Top 10 Strategies To Win A Boy’s Heart That You Should Know

If you think that the pretty face can get you a man, you should know that a sincere heart and a bunch of good strategies to win a boy’s heart. Love, more importantly, the reciprocal one is hard to manipulate; however, we are here to introduce to you that 10 awesome strategies that can make a man go crazy over you. If you dare not to speak up and tell him how you feel, you can try these strategies. This way, you choose to prove your love through considerate gestures.

List Of Top 10 Strategies To Win A Boy’s Heart

1. Make him laugh

Make him laugh

Be cool, be funny, and be the one who makes him laugh freely. A good laugh brings joy and a good memory for him. Men tend to feel good, staying near what provides joy. You can be that because if you laugh along with him, you become the key to unlock the fun and loving relationship. What you should do is to capture his heart and soul with your sense of humor; therefore, you make yourself a key player in his life. While making him laugh, we bet that you will find your happiness too.

2. Be his personal cook

Be his personal cook

Another way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach and taste buds. Learn to notice what foods he likes and make yourself the one who can provide the food he needs. This doesn’t only show that you can feed him well, but it also proves him that you pay attention to him. If you don’t know how to cook yet, learn to do it. If you plan to do so, do tell him and wait to see his reaction. I bet that he will be over the moon when he knows how thoughtful you are.

3. Let him know how you feel

Let him know how you feel

If you have been playing hard-to-get for a while now, it would be better to just be frank now. It is good to let him know how you feel toward him; therefore, he can reciprocate his love for you. However, if you are the one who is trying to hit on him, try to catch him attention with your smile and confidence. Learn to notice his interest and get involved in his circle slowly but surely. Soon you will get to know him and get the chance to build a strong relationship. We bet you may want to dress nicely and attractively as well.

4. His friends are yours too

His friends are yours too

You should know that he has friends and his personal life, even when you are in a relationship with him. The best you can do is to make friends with his friends; instead of isolating him from his comfort zone. You can also get to know your man more by listening to his friends’ advice. This way, you’d better learn to say less but listen more.

5. Challenge him sometimes

strategies to win a boy’s heart

Men live with competitions and challenges, so learn to challenge him in a positive way. You shouldn’t agree with his ideas all the time, you can learn to use your smartness to challenge him. A positive challenge is indeed a key as you can occasionally prove to him that you are smart and you have your own standing ground. Lastly, learn to create a positive challenge that can strengthen your relationship.

6. Learn to notice his interests

strategies to win a boy’s heart

If he likes football games, then you know better that you should be his personal cheerleader. Make sure to appear whenever he does his hobby. You can prepare the snack and drink after his long and tiring day. Ladies, you should be part of his activities; therefore, you will make yourself become a part of his. No matter how small the task is, always ask if you can do something for him.

7. Never take him for granted

strategies to win a boy’s heart

After he gives you the attention you wish to get, this is your turn to return it back too. If he does something for you, make sure to let him know that you are grateful and appreciate it.

You can also give him a gift in return after receiving his gift. Don’t be afraid to let him know that you care and be happy to have him in your life. You can start doing small things that make him know that you don’t take him for granted.

8. Give him and yourself some space

strategies to win a boy’s heart

Though you wish to stick with your loved one all the time, there are some times that you should distance yourself from him too. You have to separate from him in order to make him realize that your presence in his life is indeed important. Make him miss you, so he knows that you are the one he needs in life. At the same time, you can take that time to reflect on yourself and see what you have done so far as well.

9. Know your worth

strategies to win a boy’s heart

This one is very important; I bet that you want to feel worthy. At the same time, men are also in love with the girl who knows her own self-worth too. You have to know your own value and show him that you are a prize in his life. Value yourself and don’t do the thing that you think isn’t worth it. He has to believe that you are the one for this healthy relationship and that you are the prize that he needs to work hard to win.

10.​ Always be true to yourself

strategies to win a boy’s heart

With all the strategies to win a boy’s heart technique that you have tried to get the man-of-your-life’s heart, you also need to remind yourself that you cannot completely change yourself just to make a man love you. You should stick to who you really are and live your normal life. Remember that you are making time for him, but you are not building your life around him.


With the proven strategies to win a boy’s heart above, you can get a man you love in no time. If you find yourself having a crush or wishing to strengthen your relationship, try these tips and thank me later.

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