Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces In 2021

Wall mount electric fireplaces are a part of home decoration, which also comes in handy in certain weathers. Choosing the right wall mount electric fireplaces is important. Let us help you sort out the best wall mount electric fireplaces for your residence and family.

List Of Top 10 Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

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10. Wall Mount Electric Fireplace With Mantel by KUPPET


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It is now time to introduce to you a superb wall mount electric fireplace with mantel. Kuppet will keep you away from the freezing cold weather, meanwhile offering you a relaxing atmosphere with its classic design of chimney and non-pollution use.

The user can alter the temperature as they want to. For this fireplace, the usage of the voltage is only 120V. This product is space-saving because it’s sized only around 33 inches length, 6’’ wide and 22’’ height. Furthermore, it comes in a package that includes a heater, remote control, and other stuff.

This fireplace can be installed easily if you follow the steps in the instruction book. Kuppet keeps you safe and warm by its 3D technological modern flame and produces no emissions gas. The remote control can be used to set and turn on or off as you wish. It is powered by 2*AA batteries. Simple, isn’t it? Time to get yourself a warm and comfortable room.

9. Realistic Mount Wall Fireplace by BESTMASSAGE


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If you are looking for a good wall mount electric fireplace that looks like the real fireplaces in the traditional time, best massage should be considered. This electric fireplaces brand is designed to be easily installed or placed on the desk, which is effortless and convenient for the user.

It is energy sufficient, which causes no pollution. Furthermore, it can be controlled by the remote that includes the options of heat temperature, switching on and off and even the 3D flame. The flame of this electric fireplace was designed in an artificial crystal and covered by the sturdy tempered glass, which makes it look like a real burning flame.

There are two choices of heating set in this product; one is 750watt and another one is 1500watt. For safety guide, the user is suggested to not barely touch the hot surface while the product is in use; meanwhile, other easily burnt products should be kept away at least 3 feet to avoid fire.

8. Electric Fireplace Cabinet by BEST CHOICE

Best Choice Products

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Best Choice, just like its name, this product makes it highly rated. This electric fireplace cabinet is ranked number eight among the top ten. It is designed in a very elegant way and comes with plenty of advanced features. There is a remote that can control the 3D flame; meanwhile, it is also convenient to be set up on the wall or to stand on tempered glass.

This product does not produce any emissions gas or ash that may cause bad air. And, it is also an energy-efficient product. There are two heat settings for this best choice product, 750W and 1500w. It’s Best Choice because it’s the best.

7. Multifunction Fire Place by R.W FLAME

Electric Fireplace Insert

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When we talk about R.W Flame products, we should not forget the multi-function mode that these products offer. R.W Flame, with its most modern technology, provides a touch screen on the panel. There are 5 colors of its electric flame, speed modes and even the level of those flame’s brightness. All of these features can be controlled by either the remote or automatically from an hour up to eight hours.

The remote can be used as far as 8 meters and what is even fascinating is that all the light will be switched off the unit is in sleeping mode, yet it still produces heat. Not only that, but there are also three options available on this product, which are 2 heat setting the 750W and 1500W and the supplemental zone of heating within 400 square feet that this product can offer the warm temperature, too.

The unit also comes with the energy-saving technology. The design of this product is very fashionable, yet there is a certificate of safety from ETL for this model. There is even a year warranty for this product if you purchase it.

6. Electric Fire Place With Changeable Colors by NORTHWEST

Northwest Electric

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Here is an electric fireplace, which is more than just a heat warmer; Northwest product will amaze you with its design and functions. This product comes with changeable colors of flame and its brightness and this will amaze your eyes. The colors of the flame can be changed to 10 different colors; meanwhile, you can also change the screen backgrounds.

Furthermore, this product will keep you warm without blowing any smoke or heat. Plus, it also saves your electric bill because of its LED energy efficiency. The unit will be automatically shut-off by the timer control, which ranges from 30 mixtures up to 7.5 hours.

You can even move this fireplace across your room and receive the heat that it produces up to 400 square feet. This product will keep you safe, comfortable and fearless of overheating due to its smart design.

