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Top 10 Best Stationary Bikes Review & Buying Guide In 2020

If you are looking for the best stationary bike for yourself and family, these might be useful for you. The following is the list of top 10 best stationary bikes that may fit you need.

List Of Top 10 Best Stationary Bikes in 2020

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10. Heavy Duty Stationary Bike by Xspec

Xspec Pro Stationary

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Xspec is a stationary bike workout that helps you to achieve your summer body. It is a quality bike that features heavy duty steel frame. Moreover, it features two frame base to help maintain stability. Equipped with weighted flywheel coupled with its good resistance system, your biking will go smoothly or tightly based on the resistance level that you set. This product comes with saddles that are built based on sporty-inspired style. At the same time, the seat is also adjustable within 2 ways. Therefore, users can easily adjust the position that best fits their body and posture.

Not only is the seat adjustable, but the handlebars can also be regulated in height so that users can have ergonomic holding and biking experience. With a large built-in LCD monitor screen, you can now keep track on your heartbeat level, calories burn, and also distance.

9. Solid Stationary Bike by Body Rider

Body Rider Exercise

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Body Rider is your best mate for your cardio workout. It has a very heavy duty and durable construction that is made of solid steel. There are two bars at the bottom part that greatly help to keep balance and stability while riding. Highly constructed with dual-action handlebars, this stationary bike helps you to achieve both lower and upper body workout. Coming with convenient resistance level adjustment, users can turn its resistance from low to high level with its built-in knob.

The fan wheel follows a high momentum technology that allows the wheel to move smoothly. This also contributes to your riding as it does not get stuck and interrupt. The seat is covered with cushion that supports your bottom when you are on. To maximize your comfort and riding, the seat can be adjusted in height.

8. Stationary Bike With Adjustable Positions by Marcy

stationary bikes

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If you only want to work on your abs or thighs, Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike is one of the top best recommendations from us. It is a stationary bike trainer that can be adjusted in position. With this, users can now bike with desirable length so that your workout can be maximized. The handlebars is fully covered with soft cushion to ensure very comfortable hand resting while working on your legs and calves.

What is more, users can regulate on the level of tension to challenge yourself. And the adjustment is very simple. All you need to do is to turn the knob around. The magnetic wheels also keep moving very smoothly no matter what tension level you put.

7. Compact Stationary Bike by Marcy

stationary bikes

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The next one is also the product of Marcy. However, this is a very compact one and is suitable for those who want to save a lot of floor space. With a full dimension of 32L x 18W x 48H inches, you can place it anywhere in your home or garage. Furthermore, the tubing of this stationary bike uses 14 gauge steel for its construction making it very heavy duty to use from time to time. In addition to that, an entire build is nicely polished with powder coating to maximize its shininess and smooth look.

The product suits all-level workout or fitness people because its resistance level is built with fluent magnetic system and can be regulated with the knob. Thanks to this, users can adjust up to 8 levels to meet their preferences. Featuring a built in LCD screen, it helps to tell the time, distance, calories burned, and displays your exercise setting and target.

6. Stationary Bike With Adjustable Seat by Sunny Health & Fitness

stationary bikes

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Sunny Health & Fitness Stationary Bike is highly designed for those who like to exercise indoors. This is a gym equipment that helps you to achieve your abs, legs, and arms goal. With its adjustable construction, it fits almost everyone. The seat can be adjusted in height so that both short and tall people can get on and work on their body.

Similarly, the handlebars can also be regulated to ensure you can find the correct position to your biking. More importantly, users can choose their resistance levels by reaching to a nearby adjustment knob under the handlebars. Together with its chrome flywheels, your indoor biking can never be smoother than this.

5. Solid Stainless Steel Stationary Bike by Marcy

stationary bikes

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Marcy is a sit-down stationary bike that is perfect for general gym or home gym installation. The construction of this product is highly engineered with solid 14 gauge steel that is greatly finished with a shiny powder coating. This also helps prevent the whole tubing from corrosion. If you look at the stands of this bike, you will see that they are equipped with rubberized padding to ensure ease of moving and protect the floor surface from getting scratched.

While there are handlebars, there are also armrests which are designed highly for those who like to rest their back during sit-biking. The product is also available in 8 resistance levels which users can choose the one they desire. The computer screen is right in front of you which keeps displaying any information necessary for your workout.

4. 2-In-1 Stationary Bike by Sportneer

stationary bikes

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This is a very unique stationary bike that is designed especially for those who like to explore new things. It is a stand that you can place your actual outdoor bike on and exercise like you are biking outdoor. It can stays very stably on most type of flooring thanks to its anti slip rubber feet. More importantly, the stands can also be adjusted in height making it easy for users to find the right position for their exercising.

The product is very compact and portable enough to take with you on any trips. Talking about resistance level, users can regulate it up tp 6 settings which provides plenty of choice to their liking.

