain gauge with you at home, you can start measuring every time the rain falls. Sometimes, people also use this rain gauge to make a bet about rainfall and earn money as well. So, this is very powerful for some people.

You can easily mount this rain gauge item in your garden or anywhere but just make sure that the rainfall can hit through it so that it can measure for you. On the rain gauge, it shows you marks that read in inches.

4. Compact Rain Gauge by Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

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Bits and Pieces is a very cute rain gauge that will provide you with the rain measurement in a very easy way. It has a very cute and simple design that would be suitable for anything and any person. It comes with a little painted gnome sculpture that could hold a little rain gauge made from plastic materials.

In order to get rainfall measurement, you can put them together under the rainfall area so that the rain can hit through this item and it will show you about how much the rain falls to you. On the little plastic rain gauge, there is the measurement in inches, which maximum is 5 inches. So, by that, you can quickly read that amount of rainfall and can estimate accordingly. This item is small, so you will find it super easy to place. You don’t need any installation at all.

3. Authentic Rain Gauge by Evergreen Garden

Evergreen Garden

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Never look down on small items like this. This one is a rain gauge from the Evergreen Garden brand. You can give it a bet with your friend and family with this rain gauge by guessing whether it is a big rain or a small rain. This item is small and super convenient use. You can place it anywhere you want even in your yard because this rain gauge is required to put it in the rain to collect physical rainfall and estimate the rainfall.

This one also comes with a cartoon frog that is holding a plastic thermometer cup. This cute little thing can measure the rainfall up to 5 inches. Sometimes, it is a good idea to put this item as a gift for other people as well because it can be your decorative item at one point and can be your useful tool on the other side.

2. Sleek Rain Gauge by Headwind

Headwind Consumer

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Looking for the right and easy rain gauge for your yard? Yes, here we have another good option for you. This Headwind brand will provide you with one of the best rain gauges which you can easily measure the rainfall and also to give a bet with other people as well. This is a plastic-type of rain gauge that you can hang on the fence or any area under the rain. Just make sure that this product can collect physical rainfall.

This item is about 26 inches tall, which is quite big and tall. You can easily read the measurement from far away too. It does not require any complicated installation. This is easy to install it under the rain at any possible site. It also has the self-sealing feature, which is to avoid leaking.

1. Outdoor Rain Gauge by OutdoorHome


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Lastly, we have another recommended rain gauge, which is good to use as well. It is from the OutdoorHome brand that supports the outdoor product. Since this product is made for outdoor purposes, so it is very strong and resistant to various weather even it is a storm or big rain, this product won’t go anywhere. It is made of plastic materials. It is very accurate and reliable to use.

With this one, you can make a bet with anyone about the rainfall or make a guess with the power of the rain. The size of this rain gauge is about 6 inches tall, which is equal to 150 mm. You can read the rain measurement in either way. Moreover, it is very tough in bad weather. Once you get it, you can easily set it up anywhere under the rain. You can just mount it with the bracket provided with screws. And, that’s it.

Buying Guide for Rain Gauge

We believe that everyone is looking for the right item for their desire because we never want to buy any wrong or any wasteful product without any intention. Just like this rain gauge, people who are looking for measuring rainfall or would like to guess about the unexpected weather will be looking for this item, a rain gauge. So, we would just like to guide buyers more on how to choose the right one for themselves. Below you will find some points that you should look at before buying.

Small item:

First of all, you can look at the size of the product. For rain gauges, we really suggest those kinds of rain gauge with an appropriate size, which is not too big and not too small. By this, you will find it very convenient to place and carry. You can also move it around as well. So, that you can be flexible according to the weather.


Due to modern technology, for even a rain gauge, people can make it connected wirelessly to measure the rain as well. So, this is a very good point that you can look into. Before, in order to measure the rain, there is only one method which is to put it under the rain physically to collect the rainfall. But for now, you can put it near the raining area and you will be able to measure the rainfall as well, which is really great.


This product is required to be very strong and resistant because there is a high likelihood that we will have to put the gauge under the downpour rainfall. So, you can look for any products that are crafted from strong materials that can stand with bad weather like some of the picks mentioned above. Because whether you like it or not, a rain gauge will face the weather and the rain directly.

Detailed measurement:

Last but not least, we would like to recommend you to look for a rain gauge that can also show you detailed measurements in inches, millimeters, time, date, temperature, storm alert and more, and also the unit should be able to keep records of the rainfall and the weather.

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