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Best Slushy Makers In 2020 – Reviews And Guides

Having your own slushy makers means that you can enjoy making awesome slushies and others types of beverages for yourself or your beloved people anytime at home for a party, and it can also be used for business purpose. Choosing the right slushy maker is not really easy task since there are many brands in market. However, your problem will be solved here because we will bring you to see the top best slushy makers that are the high-quality machines, and they can make various kinds of beverages as you wish.

List Of Top Best Slushy Makers In 2020

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10. Compact Slushy Maker by Cuisinart

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If you are looking for the best slushy maker to make the very fresh beverage for your family or your guest, Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker should be a nice choice for you. This one comes in the red color that looks so incredible. Moreover, it works great in making the smooth shaved ice within just a short time. All you need are ice cubes and additional flavored syrup to create the delicious icy cone with your favorite favor at home now.

The shaving operation is simply fast that allows you to make the shaved ice from 4-5 cubes quickly. Featuring with pull-out serving tray and an interlock safe, Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker provides a wide space to store the ice. Moreover, this product builds with two-fold-down cone holders, and you can put the cone to refill the shaved ice easily.

9. Quick Slushy Maker by IMSHI

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IMSHI Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker is highly recommended for those who want to make quick and easy slushie with simple process. You will surely love this one. It is designed with a simple but attractive design, and this slushy maker is featured with easy and quick in the operation. This is highly recommended for its highly quality and colorful design.

Moreover, it is perfectly ideal for anyone that like making homemade smoothie ice cream with the creative DIY cup. Coming with good size, you can use it not only at home, but also can bring it to your office.

Thus, you can make a quick coffee or any other juice and drinks with the smoothie ice quickly, and it is best to make the hot and tiring day better off. In addition, it is very easy to clean and durable for long term use, too.

8. Retro Countertop Slushy Maker by Nostalgia

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Coming next is the Nostalgia FBS400RETRORED Retro. If you want the best maker that is featured with two shaving option, this is just the one for you. It can be used to make either snow or slush ice, and it does its work greatly in making the best ultimate shaved ice for you. Furthermore, the standard ice cubes can be fit with Nostalgia FBS400RETRORED perfectly.

What;s so special is that you can mix with fruit or juice with the shaves ice in the maker for perfect combination. The shaved ice container is quite big that allows you to make a lot of drinks just in once time. For more details, it can store up to 40-ounce. Additionally, this Nostalgia is very convenient to use and very easy to store in tidy place.

7. Heavy Duty Slushy Maker by BRAVO ITALIA

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Another best slushy maker is coming from one of the leading brands on market in terms of producing the high-quality frozen beverage maker. If you think about cool designed with solid construction, BRAVO ITALIA would be the perfect choice.

Bravo machines are the truthful products from Italia, and it is supported and recognized with many countries all around the work. This one is built with the heavy-duty machine to highly ensured the longevity. Featuring 2 bowls series that is constructed with solid stainless steel, this allows store two different drinks at the same time.

In addition, each bowl can contain up to 3.2 gallons that might equal 100 cups. Also, the bowls are designed with easy-to-use opening that enable you to get the drink flow down easily. Not only that, it can provide you large amount of drink, but this one is so safe and reliable as well. Interestingly, it comes with a cool and eye-catching design that would look so incredible to have one.

6. Mini Slushy Maker by EOSAGA

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If you think about getting a strong capacity slushy maker to produce such delicious drink during hot day, EOSAGA Slushy Machine is what you should not overlook. The capacity of this machine is 110V, and it features two big tanks that can hold 5L of drink to the maximum. It means the capacity of each tank is 2.5L.

What’s more, it comes in a compact size which measures 34 x 37 x 44cm. You will get new experience with the advanced design provided by this maker. For more details, this machine works perfectly by using its updated system such as electromagnetic transmission shaft, magnetic transmission. Thus, it does not only work more effective and quicker as well.

Also, this one is constructed with safe and durable materials including high-impact plastic and stainless-steel panels. Moreover, with the Double-sided refrigeration system, this one is the best ideal type for your commercial business.

