Top 8 Best Soy Milk Makers – Review and Buying Guide

For soy milk lovers, a soy milk maker is one of the important tools for the kitchen. Just like most coffee makers, this machine is very convenient to use. It helps blend the soybeans very well and bring you such fine liquid soy milk. You don’t need to spend much money on buying other soy milk. That said, below you will find our best recommended 8 types of soy milk maker that will deliver you with such a beneficial advantage to you and your family.

List Of Top 8 Best Soy Milk Makers

8. Lightweight Soy Milk Maker by Joyoung


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This brand is an authorized retailer brand that provides you a 1-year warranty on their products’ quality. You can buy this Soy Milk maker from Joyoung with confidence. This machine comes in a size that is very suitable for kitchen use. It is lightweight. The capacity of this soy milk maker is about 900 to 1300 milliliters, which is estimated to feed up to 4 people. The input power voltage is about 120 volts. It has a lot of presets that you can set to get your preferred drink type.

You can set the temperature of your making drink. In the setting part, there are English and Chinese language functions so that most people can understand. It will blend your soaked soybeans very well with its powerful energy. There are some needed accessories that come along when you purchase this machine; those include a measuring cup, brush, cleaning sheet, sample soybean that you can test with the machine and more.

7. Stainless Steel Soy Milk Maker by Idavee

 Idavee Brand

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Idavee is a very good product that comes with 2 layers of stainless steel, which is super durable for using. It is a US brand that you will offer a 1-year warranty on its quality upon purchasing. You can get free fix service or replacement within one year. This machine’s capacity can put up to almost 2 liters, which is quite large in capacity if compared to other types. Not only can this machine make you very delicious soy milk but there are 7 other types of food and drink that this machine can make.

Juice, oatmeal drinks or porridge are also suitable for this soy milk maker. Since it is made from stainless steel, after you use it, you still easily wash it with water. Moreover, this machine maker makes less noise, which is very good to use as it won’t disturb too much. With just a click on its setting, you will get your favorite soy milk drink in just a short period of time.

6. Premium Soy Milk Maker by SoyaJoy

Soyapower G4 Soy Milk

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This is a Soyapower model G4 that is such a premium product that helps you produce such fresh soy milk. This soy milk maker is made wholly of stainless steel which is very durable to damage. The design of this machine is really cute and attractive as it has a mixture of flowers on the outside wallpaper.

The red flowers stand out nicely among the white background. This machine can be used not only for making soy milk but also to make other kinds of drink such as fresh juice, hot chocolate, soup and porridge as well. It delivers such a perfect grind for those kinds of jobs. You can choose any setting with just one click among the eight functions.

The maximum capacity of this machine is about 1200ml. It has a very great censor, which can detect any error inside the machine. If anything happens, the machine will automatically stop. Moreover, it also has a sensor for temperature as well. The cooking time will be different if you use cold water or hot water. It can be cleaned by just using a cleaning pad.

5. Stainless Steel Soy Milk Maker by Philips Kitchen

 Philips Kitchen

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Some of us might have had known this brand. It is the Philips brand, which is quite famous on the market. So, this brand also has its soy milk maker machine that comes in black and grey color that make it look very cool. It is made out of stainless steel. The amount maximum for this machine is around 1.2 liters. Soy milk will be ready in just a short period of time with this machine.

For a better result, you should put the soaked beans rather than dry or raw beans inside. Moreover, there are 6 features available on its programs. Soy milk, smoothies and soup are all suitable for this machine. If you wish to make soup, it is also great. It will be done in just 18 minutes.

With its well-equipped blades and censor, it can blend everything very well and make your food and drink very consistent in texture. It has a very good handle grip for you to carry. The product is very light to use and you can also bring it along to picnics or holidays as well.

4. Soy Milk Maker With Touchscreen Display by Joyoung P10

Joyoung P10 Soy Milk Maker

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This one is also a very good product from brand Joyoung. It is another model from the previous one. It is a P10 model. If you get to see the look of this machine, it is very cool as of its look. The machine is made from stainless steel, where you can wholly rely on its strong quality. They can ensure you with fresh soy milk without any filtering add on.