5. Large Electric Fireplace by XBeauty

Xbeauty 50

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As of the top 5th, the Xbeauty can be installed in various methods; that includes wall-mounting, which fits any 2’x6’ stud wall. This product comes with the back frame that allows the glass to display the flame larger and even avoid the possibility of damage while you are relocating it.

Xbeauty is beautiful as its name because there are about 12 colors of the flame with 5 speeds and brightness adjustment. Furthermore, the sign of high-intensity heat will display if overheating occurs.

This product is very suitable for the user who’s looking for the product which suits their modern living style. This product provides no noise disturbance. It has two heat setting 750w and 1500w and uses the 120 voltage energy meanwhile heat covering 400 square feet. This can be controlled by the remote control or touch screen.

The flame can be altered from an hour up to 8. There’s also the overheating protection and it keep a good level of humidity; preventing the unit from getting too dry. In addition, each purchase is backed by a 1-year warranty.

4. Lightweight Electric Fireplace by TOUCHSTONE

Touchstone 80001

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Looking for a lightweight electric fireplace to mount on the wall? Touchstone should not be forgotten. This product is only 46 pounds in weight and can be set up by just a single user following the baby step instruction provided using the drywall screws and hang it safely.

There are two heats model settings, which are high and low. Plus, there is an extra supplemental heat located on the top. There are also five levels of flame brightness ranging from soft to a full blaze. The charcoal flame can run with no heat too. Furthermore, this touchstone is a very realistic product by the look of the flame located in a pile of logs and crystal lying behind the tempered glass.

This is a smoke-free product, causing no pollution and it provides you a warm, comfortable feeling during those freezing winter nights. Each unit is also attached to the built-in timer, which will be automatically switched off for 30 minutes until 7.5 hours.

Lastly, this pick will also a budget saver to the user who is looking to spend less on both gas, coal and oil because this will use the LED technology which consumes less energy than ever.

3. Electric Wall Mount Fireplace by PURAFLAME SERENA

PuraFlame Serena

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Coming up next is Puraflame Serena, the electric wall mount fireplace, which came with a very enthusiastic and realistic fire flame like the real charcoal is burning in the traditional fireplace. There is the led backlit in this product. There are four color modes with the 4 lives of flame brightness. Yet, amazingly they can display the flame with or without heat coverage.

The maximum capability of heat coverage is extra 400 square feet with an alternative thermostat and can be automatically switched on or off. The heating temperature starting from 61 °F till 82 °F complies with the setting timer ranging from 30minutes up to 9 hours, using 120 voltage energy.

Amazingly, by just using 2AAA batteries you can use to control everything conveniently on the product. Find your comfort in just a click in your hand.

2. Tempered Glass Electric Fireplace by Touchstone 80014

Touchstone 80014

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The runner up product is this Touchstone 80014. This electric wall mount fireplace keeps you away from freezing and comfort you with the warmest feel. The design is very naturalistic because there are fire logs and crystal behind those tempered glasses which provide authentic feels.

It can be used with the 120 voltage and 1500 watt energy. This is recommended to be placed 12 inches below the ceiling and it is limit to the amount of user’s use. There is also the multi adjustment level of color and brightness of the flame as the user’s desire.

There are five colors of the flame from soft to very intensive. Furthermore, the flame can be operated without heat exposure and can be controlled through the remote. The amazing thing about this product is that you will have two different settings, which are high and low heat settings. The installment of this product is very effortless; the user just needs to screw two sides of the product to the wall and wire can be used with hard-wired or plugged in. Follow the simple instruction provided and be ready to get comfortable to the max.

1. LCD Electric Fireplace by 3G Plus

3GPlus 50 Inches Electric

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Finally, the best product among all shows itself on the list. 3G plus is an amazing 50 inches LCD electric wall mount fireplace, which is designed by the white tempered glass and a modern look. The unit uses no gas or oil, which makes it a non-smoking product. Its features can be controlled through the touch screen or the remote control provided. The flame displays without exposing the heat out.

Other features include switching on or off, timing, altering the temperature and more. It does not come with a single remote but dual. A convenient thing is that the unit can be assembled within a few minutes. And, this model is also certified to be safe for your kids or pets.


We finally enlisted the top 10 walls to mount electric fireplaces to help you solve the dilemma in choosing what to buy. We hope the review is helpful for you in your decision-making process. Thank you, and have a good time shopping.

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