Top 10 Best Room Heaters Review & Buying Guide In 2021

Have you ever experienced living in the frozen house, where it is as cold as when you are outside? Your foot, your hands and your mind are freezing, irritating your living style during winter. No worries, we are here to solve all of those negative habits and to enhance your living standard, to have a warm and cozy night during winter. We are introducing you to the room heater that is for turning your cold freezing room into a warm and cozy room that you will be enjoy living in your home or room and not wanting to get out anymore. The reviews below will be illustrating the top 10 best room heaters based on its high-features.

List Of Top 10 Best Room Heaters Reviews In 2021

10. 4-In-1 Room Heater by DeLonghi Pinguino

DeLonghi Pinguino

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Jumping on to the first one of all is the machine that has high performances. DeLonghi Pinguino is not just heating the room; it also acts as an air conditioner, a fan and also dehumidifies the atmosphere around the room as well. Not to mention that this machine is great for big rooms and small apartments since it can cover up to 66 square meters, which is pretty big. Moreover, there are so many feedbacks on how easy it is to set up and also its portability.

This machine can be heated up to 64degrees and it saves you lots of energy by its latest technology system. It is also made to be quiet, great for putting it in your bedroom because it has a low noise running machine. Additionally, the design is made to be rectangular shaped and the exterior is full of polished, sleek black color, which suits most of your places. There is a machine, a manual and a remote control for the easy accessibility and adjustments on to the machine in the box as well.

9. Powerful Room Heater by AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Portable

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The second one is made by the Amazon Basics that comes with only one function but a powerful motor for heating up your space during cold and freezing days. This is a room heater with thermostat, that thermostat runs a current through the thermistor and measures the resistance. The resistance is being calculated and set the machine into the right temperature to heat up the atmosphere in your room, which is also being called a smart machine.

Moreover, the buttons that display on the machine is attached with the LED lights, easing your way in remoting and seeing it from a distance. Amazon Basics can be heated up to 93 square meters, which is perfect for both the standard height and room dimensions. It comes with 2 power adjustments and the machine is quiet and portable. Additionally, it is equipped with energy-saving and it is turned off every 18 hours of running in peace and silent mode. The best part is Amazon Basics offers a 1year warranty for the purchasers as well.

8. Sleek & Slim Room Heater by Trustech

TRUSTECH Oscillating

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Trustech comes with a unique design that is tall and slim and high performances. It has 2 functions, cooling fan and heating mode, and these 2 can be worked together for the better combination. This machine is durable, sturdy and also portable that you can warm up anywhere around your room, which is great for office, bedrooms and living rooms. Moreover, the heating element of this machine is the ceramic heater, which takes only 3 seconds to warm up to your desired temperature. It is also known as a quiet machine that runs smooth and silent, making your sleeping time goes in a peaceful mode.

Also, there is a heat protection at the top of the machine, preventing injuries or swelling when you are accidentally touching it. There are also LED lights available for this machine that eases your way in seeing each of the functions and remotes easily from a distance. It comes with an automatic sensor that it turns off every 8 hours to cool down the machine when you are off to work and there are 2 heat settings available for you to adjust in either a low mode or high mode. A one-year warranty is provided for this room heater.

7. Infrared Room Heater With Castors by Dr. Infrared Heater Dr Infrared Heater
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Those who love the wooden and classic exterior design, this Dr Infrared Heater is perfect for you. The design of this room heater is short in height and large with the body, it looks like a square box with the flat surface on top to even let you store things on it. It comes with 2 temperature settings for you to select based on the actual temperature outside, high or low. It is also equipped with heat protection, ensuring that you won’t burn your skin when touching it.

There are numerous feedbacks on how easy it is to control and it perfectly suits the big room, such as a conference room or living room. This machine is included with the electric thermostat that can be heated up to 86 degrees. Moreover, it is made to be sturdy, tough and portable with wheels. Dr Infrared Heater-968 has an automatic sensor that saves your energy and it turns off 12 hours timer set after long-term usage as well.

6. Compact Room Heater by Vornado MVH Vortex

 Vornado MVH Vortex

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This is perfect for those who are seeking for a small heater that could save up your space but have a high performance. Vornado MVH Vortex has a mini triangle design but a cut on the top of it. The color of it comes in a sleek black, which suits every corner of your room. This is also an electric thermostat room heater that comes with auto turn on and off, following the actual atmosphere and the thermostat comes with 7 different settings for you to adjust as well.

Moreover, this machine comes with 3 heat adjustments; high, medium and low, the choice depends on your preferences and it is equipped with the energy-saving as well as how silent it is while working. This is highly recommended for the small and medium rooms and Vornado provides a superb warranty up to 5 years, ensuring that you can use and purchase with confidence.