5. Compact Slushy Maker by Blizzy

BLIZZY Snow Cone

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This is the BLIZZY Snow Cone Maker that is also highly recommended for its compact and cute design. You will surely enjoy making the snow cone at home or office easily with this BLIZZY set. If you choose this Blizzy electic Ice shaver, you will get many additional items, including various flavors of snow cone Syrup, paper cups with cute design, and some plastic straws too.

You get all you want from this set, right? Moreover, this maker work perfectly with ice cubes that has standard size. The operation of the maker is fast and smooth that could allow you to make the delicious snow cones in just a second.

Additionally, BLIZZY Snow Cone machine is so durable as it is built with solid stainless steel. You will be impressed with its excellent work in making shaved ice to be super smooth just like snow. This package is the best ideal for summer activities.

4. Compact Ice Shaver by Hawaiian Shaved Ice

 Hawaiian Shaved

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Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A is another well-designed and compact shaved iced and snow cone machine that get high ratings for its high quality and easy to use. This one features with a big containment that allows you to put 2 ice molds at the same time. It works great in making super soft fluffy snow ice just in few minutes.

Moreover, this machine comes with very simple assembly, yet so attractive. You can disassemble it easily when you want to clean it up. Besides coming with elegant designs along with many great features, this shaved ice machine also offers fast customer service and a 1-year warranty. Let’s enjoy making fluffy snow iced at home with this simplest machine.

3. Large Tank Slushy Maker by U.S. Solid

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This is another great slush machine brought to you by U.S Solid, and it is one of the top products in the market for its well functions to make such the perfect ice shaving. This one is the best ideal for business purpose.

This machine comes with bigger tanks that can store up to 15 liters. The total dimension of this one is 17” x 22” x 29” with weight of 135lbs. It has powerful capacity which is 110V. This model can make the perfect slushie from liquid very quick.

In each tank, there is a metal cylinder that wok excellently to lower down the temperature of the icy. What is more, there are two plastic propellers in each tank that make you get the slushie down. Also, this U.S Solid is just as strong as its name. It works great for your business with a life time operation.

2. One Cup Slushy Maker by Zoku

Zoku Slush and Shake

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If you want to make refreshing slushies at home, Zoku Slush and Shake Maker is just the right one for you. This one is the best choice if you prefer the personal serving cup with wonderful freezing smoothies. This machine is very easy and convenience to use with its compact design. The size of its container is approximately 8 ounces which is the good amount for single-serving.

You might wonder how this maker create the special drink for your in less than 8 minutes. For more details, this package come together as a set that included 8-ounce inner freezer core, a protective outer cup, a nice designed slush spoon; BPA and phthalate free. Combing together, they could make various drinks as you wish easily. Moreover, this one does not need an electrical outlet in order to process their operation.

1. Commercial Slushy Maker by SNOWIE

Little Snowie 2 Ice

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Your waiting to see the top commercial shaved ice machines in the list is over now. This is called little snowie 2 Ice Shaver that is the premium quality slushy maker from one of the world’s leading brand, namely Snowie.

This one is highly recommended for its perfect and quick operation in making perfect fluffy snow. Thanks to its convenient size, this one is perfectly suitable to use at home or office. Plus, it is designed with lightweight this is not only easy to carry, but also quick to clean as well.

Furthermore, this SNOWIE machine features with powerful and speedy motor that could make the work done in the smooth process. To be noted that this one is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Buying Guide: What Is The Best Slushy Machine?

Type of beverage: It is important to think about what kind of drink you want to make because some slushy makers cannot be used to make all types of drink as you want. Some can only a few specific drinks out of some kind of beverage only. Thus, you might choose the one that can make as many as beverages by using various kind of drink you want.

For home or commercial use: Some models are best designed for commercial use as they come with strong motor and bigger tanks. For slushy makers for home use are mostly features with a compact design and the motor capacity is low as it is designed for a few people at home.

The freezing system: the refrigeration system of the slushy makers is also what you should consider. For your information, some slushy makers are structured with built-in cooling, while others need to put in ice cube. The machine with built-in refrigeration system will be a better choice if you do not want to always load up ice cubes to the machine.


After going through all awesome products taken from different leading brands on the market, we hope that you could find the best slushy makers. As these picks are coming with different features, colors, and designs, we are sure that you would find it easier to get the best one out of the best.

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