Best Wireless Presenters That You Should Have In 2021 – Review

Wireless presenters or in simple wording, also known as remote pointer, is a necessary item for any slideshow presentations. It functions as a remote controller of the presentation by being in the presenter’s hand without connecting to any other hardware device. Just by bringing a wireless presenter to your presentations, you are able to highlight any substantial parts of your presentation easily. You can be the one in full charge of your slideshow without worrying about the timing. You don’t have to worry about the set up with the projectors.  If you’re having trouble looking for one, then fret no more, below are top 10 best wireless presenters for you, all with different features and designs. All of the products’ descriptions are in there and all you have to do is sit back and choose the most suitable one.

List Of Best Wireless Presenters In 2021 – Reviews

10. KNORVAY N76GBK Wireless Presenter

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The most prominent feature of this wireless presenter is its clear green laser light that is visible against any background colors, even black and dark colors. It has got a 360mAH Lithium battery that can last up to 7.2 days of use and can be recharged without needing to replace the battery. This one can be carried 300+ feet away from the slideshow and is rotatable, which allow the presenter a vast space to move around while presenting and use with ease.

It is very great to use in a big classroom or hall. This product allows the user to open any Hyperlink file and comes with a volume button that allows you to easily control the volume of the video and mp3 shown in your presentations.

9. KTPYRP Wireless Presenter

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Next is the KTPYRP that comes with an intense red laser light, and simple but useful functions. This product is very light in weight and is only 139 x 20 mm in size, giving a comfortable feeling while holding. Its design is accompanied with a clip at the end for the user to store and carry it around easily without the fear of losing it. Its range is up to 20m and can be used in any direction the presenter holding is it.

The laser visibility distance is up to 100m and the pointer distance is up to 200m letting the user be able to walk and back forth to grab the audience’s attention. It operates on an replaceable AAA battery. Its buttons are made from silicone, thus they are smooth and soft to click. Its signal strength is said to be very good despite using wireless connection.

8. DOOSL Wireless Presenter

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This wireless presentation remote features a small LCD display screen showing time and battery allowing the user to set a timer and view the amount of power left. With a control range up to 330 feet and 360 degree, the user will not be bound to one place and able to move around freely and engage with the audience.

This product is 5.04 x 1.24 inch in size and only weight around 53 g making it easy to bring along anywhere. Its battery capacity is 300mAh and it can be recharged through any laptops or PCs easily by using a USB cable. In addition, it also comes with hand carry case making it easy to tag it along anywhere safely.

7. AMERTEER Wireless Presenter

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This item is specially designed as a finger ring that can easily be worn and fit on finger. On top of the round design, there are 5 buttons that can be easily reached using the thumb finger and the finger ring is equipped with rubber making it unable to slip from the finger. This is a unique but convenient way to carry a wireless presenter and the user will also be able to move and use their hands with more ease.

One other important feature is its LI-polymer battery that is environmental friendly, rechargeable and also has savable battery life. This remote can be used from up to 100 feet away and comes with a vibrant red laser light.


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This is a dual function wireless presenter that work both way as a remote pointer and a mouse. This item has a strong built and skin made from rubber preventing it from slipping and provides comfortable holding. It has got big buttons that can easily be noticed when clicking. This wireless presenter has a stabilizer and hand movement sensor so the user does not have to worry about the pointer being shaky and it also helps them point out any parts accurately.

It will operate as a mouse once the user click on the button on the back of the device. There is a special pen/eraser option that allows the user to smoothly draw a line and highlight any important part while presenting, and it can be activated through the gyro wireless mouse.

5. Haelpu Wireless Presenter

Wireless Presenter

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The Haelpu wireless presenter is coated in beautiful metallic dark gray skin giving off a very professional looking image. It has got a very wide control range that is up to 200 feet which enables the user to move around without any distance restriction. The silicone buttons are very sensitive to the touch and the curve design makes it feel nice to be holding in your no matter how long the presentation may take.

It runs on one AAA battery, which can last up to 8-10 hours of usage and it comes with an auto sleep mode which really helps in saving battery life. This item is in the size of a ball point pen and weight really lightly. The company provides a 12 months warranty and this product has also already passed the strict quality test.

4. AmazonBasics Wireless Presenter

 AmazonBasics Wireless

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This is a nicely made wireless presenter that provides sleek and simple looking design and function that helps you go through your presention without any trouble. Its brilliant red laser light can show up vividly on any slideshow background color and the buttons only need one click to opereate. Besides, its contour is designed to fit perfectly in hand for holding and it also comes with a cushioned protection case making it easy to store and carry around the remote.

It provides a 2 x AAA amazon batteries that are very long lasting and there is also a place to store in the USB inside of the remote. The size of the product is really small and snuggle comfortably in the hand.

3. Kensington Wireless Presenter

 Kensington Wireless

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This product comes with instinctual 4 buttons layout that is simple and convenient. That allows you to control and move your slides easily without taking your focus away. It has a bright red laser light and has a control range up to 64 feet. It provides an internal receiver that lets the user store the plug in USB uniquely together with the remote to prevent it from losing.

This item has a 2.4GHz wireless connection offering a dependable and safe work performance. It comes with 2 x AAA batteries that can be easily found anywhere to be replaced when they run out. Kensington is also a very reliable and well known brand that is notable for high quality materials used in their products so the its remote pointer is guaranteed to be very made as well.

2. Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

Logitech Wireless Presenter

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This is an ergonomic, easy to operate wireless presenter that allows you to give a satisfying presentation. With its seamless design and rubber buttons, it able to fits wonderfully in the hand. The buttons are made to be easy to find and the control distance is up to 50 feet. That allows the presenter to walk back and forth while connecting with the audience with ease.

Its battery is visible through the battery indicator allowing the user to know how much power is left. It also provides a protection and carry around case for the remote.

1. DinoFire Wireless Presenter

 DinoFire Wireless Presenter

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The DinoFire wireless presenter has a striking and flawless looking design that is easy to work with. It has a bright red laser light with very clear visibility on all background color. This item has a 360 degree control and has the control range up to 98 foot. There is a power indicator that pops blue light under the control buttons when the the battery is low.

Also, there is a USB storage at the the tail the design. It allows the users to will be able to safely keep the USB plug in place with its magnetic system inside the remote.


It certainly is such a convenient to have wireless presenters in your hand while presenting but it is also important to know which one is the most fitting for you. This article has shown the top 10 best wireless presenters with a variety of useful features and amazing design style.

For every presentation, getting wireless presenters will surely be a great assistance in making it impressive and worthwhile. If you have not owned one yet, then you have come to the right place of the best wireless presenters.

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