Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Live On Mars To Know About

Ever wonder about the reasons why you should live on Mars? The growing number of people on Earth has become a major concern; therefore, we need to tackle this problem by finding another suitable place that can support the human race. We have found the number of reasons why we should establish the life on Mars. You can go through this article and learn more about the Mars.

List Of Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Live on Mars

1. To ensure the survival of our species

To ensure the survival of our species

With the dramatic growth of the human population day by day, it is hard to get enough resources to feed the huge and growing population. Housing, food or even the available space will be the major concern in the near future. It is crucial for us to ensure that that survival of human race continues. It is hard to stop the booming population to get higher; however, we must find the space that can support the human life. Imagine that one day lives on Earth disappear, the only hope that our human race is preserved is to live somewhere else.

2. Discover the life on Mars

Discover the life on Mars

A recent discovery took place on Mars shows that it is suitable for habitats. Since we have been sending only robots to the Mars, it is important that we send the human there. With the new discovery that we have found on the Mars, we believe that sending humans is far better than sending robots. We also need to check if there is any species living on Mars. Based on the research, the sign of life is shown there; therefore, it is a must that we go and check.

3. New discovery and scientific knowledge

New discovery and scientific knowledge

Within 50 years of discovery, research and study, we have found a lot of interesting facts about the Mars. At the same time, it increases the urge that human should go there and explore even more. It is very important for humans to conduct a thorough research to determine whether it is safe to live and support the human life forms in the large number. Humans can go and see if Mars is suitable for planning crops and build infrastructures.

4. Study Earth

Study Earth

Mars is the only planet in the solar system, which is very similar to the Earth. Both the Mars and Earth used to be a lot cooler than they are now. Therefore, the question is, does what happened on Earth also happen on Mars? The only way to find out the truth is by going there and studying closely.

If we have better information about the Earth we are staying in right now, we are likely to find the way to preserve and life on it for a much longer than the expected time.

5. Improve the quality of life

Improve the quality of life

Lives on Earth today are reaching its limit and capacity; therefore, the quality of life in the next 10, 100 or even 1000 years from today is unpredictable. For improving the quality of human life, it is a must to find another safe place for people for live. With all the pollutions and other things, a safer place indeed is a good idea. And that planet is no other than Mars. Since Nasa has proved that the condition on the Mars is best for physical and psychological factors, we find no reason to stay any longer on Earth.

6. Mars and Earth are two peas in the pod

Reasons Why You Should Live on Mars

When we take a closer look at Mars, we will sure to find the similarities that these two planets carry. On top of having the breathable oxygen, the gravity on the Mars is not far different from that in ours. People can go there and adjust to the new life there without any problem. The day and night cycle there is the same too; therefore, it is like living at the same time but on a different planet.

7. Mars has the fertile ground

Reasons Why You Should Live on Mars

The key element of the sustainable life is the soil. The fertile ground on the Mars will probably allow us to plant, cultivate and survive without depending the support from the Earth. The minerals found on Earth are proved to help on the Mars too. It is the first yet a promising sign that living on Mars is no longer an imaginative idea. The presence of copper, platinum, titanium, iron and more allows us to build the complex and modern things to support the new life there.

8. Mars has an awful lot of water

Reasons Why You Should Live on Mars

Another element that can support life is indeed the water. The study has found that there is an abundance of water on Mars. Next, the form of ice and atmospheric water vapor is also found there too. The scientists show the evidence that there is the water flow on ground. With all the evidences so far, the existence of the water is the one that makes life on Mars possible.

9. The perfect temperature

Reasons Why You Should Live on Mars

Are you waiting to hear more from us about the Mars? Another reason that we, human species, can live on Mars just fine is the temperature of it. If we compare the atmosphere between the Earth and Mars, they both contain the Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen; however, the composition of the oxygen is slightly different. In the same way, the temperature on the Earth and Mars is somehow similar.

10. Human adaptation is possible

Reasons Why You Should Live on Mars

Last but not least, the last reasons why you should live on Mars is the important thing to consider. Can humans adapt to the life there? Though we have technology, mineral, fertile soil and water; however, the key to the success of human survival on Mars is adaptation. It is believed that humans can adapt themselves to the gravity and temperature on the Mars without any problem.


Though Mars is a long way from us, habitation it is possible. Soon, human species will get a new place to establish the life and build a second home for us all. With the innovative technology that we have, living on Mars will be a new hope for the survival of human race. There are many reasons why you should live on Mars, the 10 points are only beginning.

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