Top 10 Best Salt Spreaders Review & Buying Guide In 2021

Is it snowing too much, right? Is ice making your commutation a slippery slope? Getting rid of icy yards or slippery icy roads is probably difficult when you only have two little hands to spread salt manually. You would probably excessively use a lot of salt, over wasting time or get your palm numb due to the coldness too. However, you do not need to worry yet. We are here to introduce the ten best innovative alternatives to your hands, the best salt spreaders machine. These genius innovations with uniquely designed functions and standout features will definitely help you spread salts faster, and in a proportionately fair amount. Let’s check out our surprisingly top ten salt spreaders of the year.

List Of Top 10 Best Salt Spreaders + Buying guide

10. Professional Salt Spreader by Chapin

 Chapin International

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First number 10th spreader of 2021 is brand Chapin. This Chapin professional salt spreader for truck is equipped with a huge hopper with 100 pounds storage capacity offering more salt storage. With it stainless steel frames, the hopper is made strong enough to withstand roughness and heavy amount of materials.

The solid linkage allows you to have full control over the spreader. The grease fitting equipped helps lubricate the metal gear enclosed. Spike auger helps tear up clumps to avoid it from getting blocked for the spreader. With pneumatic tires, you are free to smoothly push your spreader without worrying about bumpy or rocky surfaces.

9. Large Capacity Salt Spreader by Agri-Fab

Agri-Fab 45-0502

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Another type of salt spreader for tractor, Agri-fab, is probably also one of a choice you may consider. As coming as the number 9th best spreader, it is designed with a large capacity hopper made from poly that can hold up to 130 pounds of materials. An aluminum gear enclosed helps you ergonomically control speed.

Pneumatic tires and steel wheels are constructed that can bear any terrain. You also are able to control the flow gate by using the connection of the rod. Purchasing it comes with a 3 years warranty on quality.

8. Universal Spreader by Global

Universal Spreader

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This salt spreader for utv is one of the best suitable options to help you splashing salts fast and easy to get rid of the icy path. Moreover, it serves other purposes such as garden seeds, fertilizer or lime spreading and broadcasting similar materials. Designed with a durable plastic hopper, you will enjoy its capacity storing up to 100lbs.

The strength of the hopper can withstand the corrosion of the salt while the plastic cover protects the salt from rain, wind and so on. The universal spreader also is equipped with 3-flap adjustable deflectors at the front and sides, allowing you to control the spreading pattern. The backside deflector is used to protect the operator from getting salt splashed at.

7. Multipurpose Salt Spreader by Goplus Broadcast

Goplus Broadcast

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Serving not just only for salt spreading purpose, this spreader also is lavishly used to spread seeds or fertilizer and other similar elements. Anyway, it is designed to be a push walk-behind spreader with a strong handle to hold. Being equipped with a large storage capacity hopper, it offers you abundantly wide-spreading area.

The frame is made from heavy-duty iron, making it steadily stable to hold heavyweight of materials. It is also coated with black powder, making it durable, resistant to corrosion and long service time. You can operate the broadcast spreader manually by just pushing it forward. It is also designed with spreading control system which allows you to spread salt evenly.

For seeding, it features exclusively accurate planting technology to ensure an even spread and growth. It is available in two colors, Black and Green.

6. Heavy Duty Salt Spreader by Earthway

Earthway 2600APlus

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This guy can be employed as both a salt spreader and garden seeder making it a number 6th salt spreader of the year. It functions with a 3-hold drop hopper designed for fairly even spread. The hopper is strong as well as capable of holding up to 18 kgs of salts or similar materials. Being a walk-behind spreader, it is equipped with a heavy-duty gearbox that makes it impossible to get blocked even being used in wet condition.

The construction is extremely durable as frame is coated with powder diamond chassis. Moreover, with the “T” shape steel handle, it helps facilitate the pushing movement. The pneumatic tires are durable, rugged enough for any conditions of the terrain. It is produced in the US. However, assembly is needed.

5. Salt Spreader With Twin Rotor by Scotts Elite

Scotts Elite Spreader

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The famous brand of the year, Scott elite happens to be one of the most innovative designs for salt spreading truck. Twin rotor offers accurate spinning and spreading salt. The distance between the rotors creates wide spreading area up to 6fts.

Hopper huge capacity of holding up to 20,000 sq.ft helps your spreading activities less-time consuming while is able to cover large area. Tires filled with foam can be pushed on any surface and will never get flat. The handle is featured with a smartphone holder so now you can just leave your phone held there while spreading your salts.

4. Handheld Salt Spreader by Ezi

Ezi – Spreader

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Ezi is one of distinguished innovations of salt spreading technology. If you are tired of pushing while walking, then just hold Ezi. This handheld spreader is in perfect size of 11”x5”x3.5” fitting perfectly in your hand. It capaciously can hold up to 750z of materials. It is designed with an adjustable hole-size lid making it convenient for not only spreading salt, but as well as rock salt, or seeds or fertilizers.

