Top 10 Strategies to Win a Girl’s Heart That You Should Know

Love is indeed a beautiful feeling that just about everyone wishes to get; however, love isn’t always a successful one if you don’t do it right. You can feel attracted to someone, and there is always someone who is attracted to you too. However, if you’re a guy, you should be the key player who needs to know the strategies to win a girl’s heart. Therefore, we have come up with 10 modern and practical techniques that you can try.

List Of Top 10 Strategies to Win a Girl’s Heart

1. Be clear of what your attention is

Be clear of what your attention is

If you don’t want to risk having her considering you as her best friend, state your attention clearly and surely. It is wise if you let her know that you see the potential, the charm and attractiveness in her. Let her know what position you want her to stand in your life. This is great if you can get her to know it in the early stage of your relationship. When your attention is clear, she knows what to expect and how to reciprocate it. Speak it up, man.

2. Show her your passion

Show her your passion

This is not the time for mind games. If you are not the only man who tries to approach her, we bet you will have to show your true passion as soon as possible. Let her know how you feel about her, as we all know that it is what the girls want. The best way to melt her heart is by loving her wholeheartedly. She should know that you are interested in her and wish to spend your life sharing it with her. There is not a second to waste; do it right now.

3. Be her personal bodyguard

Be her personal bodyguard

You don’t know how proud a girl is when she has a protective boyfriend. Man, this is your time to make her dream comes true. Never let her walk alone if she wants to jog and walk alone, let her know that her safety is your priority. It may sound cliché, but you will see her beam with delight. If she wants to go to the restroom in the pub, make sure to accompany her there. Ask her if she needs help and be ready to give her a hand. However, don’t be overprotective.

4. Bring her surprises and joy

Strategies to Win a Girl’s Heart

You can pamper her happiness by texting her something nice and sweet out of the blue. When you are going out, pick the right place with good food and atmosphere. This way, she will always look forward to the fun during your next date. Learn to observe her interests and make it becomes your advantage. Instead of asking where she wants to go all the time, be the one in charge. Do this and be ready to see the surprised and overjoyed look on her face.

5. Always be a gentleman

Strategies to Win a Girl’s Heart

This starts with the simplest gestures that everyone knows from the movie. Open the door for her; let her sit first and be thoughtful all the time you are with her. She doesn’t want to be a queen who orders people around, but instead, she wants to be the princess in your eyes. Every gesture, even the smallest one will be noted. Be a good man for the old, young and weak ones, this is what a good man should be.

6. A little compliment can play tricks

Strategies to Win a Girl’s Heart

Want to see her beautiful shy smiles? This is the trick that you can easily win her heart. Give her compliments on the way she dresses, her hairstyle, or even her jewelry. It is not only the compliment that makes her happy, yet it is the fact that you notice the outfit and style that she is choosing. Tell her regularly how beautiful she is even on the day that she doesn’t wear make-up. Give her the confidence and let her know that you love her from inside out.

7. Bring out your creativity within your budget

Strategies to Win a Girl’s Heart

Your girl will not want you to spend all the money in your bank account to impress her. You can creatively spend your money to make her see your sincerity. This simple gesture can be as simple as getting her a rose, balloon or even a box of chocolate. It is good to get a small gift on a simple day.

8. Listen to her

Strategies to Win a Girl’s Heart

With all the efforts you put into making her happy, you should ask and seek for her voice too. Occasionally, you should have an honest talk with her. You can start by telling her about your childhood, your past and your little secrets. As you start pouring out your secret, she will slowly build trust in you. When you are listening to her, make sure that you are a good listener too.

9. Add a little sweetness

Strategies to Win a Girl’s Heart

A little sugar in the relationship will make sure to bring the joy. This is your love story and you are the one who directs it, so make it as sweet and memorable as possible. Ask her if she needs accompany when attending a friend’s party, or you can ask her back. Bring her everywhere you go, start to introduce her to your circle of friends and eventually, your family. This way, she knows that you think highly of your relationship.

10. Stick to who you really are

Strategies to Win a Girl’s Heart

Last but not least, it is important that you don’t pretend to be someone you are not. But instead, you can do what you do best and give her the best. If you cannot find a romantic way to impress her, then look for something you can do instead. If you are good at cooking, we bet that you should invite her to taste your food instead of going to a fancy restaurant.


With the little and reliable tricks of strategies to win a girl’s heart that we introduced to you, this is the time for capturing her heart. If she is the love of your life and your world revolves around her, then this is the time for you to make her feel special. Instead of the old approach, find an adorable moment and use these techniques to melt her heart.

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