5. Tall Room Heater by Lasko

Lasko 751320

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Lasko is mostly providing customers with a high quality, slim and tall design that is designed to be sturdy, durable and ceramic made element. There are various LED color lights easing your way in remoting and seeing each spec from a distance. It can be heated up to 85 degrees and spread up to 350 square ft, which suits small rooms. There is an automatic sensor that turns off automatically when the machine is overheated. Moreover, the machine is an electric thermostat that could make you easily adjust the temperature and also, there is an oscillation mode for you to press that it spreads hot air quickly throughout the room. On top of that, there are 2 heat settings for you to select as well.

4. Room Heater With Heat Protection by Honeywell

 Honeywell Slim

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Honeywell is great for those who love the slim and tall design that attaches to the whole black color. It comes with a double overheated shut off the protection that it automatically turns off when the machine is too hot to run. On top of that, there are also various numbers of timers that can be set for this machine, just in case you might be forgetting in turning it off. Honeywell comes in an electric thermostat as an adjustable program that can be selected and there is a button for spreading the cool air throughout the atmosphere.

It is known as one of the best room heaters in having a sturdy stand, durable motor as well as high performance. Moreover, there are 2 settings available for you to adjust the level of the heat, high or low. Honeywell provides an oscillation for the users that the air is quickly expanded around your room, not just focusing still in one place.

3. Room Heater With Remote Control by Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Oscillating

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This is another perfect room heater for those who love the slim and tall design attaches with wire mesh as layout design. Comfort Zone comes with a sleek black color that looks elegant and sassy at the same time. This machine allows you to move it anywhere you want to due to its lightweight and portability. Comfort Zone is equipped with the Eco-mode that saves lots of energy, letting you spend a decent amount on it. Moreover, it is an electric thermostat heater that the maximum timer of 8 hours of usage and it automatically turns off to prevent from overheating and make your room stay at a constant temperature.

2. Mini Room Heater by Lasko

 Lasko 754200 Ceramic

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We are now introducing you to another Lasko brand and it suits well for those who are seeking for a mini design that looks like a fridge. Lasko 754200 comes in a sleek and shiny silver color and it suits perfectly for small bedrooms. This room heater is designed to be quiet and strong. It comes with 3 different settings high, medium and low heat and especially it comes with a powerful fan as well.

It comes with 11 temperature settings available for you to adjust attach with the programmable thermostat. There is also a handle for extra portability as well. This heater is also cool to touch as well, which is safe to have in rooms with kids. Moreover, this machine can be heated up to 28 square meters with a maximum temperature of 80F. I can see that this room heater cheap and it is great for those who are on a low budget.

1. Compact & Portable Room Heater by Andily

andily Space Heater

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This is a room heater from Andily, which is the best selling room heater this year due to its high performance. When it comes to the price, it is cheaper than the previous Lasko above. By all means, this is the cheapest one of all. However, this room heater still does a great job better than most room heaters. That is because the heat will distribute in the room after you turn it on in 2 seconds. Also, this machine comes with 3 colors with a different stand that you can choose from. Moreover, Andily has the maximum temperature up to 72degree, which is higher than most as well.

Andily has included the electric thermostat that it automatically runs the program keeping your room stay nice and warm. Not to mention that the size of this is pretty small. I shall say that it is a mini size which great for small offices or bedrooms. There are 3 different modes for the users to select, a fan mode, high-temperature and low. The exterior material has heat protection as well as the bottom of the machine that comes in small support. There is an auto shut off in case the machine is getting hot.

Buying Guide

This buying guide is here to give you an extra idea on how to get the room heaters. There are a few simple points that you will find which include:


It is highly recommended to find room heaters that run by an electric thermostat. That is to ensure that you have a warm and cozy place all day long.

Auto Shut-Off:

It is also crucial for the buyers to get room heaters with auto shutoff functions. That is because the machine can go the high temperature sometimes. The functions makes the unit shut down by itself to prevent from fire or burning.


It is optional to find a timer to ensure that you won’t turn it all day long.

Tip Support Protection:

That is another important point for the buyers to find room heaters that has the tip support. It is below the machine, and it prevents from floor burning.


Ceramic is being known for durability and heat-free.

Size and Remote Control:

The size is based on where you want to put it. Make sure that you get the room heaters with a remote control for a convenient use.


It is something you should never forget, when buying something that runs by an electricity, in case the motor is becoming powerless.


Having room heaters at home is pretty important, especially in winter. That is because we all don’t want to say freezing in the house. Room heaters do a very great job in warming us up. It keeps you nice and warm despite the cold weather. The reviews above are just the selected items that are most rated and suggested by the users. Those are all high quality room heaters, the choice is yours.

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