3. Sturdy Stationary Bike by ANCHEER

stationary bikes

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ANCHEER is a very contemporary stationary bike in 2020. It features shiny black interior that fits to any background and setting. Moreover, it has a very sturdy build that is constructed from solid steel to ensure stability during biking. With the support of its rubber padding stands, the item stays in place regardless of pressure you put on. The flywheel of this stationary bike is also engineered with balance to maximize smooth riding.

If you look at the pedals, there are straps attached to fully accommodate your feet and enhance your exercising. ANCHEER Stationary bike also allows your to adjust your seat and handle height which means both short and tall people can get on it with convenience.

2. Compact Mini Stationary Bike by L NOW

stationary bikes

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L NOW is a very mini stationary bike trainer which you can locate at any places.

Besides its slim and compact build, this bike is very stylish and modern to have at every gym or home garage. It comes with a total measurement of 50.4 x 57.3 x 21.6 inches and weighs as lightly as 66 pounds. This allows its users to have an easier time moving it around in case they want to change its location. No matter how many times you move, it is never going to get your floor scratched at all thanks to its rubberized padding.

L NOW is totally a product designed for people of all ages and weights because it is capable of loading up to 300 lbs. There are also hand pulse sensors installed on the handlebars to track your wellbeing during exercise. Once the information is tracked, it will display on its precise digital screen for you to see.

1. Lightweight & Portable Stationary Bike by Pooboo

stationary bikes

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The very last product and is also ranked the top on the list goes to Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike. This product is the most suitable stationary bike trainer for people of all ages. The item itself weighs only 63.9 pounds. Surprisingly, it is able to load the overall weight of more than 100kg. Constructed with belt driven mechanism, the bike provides very smooth moment of cycling and enables users to enjoy exercising to the fullest. Not only is it convenient, it also works silently and let the users focus on their body training. What is more important is this bike comes with LCD monitor display which helps to track down all information relating to your workout. With this, you can easily know your distance, exercising hour, heart beat rate, and calories burnt.

Talking about its construction, you can rest assured with its quality and durability. This workout equipment is entirely built with heavy duty steel frame. Added to this, there is also a built in knob which allows you to regulate resistance level at your preference. The seat can also be adjusted to fit different users with different height.

Buying Guide of Stationary Bikes


First and utmost factor for every purchase that you should think of is its pricing. Pricing matters because you do not want to just spend most of your savings to get the products that do not make the most out of its potential. From product number 10 down to number 1 that we have highlighted come with very reasonable price. They provide the quality that is suitable with their pricing. More importantly, they are very durable and designed for many years of usage.


Why think about modernity? It is because we are 21st century people where technologies go with us. Having your indoor stationary bikes equipped with advanced technology is nothing wrong. However, it only helps to make your cycling/biking become a lot more convenient. For example, all of the stationary bike on our list feature built in LCD displays that are not only show your biking distance and time. It also helps to monitor your well-beings including your heartbeat rate, calories burnt, and helps to calculate your target time and distance for your fitness goal.


Adjustability is also another factor that helps your spending worth with purchasing stationary bikes. The reason is that it allows users to be able to regulate the level of resistance to meet their effort. Once you exercise with the right resistant level, it helps to maximize the effectiveness of your workout as well. More to that, adjustability also means that users can also adjust the seat to fit different height. This helps to make it easy for various users to sit and bike all days.


Some people may put ‘’construction’’ as the top priority in their buying guide list. And it is not wrong. It just means that they always think of their safety before anything else. When you look for a quality stationary bike, you should always think of its construction to ensure your own safety when you are on and also its durability to use for years. All stationary bikes that we have presented above come with heavy duty steel construction that helps to promote its sturdiness. Not just that, but they are also designed and constructed to support heavy weight as well.

Item Weight:

when you can your own stationary bikes, whether for home use or for gym building, you might not want to experience difficulty during moving around. That is when you need to consider about item weight. This does not mean that you should get the one who weighs very lightly. Sometimes, weighing too lightly cannot effectively give a good balance to your workout. Therefore, you should look for the ones that has very suitable weight on top of its portable feature.

Loading Weight:

Then, it’s about loading weight. Cycling should always be practiced by people of all ages, and people having different weights. Thus, a good stationary bike should be the one that can support heavy weight as much as they can. With the products we brought to you, they are capable of loading up to 250lbs which equals to 100kg+.

Operation Condition:

Operation Condition should also be on your mind when it comes to buying guides. Quality stationary bikes should always makes users feel very fluently everytime they bike. That is why we choose the stationary bikes that are excellently built with belt driven mechanism to maximize smoothing experience of biking. In addition, working in silence makes a huge impression because as you exercise, you do not want any disturbance. That way, this helps you to fully focus on your concentration.

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