The spreader is made from heavy-duty plastic that makes it durable, easy to hold and convenient. You can just open the lid, fill the bottle-shaped spreader with your salt and close it. Now you are ready to spread your seeds or salt by just shaking the spreader. It is highly recommended for spreading salt on driveway.

3. Large Hopper Salt Spreader by Lesco

Lesco 50Lb Push

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Our third place of best spreaders goes to Lesco salt spreader. Designed with a large hopper enables it to hold up to 50lbs of salt. This smoothly walk-behind spreader is equipped with gear box system protecting it from dust and debris. Its rugged tires provide durable and long life service, while withstand any terrains.

The whole constructed stainless frame is coated with steel carbon making it strong and resistant to outside conditions. The spreading pattern is fairly even and accurate. It is reviewed as an easy-to push-spreader that runs smoothly and saves your time.

2. Handheld & Compact Salt Spreader by Spot Spreader

Spot Spreader Hand

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Here comes another handheld designed for salt spreader, Spot. Hole-size adjustment is available to spread materials of different size. Designed in plastic container, shape of glass, with a strong handle makes it simple, light and easy to use. The container is strong and durable serving long service life.

It is very ergonomic for sideway and walkway spread. It is capable of storing up to 80z of materials. You can just simply pour your materials into the container, hold it and start shaking and spreading. The spreading pattern and speed are managed by you.

1. Heavy Duty Large Salt Spreader by Lesco

Lesco High Wheel

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Let us introduce you the number 1 spreader of the year, Lesco. Lesco is installed with a large capacity hopper to hold up to 80lbs of salts or other uniformed materials. It is equipped with an enclosed gearbox with the power of gear ratio 5:1, allowing you to speed as fast as desired while spreading salt. It is also designed with a deflector manually adjustable. This helps keep away the salt or materials spread to the unwanted area. Lesco is built with stainless steel frames, axle and impeller shaft making it resistant to and withstand damages from outdoor conditions. It is great for spreading seeds, fertilizers, salt and so on.

Buying Guide

Choosing which salt spreaders are the best is not an easy decision-making process. Buying a wrong spreader will waste your time and money. However, don’t worry yet because we have gotten your solution here. In order to make the right decision, there are few suggested considerations you may need to look into:

Wheeled or Handheld

You may want to answer a few questions such as: who would be using the spreader? If it is a normal able person, we would suggest you using a push walk-behind, with or without gear spreader as it is fast. However, if it is for an elderly, a disabled person or young children, who want to spread salt or garden seeds, we would recommend a handheld spreader because it is light, easy to hold and very convenient to use to cover narrow spreading area.

Another question is whether it is a heavy-duty or not. If it is, you will need to load a large number of materials. Therefore, it is the best you may purchase a wheeled walk-behind or with gear spreader.

Hopper capacity

If you wish to cover a large surface, for instance, spreading salt on roads, or big yards to deform ice, you probably need to find a convenient spreader equipped with a large containing capacity hopper. Therefore, you would not have to keep refilling and reloading materials into the hopper.

Fill in once, and you are ready to go. Moreover, hopper shall be made strong and tough enough to hold the materials. You may decide if you would like a plastic, metal or poly-made hopper. Furthermore, if it comes with a cover, that is even better as you can protect your salt or your materials from rain, wind and other elements while spreading.

Spreading pattern and accuracy

Pattern and accuracy can be important points to be considered. Accuracy is essential for garden seeding as you want to evenly spread seeds. You should never want to waste your materials. Moreover, the pattern allows you to spread to materials effectively and efficiently to the area you want to cover. Therefore, you should choose a spreader with adjustment system such as being equipped with deflectors.

That will help you control your spreading. Deflectors also help block salt or seed from spread back on you. However, it is up to your desire and convenience to use manual or automated deflectors.


Assembly of such machine can be tricky. Purchasing a handheld spreader will probably not require assembly but walk-behind wheeled one does. You should purchase the one that comes with easy and quick assembly guidance book such as with pictures, in the language you can understand or installation video available online. Therefore, you do not have to waste time figuring out how this thing works or you may end up giving up.


Purchasing a durable product helps serve long life service, as well as saving money and disposal. You ought to find a salt spreader constructed using strong, heavy-duty materials that can bear heavy works as well as withstanding the possible damages caused by the outside conditions. Not every product is durable because they are made from different materials; you better select carefully.


There has been complains over flat tires. With this point, you also should look at what tires are equipped with the construction. As going through the reviews, some spreaders use tire filled with air or foam. You may select the one you need. Moreover, it will be more convenient to select a spreader with wheels and tires that tolerate and run smoothly on any terrains.


After going through salt spreaders that are now among the best top ten salt spreaders of the year, you are injected with important knowledge regarding both wheeled and handheld salt spreaders. The above descriptions show what features each has and what ergonomic functions each has. Furthermore, we also provided you with useful buying tips to avoid disappointment and meet your specific needs.

All of the products above are famous on the market due to their high quality and innovative functions and features they offer. Based on reviews and guidance, we believe you now know what you are looking for. Hence, do not hesitate to get it. It is only one click away.

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