With the new technology updated, this machine is also equipped with a touch screen on its screen display. They are many features that you can choose by just a click on the screen. The maximum capacity of this machine is up 1300ml of ingredients.

If you purchase this model, you will get a 1-year warranty from US Joyoung. There is also a sensor-equipped to this machine which can be flexible in regards to the temperature of the water put.

3. Soy Milk Maker With Multiple Function by Tayama

Tayama DJ-15S Multi

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Another top-rated soy milk maker that you may want to get for yourself is from the Tayama brand. This machine has multiple features where you can use to do more than just soy milk but also some other drink types like juice and also porridge as well. It is designed in white color with a holding grip, which is really convenient for you to hold and carry along. The machine’s weight is only 5 pounds and the size is only about 15 inches big. It is also made from stainless steel that can show its durability for use.

The maximum capacity of this soy milk maker is about 1.1 liters. The inside blades of this soy milk maker are very strong in cutting power. In order to achieve the best products of soy milk, you should use the type of the soaked bean so that the machine will work best on that.

Moreover, it is also good to use as it consumes less electric power. After use, this machine will be very easy to clean; the cleaning can be done quickly with just water and a wet towel. At the top of its head, you will find such the convenient choices of setting that you choose by clicking on it.

2. Versatile Soy Milk Maker by SoyaJoy

 SoyaJoy G4 Soy

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This one is another model from SoyaJoy; the model G4, with a different look from the previous one. This G4 SoyaJoy soy milk maker can also make more than just soy milk, but you can use this machine to make other kinds of drinks as well.

There are 5 features you will see at its top side of this soy milk maker such as soaked beans, dry beans, raw juice, grains and porridge. So, by these settings, you can choose according to the ingredients that you are putting in. For the best soy milk, you can try using soaked beans. After putting all the necessary ingredients, this machine will do the grinding job very quick and offer you such an authentic and fresh drink.

The maximum amount that you can put in this machine is up to 1.7 liters. There will also be a sensor inside, which is to detect the temperature, so the machine will be adjusted accordingly to the temperature of the water that you put in and the cooking time will adjust as well.

1. Strong Blade Soy Milk Maker by Joyoung

Joyoung Automatic

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The last product is also from the Joyoung brand but this one comes in a different model and design from the other one mentioned. It is a beautiful white soy milk maker with a holding grip. The size of this machine is at a medium-size where you can place it conveniently in your kitchen.

The capacity of input is up to 1300ml. It can make you a drink that can serve for 2 to 4 people at a time of cooking. This has a motor that comes with blades that are very strong in cutting power. It can deliver you with a very well-blend paste and drink. It can also make you more than just soy milk but also some kinds of juice, porridge, and also rice paste as well.

After the grinding job, you can easily clean up this machine by just washing or cleaning with water or a wet towel. In order to serve universally, this machine is also equipped with both languages; English and Chinese, in its setting.

Buying Guides for Soy Milk Makers


For the size of the soy milk maker, you should not choose any style or model that is too big because it won’t work well with your kitchen equipment. A big and bulky machine will eat up your space. Plus, it can be difficult to hold or bring along. There are a lot of medium sizes machines which you can find like most of those mentioned picks above.


For the weight as well, you should not choose any type of soy milk maker that is too heavy because this job might require your holding a lot, so if it is too heavy, you won’t be able to control it well. It will also be difficult for a cleaning job, as well.

Multiple features:

Some users might prefer a soy milk maker that can do more than one function. That is why we would like to suggest you find a type of soy milk makers with multiple functions which can help you make more than just soy milk but also other drink types and food. There are soy milk makers that can do more: like making porridge, fresh juice, etc.

Power Consumption:

This point is also good to look at as soy milk makers will consume electricity upon using, and an energy-efficient option will help with our expense. There are many kinds of soy milk makers that come with modern technology and smart functions, which allow it to consume less power. Hence, shop informatively.

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